Tell me about your Fanfictions!!!2

Hi everyone!
I quite intrested to see what pepole are writing at the moment so Ive decided to make this into a topic that we can all chat about here!!! Just a reminder nit to advertise your book.
Thanks for your time.


HELLoo!!! How you doing?

Im great thanks. What about you?

Pretty good!!! wyd?

Working on a fanfiction


lmaooo samee well I’m working on a book and fanfic but mainly on the book

Cool. What is it about?

My book is about Au which you predestined soulmates tattooed on your wrist, the story follows a girl on her journey of figuring if she wants to be with her soulmate while also dealing with unknown family secrets which begin to unravel.

And my fanfic is bts related one but its about two people who like each other but everytime they try to date, it just doesnt seem to work out.


Mines a Miraculous ladybug fanfiction. So its kind of complicated. The main characters love eachother but they dont know it yet. Ive only done about 2 chaptrs so the story hasnt gone anywhere yet but its getting there!!


oooo i seen picture of the show, but never watched it lol

Its quite good and tgere are heaps of fanfictions about it.

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yeah I see a lot of it lol

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Heyy mine is a 1D fanfiction but it’s like a psychothriller and not a very light read lol. Haven’t read a bts fanfic before.

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Good luck with it!

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Damn why doesn’t it work out? Is it like predestined?

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it is predestined but doesn’t mean it can’t work out lol

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hi everyone!!


how are you doing?

I think I’m doing ok lol. Surviving the lockdown. You?