Tell Me About Your Favorite Character(s) To Write!

As I was working on a new chapter of a story, I found myself in a very silly situation with two of my characters who don’t really know each other that well, but ended up having the most chaotic good energy whenever they’re together. Absolute bumbling idiots running around to Cantina Band music, and it has probably been one of my most fun scenes to write so far.

So it got me wondering, what is your favorite character to write?

Tell me about them!
Is it the personality that makes them fun to write? Their past? The way they interact with the rest of your characters? Do they fit a certain archetype, and do you usually enjoy writing these types? Or were they a surprise to you?

Tell me all about it and share that passion and love for your characters here! :slight_smile:

Aha, I read the post and scrolled to see what other people have said and there were no other people XD

I like all the characters I write. Even the ones that give me a headache or the ones that are just such a sorry case but still, I like making my characters suffer to see what they will do because I’m evil like that :smirk:

The Facade of Quad in Nimrod
has a plethora of conniving characters and sorry cases and it was just fun to write characters that are just so sneaky and good at what they do. The sorry cases were also fun to write because you can make the worse things happen to them and they somehow end up making it worser XD

Being kicked out of the house is pretty bad, but then leaving the house without a coat on a cold winter day is even worse. Then trusting strangers leads him to getting drugged to sleep which leads him to getting kidnapped which leads him to becoming a criminal… oh Henry XD

The World of Elgana books
Daero is resourceful. He knows things. He’s smarter than his soul counterpart. He’s emotional and he really cares about his race. I like writing characters that are basically just good people who are struggling. It’s satisfying when their struggling can come to an end. Finally, ah, you can just sigh and relax. The hardest part is over and we can begin a new chapter in life. Same goes for MC Pinti.

Cypur is smart, but he’s very human making mistakes and just getting by. He’s also emotional, but he doesn’t like to be. He thinks he would be weak. He’s also a private person who doesn’t like admitting his true feelings about things that go against his race’s common ideas. It was so nice to write his emotional journey. He learns that crying is not weakness and that his ideas and thoughts do matter. Also that he matters :wink:

I guess I like writing characters that hide their emotions but show them at the end. I also like writing male characters showing emotions.

Red, White, or In Between
Eryn x Ace. Eryn is a popular girl and trying-to-be snob, but that doesn’t actually work for her. Still, it was fun writing her in situations where she was put in her place for the first time :wink: I like messing with characters. Ace is new at everything despite living for a really long time. His reactions to things are like an adult on one hand, but also like a child. Especially when it comes to romance. He just doesn’t fully understand.

Eryn is not much of an expert either. Eryn puts Ace in his place, Ace puts Eryn in her place unintentionally…it was fun making them discover a relationship :stuck_out_tongue:

Good relationships? Yes, fun, but I also like bad ones. Pinning Eryn against various insane characters just for the fun (and plot) of it… evil laugh

Also planning another major pin-against in the future between two very conniving characters :wink:

I love writing all my characters, because I love my story!
But my favorite was probably Alex because he is the hot but still cute bad boy, he is a lot like the perfect man, so it was really fun to write him, his cocky attitute, but also sweet sides, and most importantly his interactions with Elena :grin:

BTW the scene you’re describing seems very interesting and fun! #lol :grin:


Well it’s actually not really a character as the person is real, but she’s really funny and silly in a good way. She loves to act innocent and make people laugh by funny comments and it always puts a big smile on my face writing scenes with her in it

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I love writing about Private Eyes. Men who work for the law, but operate outside of it and use controversial tactics to get the results they are looking for.


Amillette. She’s a just such a b* d *ss but she’s so sweet at the same time.


I really like writing from the perspective of my new protagonist, Kenna. She tries to be a good girl, but she has a mischievous side that she sometimes just can’t suppress. She is very impulsive and likes getting into trouble and then looking at other people working hard to get her out of it. I myself am not like this at all, so that makes it even more interesting for me to write about her. It’s like I get to be someone else for a while.


My favorite character I’ve ever written has been Kairo King from my new story. He is so much fun for me to right because it’s a very emotional write. He’s a troubled soul. His parent’s were murdered when he was a child and then he was adopted. He had a wonderful childhood besides his parents murder. However, he’s 34 years old now and the only werewolf he knows his age without a mate. He’s lost hope in love or in having someone to share a life with. He’s an English professor at a college and he actually has great relationships with the rest of the pack that he’s in. He is a great friend he’s just troubled. He’s been my favorite to write probably because he’s so much like me.

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I read the post and scrolled to see what other people have said and there were no other people
:confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: congrats u are #1 :’ )

we loooove some conniving characters. gotta keep us all on our toes! Henry, however, sounds like he’s rly going through it… be kind to him… but also we love a solid character development scheme.

I like writing characters that are basically just good people who are struggling. It’s satisfying when their struggling can come to an end. Finally, ah, you can just sigh and relax. The hardest part is over and we can begin a new chapter in life.

beautifully worded! I agree, it’s most fun (at least in my perspective) to watch the character work themselves up to hero rather than just automatically knowing the ropes. It’s fun and heartbreaking to watch them fail all at once!

Cypur, on the other hand, sounds like quite the handful to write, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t adore those emotionally stubborn characters. I have a few myself and they can be difficult, but the end result is so characterized and enjoyable!

Eryn and Ace’s relationship sounds like a riot to read. I think relationships are more fun to read when they’re full of realistic tiffs that the characters get riled over, but not really enough to get mad over.

I also really enjoy how you mention Eryn characterizes herself. ‘Like nah, I’ll try to be mean, but my morals are too strong’ is so cool to see play out in a character.

You are definitely great at the craft my friend, keep it up! :slight_smile:

I love writing all my characters, because I love my story!

this is so wholesome I want to frame it!

Alex sounds like he has a great amount of depth, which can seriously make or break them bad boy characters. I’m a sucker for the boys who keep themselves closed off but actually have a lot going on upstairs, he sounds like a lil dream boi.


and most importantly his interactions with Elena

YES!! It’s so much fun to write when your characters develop their own chemistry. literally gives me chills to write scenes where they just seem to gravitate to one another. protect them at all costs.

BTW the scene you’re describing seems very interesting and fun! #lol :grin:

TYSM! I’m looking forward to continuing it today. The two of them are in the grocery store shopping for demon hunting supplies and they’re just staring at the baking aisle like… t-table salt? ten gallons ? is that ??? is that enough?

happy writing my friend!

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aw wow this brought a smile to my face :’ )

forgive the repetition but characters based off of somebody irl always seem a little more ~real~, which is a poor man’s way of putting it, but you get what I mean i hope.

Most of the time they already come with that gritty depth that we crave from characters since their muse is already alive and existing, and I think that’s so cool!

Your character sounds so precious, we love a gal that can make the whole room light up. :pleading_face: :pleading_face: keep her safe!!!


This sounds like a rad character to read about. Ya gotta know the law to exist around it, which literally takes so much knowledge and time commitment so you already know these guys have their wheels spinning in their heads 24/7.

It’s always so much fun to take that journey with them and see what wild situations they cook up, and just when you’re like … he dead for sure…, they psych you out for another chapter.

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Especially one equipped with a wide range of emotions that can still handle herself :’ )
What inspired you to come up with her? Also, I love the name!


aww this is so nice!
yeah she is a real person (I’m writing a football story using a real team) so I know her character a little bit and she’s so cute. of course I make her personality a little extra with the things I like about her but yeah. exactly that girl who can make the whole room light up.

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HAHAHAHAH wait, I actually love this so much.

She sounds like she’s got the personality of a fox, and it makes me wanna read her. Like ah, just another day digging up holes for y’all to pull yourselves out of :’ ) enjoy.

What makes her want to remain ~good?~ and likewise, what draws her into the darker parts of herself? Is it just for the laughs or is she more comfortable playing offense like that?

She sounds like such a fun gal to write for, even tho now that I compared her to a fox I literally can’t stop thinking about that fox meme of it sitting on the chair with its hands in its lap, please send help.


On the contrary, the conniving characters were worse. Especially this guy called Fernando who is two-faced all over the place and everything he says has a double meaning and he’s just so sneaky and mean. He gave me a headache. I still don’t understand him XD

Since I don’t write romance and I’m ace, you can expect very sweet innocent nothings :stuck_out_tongue: I try my best at romantic drama, honestly don’t know if it works. Their relationship begins rocky and then just keeps getting better and better. A lot of life or death situations and stuff so they don’t really have moments where they’re just talking and stuff much.

I always love writing loveable assholes. If a guy is a smart ass, a bit thoughtless, and kind of a jerk, but loveable at his core I will love writing him.

I love writing women who finding their way in the world who have very very bad backgrounds. I don’t know why, but I love my female protagonists to have tragic childhoods but who are overcoming the odds.

And right now I’m loving writing a slow burn romance between that female protagonist and a man struggling with depression and anxiety. They’re so cute because he gets embarrassed when she flirts, but she can tell he loves it.

It’s WILD the way they do that! Sometimes you’re writing and the characters are literally just like, aight move over, I’m doing this for you. and you just have to sit there and accept them calling your MC a garbage bag in the most creative way you’ve ever seen.

I’ve never written an entirely conniving character such as what he sounds like, but I can imagine it’s a lot like that vine of the baby that’s running around, and the mom is like.


I liiiiive for the innocent nothings. Firm believer here that gestures of help and good-naturedness are the foundations you need for that fire to burn. The intense moments are also great to have because it makes the characters realize how much they’d hurt if they lost one another. But also it’s hilarious bc it’s like… no time to talk about our feelings… this mans is dead.

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I have to add one more character. He’s from my mystery short story collection.
Charlie Malory, a mid-fifties self-proclaimed detective with a dry sense of humor. He has his own short and that’s the only time he shines really. But I like a character with dry humor :wink: Charlie Malory won’t be forgotten. He’s one of the few with a sense of humor to lighten up the story a bit. Otherwise it’s not very bright :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too! But I;m worried she’s too cliche. Like there are a lot of strong female leads nowadays, and as im still drafting my story, she just comes off a bit two dimensional.

Thanks! I was a bit unsure bc it was unconventional, but I’m for sure keeping it now!