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:slight_smile: its ok




This year has been I have been so off. Like ever since September. Like I couldn’t wake up in time for class. Then I didn’t want to participate in class. Just been feeling off. Then October I told on a kid and I was feeling depressed for a week. And ever since I have been super tired. Going to bed at 10:00, 11:00,12:00 and then I wouldn’t be able to sleep until. I have been skipping my finance class because I could wake up and I didn’t want to go. I was failing three of my classes. I have had no motivation to write or to do anything. I have just been off. Something is bothering me I don’t know what it is but i hope I find off. And I want this offness to end.


hey can you go follow me and read some of my storys please im new at writing and i need help getting recognized can you all help me please. :slight_smile:


issok though , somedays are just depressing lol but itll get better soon hopefully


hopefully were here


i know this for a fact that im not anywhere near to attaining freedom :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


im sorry u will give it time


yeah hopefully, until then i just hope i find acceptance or love atleast


thats what i do


I have that no social life problem, virtually I can express myself freely,
IRL I’m a nerd, stupid girl who’s suffering from bullying mainly because I was fat and because of my bad grades
I am afraid because this is my senior year & I want to enter pharmacy or dentitry college, but my GPA is bad, it means a lot to me to enter such colleges, to make my parents proud, I have always let them down.
:slight_smile: I’m 16.9


morning guys


my day has almost ended its 21:27pm here :sweat_smile::laughing:


im sorry well good evening hru


my day was uneventful , but well i was better than last day . No one yelled at me today and the criticism was definitely less


how are you doing ??


okay and im sorry hugs u gently itll be ok


awww thank you :heart::heart::heart::heart:


ure welcome what do u like to do for fun or what makes u happy


listening to music , and art :slight_smile: . WBU ??