Tell Me About Your Antagonist!

I’d love to know about the antagonists of your story, whether it’s a person, internal conflict, nature, anything!

Tell me about how they were introduced and how they exit the story!

My antagonist, they’re a little bit manipulative. They are introduced by having a past with the mc and his “father figure”, as well as another person.
They exits victorious, winning the prize they wanted, but knowing that they will be lonely from now until their next challenge arises.


So, I have a bunch of antagonists, mostly from different stories. But there’s one that in consistent enough and doesn’t die at the end.

Chief Eric Grham, the police chief of (insert name of city that let’s be honest, totally is just like New York City). He is a serious, down to earth, realistic guy that has taken a sworn oath to protect the people. When the Wolfgang (the protagonists) show up he goes on the hunt. Constantly ramping up force and power to try and take them down. Grham knows that Wolfgang is taking out larger, much more powerful gangs and criminals around the city. Sure, it saves Grham paperwork, time, and dealing with the faulty justice system, but he knows that there would be innocent lives at risk, and letting the Wolfgang to become powerful would cause even more problems.

However, he knows that something is off about the Wolfgang. Something… paranormal per say, simply because there’s no better word for it. He also has a grey sense of morality. He knows that the Wolfgang is sometimes a good thing, taking out criminals that he couldn’t touch. Hence why sometimes the police show up ‘just a second too late’ or, in one case when he was being rescued by the Wolfgang, he might have shot a large kingpin (forensics could not confirm for sure he fired the bullet).

Grham is normally considered more of an annoyance to the Wolfgang rather than an actual threat, even going so far as to make childish taunts, such as egging his window or car. But Grham isn’t one to pull punches. He did also work as a detective for some time and was one of the few to actually deduce the identities of the Wolfgang, while all in secret with little to no help.

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What about you, what’s your antagonist like? :wink:

My antagonist appeared in the story by accident :joy: ugh I’m so bad at coming up with villain motivations; I really just prefer writing heroes with solid inner conflict.

My antagonist is an older woman who wears the skins of old floral couches. Really evil stuff. TBH I’m figuring them out as I go. :wink: Pantsing mode, activate! At first I thought that would be a horrble idea, but it’s actually worked out great because she surprises me at every turn! haha

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Pm your story! I would like to meet this character!!

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My main antagonist is my character, Nicole’s, husband. He’s introduced at the wedding itself. He’s an abusive, controlling husband who simply sees Nicole as his toy and servant. She was forced into the marriage, and resents him for taking her family away. However, he does come from a rather troubled past that we have yet to shed light on. (It’ll come in a while). For now, Nicole is stuck in a marriage that’s slowly degrading her inside

He exits doing something that he never thought he would do. Ultimately coming to terms with himself, he must face up to the mistakes he has made


My main antagonist is a masked serial killer who only goes by the alias “Multi Man” because he’s got “multiple identities, multiple motives, and multiple ways of ending lives”. He wears a navy blue suit and a white mask with red Xs over the eyes and a plastered smile. Despite going against a powerful law enforcement agency armed with futuristic weapons, he’s got an army made up of mentally unstable vagrants that subtly overtake the ghettos of Philadelphia (where the story takes place) as their territory.

His main motivations and past remain unclear for most of the story, but when it’s revealed, it’s a hell of a surprise. All we do know for now is that he’s a violent, manipulative, disturbingly calm nihilist with a sick view on equality, as he believes death is the only thing that makes people equal. So now it’s up to our heroes to make sure he won’t hurt anyone ever again, including himself!

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The antagonist and protagonist of my story are one and the same, ‘Athena’ she’s the girl who creates problems for others [ including herself ] and then suffers due to her own moves.

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She kills her parents (Because she thought they favored her sister), sleeps with a guy just to break the rules (promising her sister to like him in exchange), not because she likes him, manages to steal tributes just because she can (and she knows it’ll make trouble for her sister), manages to force her sister to give up the fiance her sister actually likes so he’ll marry her, then gets the guy she slept with to rape her sister, [had the guy’s baby], killed the guy she slept with, took the sister’s baby (to solidfy her power), murdered the sister, tried to kill the King, tried to kill several villagers, tried to kill several nobles (using her and her sister’s child), killed her new husband (tried to have him mauled by a bear, but ended up killing him anyway and making it look like an “accident”), discredit the new queen, make the Queen’s servants sicker, tried to assassinate the new Queen, killed two of the Queen’s servants, tried to instigate a coup, and killed one of her co-conspirators, and finally cursed the kingdom to be forgotten. I might have missed a few things.

She’s super sociopathic… or people who majored in psychology said as I listed her bad deeds. She does this mainly for fun. Also relates how she liked to torture small animals as a child.

It’s really hard to outdo her for sheer evil.

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Dm me your story, she sounds interesting!!

The main antagonist is Cepheus the alien lord. He is a huge mountain-sized living fortress of alien flesh who is constantly growing and spreading, aiming to devour Earth and reproduce. He initially visited Earth when the food resource on his home planet was depleting, causing starvation to his tribe. Then he and his tribe visited Earth for food, in which he found humans to be highly nutritious and human women to be very helpful for his reproduction. He first infected the body of a mafia lord, which led to the act of disguising his fellow aliens into drugs to help them reproduce. The mafia lord became extremely charismatic and influential thanks to the infection, which further helped his aliens to spread. When the mafia lord died, he remained dormant until some scientists decided to do some research on him. A lab accident caused him to grow exponentially and became a living fortress of flesh, helping him feast on humans and impregnate women by engulfing them in his flesh.

He is introduced in Mist when his elite bodyguard Corvus freed his other bodyguard Hydra from Dungeon of Thews, which is a part of him. He did not make any appearance other than…uh, having moved the dungeon to somewhere near to Hydra’s destination. He punished Hydra for eating one too many human especially the women, who were supposed to be given to him for reproduction purposes.

How did he exit the story? Well, not yet known (because the book hasn’t reached that point), but it is either he successfully devours Earth and everything in it or he dies.

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My antagonist is an empress named Gwendolyn who happens to be the main character’s wicked stepmother. She took over ruling the nation of Kenorland after her husband died then went on a global rampage by trying to conquer nearby nations with military force. She is causing much chaos in the world but that is only to hide her true agenda which involves getting the Drokhian Emperor. Gwendolyn sent her stepchildren into exile after her husband along with her eldest stepson died. Her reasoning was to simply get rid of them and have nothing stop her from reaching her goal. She is a very cruel and heartless woman with not a shred of compassion and care for others.

That’s it.

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The antagonist of “Ashes of the Phoenix” is that little brat dressed as a crazy scientist.
He’s just a 10 yo overacting child, who likes to play and control other’s people life.
Talkative, annoying and - lately you will discover - genius, he hides a secret, bigger than what he can really manages.

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My antagonist is a person who has gone by many names, but she is introduced as Princess Opal. She starts as my main female protagonist’s sister, however as the story progresses, her true identity and her past is revealed (I don’t want to give it all away - this is the plot twist in my story haha). She’s very cunning and patient, willing to do anything to get what she wants - including betraying her own family. I would say friends, but she really doesn’t have any :joy:

My book series is still in progress, so I’m not entirely sure how she will exit the story yet. But it will be in death :joy: which, I can confirm, she absolutely deserves

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You meet my antagonist very early in my story… But no one knows that he or she is the antagonist until things begin to go bad.

My antagonist is sadistic with psychological issues, but they blend into society very well.

My readers love my antagonist because they have no idea…

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My antagonist… You meet her extremely early in the story, as an infant actually, a rather… psychotic, infant. Her tendencies, violence and manipulation, grow worse and more profound as she gets older before finally accepting an ‘antagonist’ role at the age of 11. She sticks out like a sore thumb, but is aware of her actions.

She has severe psychological issues including a neural dysfunction that limits emotional capacity.

You meet the second antagonist a little later in this novel. He’s also psychotic, but not clinically diagnosed, he actually has a god complex and ego issues, believing himself the ultimate solution for a wasted world. He fits into society through hiding his violence and malice behind innocence and servitude though, but he’s extremely violent, sensitive and certainly has a fierce temper on him.

He exists the story by being banished to an alternate dimension :joy:

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My antagonist looks like your typical mad scientist at first. But unlike other mad scientists, he is actually pretty dumb. :joy: Most of his work is either stolen from his assistants or completely made up from fake results. What he really excels in is manipulating people and pushing fake news.

He’s introduced in a flashback where he first meets the MC at university, and he exits in a furious tornado of flying creatures who presumably eat him. (But you never really know with the villain…)

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My antagonist is already a known villian, he is cunning, can get you to beg fir your life, hungry for power

He was once the Queen’s lover but then they broke up

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My most interesting antagonist is one from my book yet to be posted, so I’ll tell you about her.

Amya is actually one of the main characters my upcoming series, ‘To Serve a Prince’. She was raised as a member of a cult that doubled as royal mercenaries throughout the Two Kingdoms. Specializing in spycraft, she’s been trained to use any means to accomplish her goal, even if it requires a sacrifice of herself or another.

This is all well and good until she captures the heart of the smothered and touch-starved Crown Prince, and in her own sick and twisted way she falls for him too. But, as one character quotes, she “can’t tell the difference between love and servitude”.

Alric manages to free her from her magical tethering of her church’s employ, but finds out he’s bitten off more than he bargained for when she doesn’t share his approach to affection.

When she stumbles upon a plot among Alric’s own family to kill his father and usurp his throne, she throws even more of a spanner in the works by killing Alric’s [redacted] and other responsible members of his kin. Not only this, but she exploits the oppression of her fellow sorcerers to fuel her own bloody “rebellion” and muster Tareldon’s citizens to Alric’s banner as a matter of necessity (his family has grown extremely unpopular due to the fact that they’ve all been selfish, genocidal fascists in the past).

All of this being so she can secretly dismantle the actual treasonous plot to kill Alric and cement him as a trusted ruler to his people by him “defeating” her and restoring peace to the land. Of course Alric doesn’t KNOW that because literally everyone she’s hurt has been someone he’s deeply cared for.

So basically she’s evil because she sees only the end result as important, not the means through which she gets there (betraying and murdering her own people for power, tearing apart Alric’s life and heart just to put him on the throne). She only treats herself as a tool at the disposal of the one she loves, not as someone of equal status who’s capable of holding an open forum to solve issues.

From Alric’s perspective throughout the series, however, we only see the terrible emotional consequences of her actions as she orphans him, slaughters his people and maims his closest friends. He’s actually just a genuinely nice and naive guy too, to contrast her cold and calculating POV.

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Not to go off or anything…

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