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writing music art reading what type of music do u like


oh classical , indi , a little pink floyd , foo fighters works well , edm and well since im indian i like an artist called prateek kuhad , pop , edm and hip hop works well for me too . I listen to every kind of music except k pop i guess ( im not against kpop or anything )


i like most of those


hahahaha :slight_smile:


i do whats ure fav artist


there are many : boscheart , da vinci , michealangelo , george stubbs.
i also like the works of an artist called ruth speer ,


mine is picasso


oh wow , what do you normally like painting/drawing ???


mostly geometric shapes




yeah i love making things out of shapes


You could enter a few colleges. You might need to enter a community college then go to your dream school. And your not stupid


thanks :smile:


You are welcome :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. I’m a high school senior. In my class of 20 people, I’m the invisible girl. It’s a small school and everyone else in my class has been going there for years. So it’s impossible to make any decent friendships. Part of me regrets my decision to stay an extra year even though I know it was the right thing to do. Literally one week after I started at my school, another new student came to my class. (We’d gone to the same school in 9th grade so I at least knew his basic personality.) In no time, everyone in the class started falling over themselves to make him feel welcome. Meanwhile, I was already having a hard time at the new school and didn’t know anyone in the class (except the other new person, but I’d never had a “friendship” with him).
There’s A LOT more to the whole story, but, for now, I would really appreciate any tips for surviving high school without any friends.


I can relate, I am not only invisible but , I am the only senior student in the school , I feel that the ppl who are younger than me are way cooler, and because I am the only student I feel endless loneliness


Yeah, I know that it’s not easy feeling completely alone. But I also know that there’s always hope. :grin:


Yeah , we all know it :smiley:


TBH the whole story is a lot more complicated than what I wrote earlier, but, from my experience, in any smaller school seniors are THE cool kids. 90% of the younger kids in a smaller school look up to and want to be friends with the seniors. idk if it is the same at your school, but that’s been my experience.


Nah , the senior (which’s me ) is labelled as a freak