Tell Me About Your Favorite Character(s) To Write!

:pleading_face: :pleading_face: okay but have you ever thought about telling the person you’re writing the character based on, about it?? if they don’t know already?

if somebody based a book character off of me I’d probably weep in happiness and then you know be like, why would you ever do this to that poor sap

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I wish Fernando was a secondary character but he’s one of my mains in my omniscient story.

It’s so true they just take over. I often found myself wanting to ask him, “Why you do that? Why Fernando? Whyyyy??? I don’t understand you!”

He wasn’t like this. During editing all the characters started doing things on their own :stuck_out_tongue: I lost the controls.

welp I can’t cause this person is kinda famous…

I feeeeeeeeeel that, but drafts are always kinda flimsy. It’s like the skeleton on the house before you start slapping on all that drywall, and then it really starts coming to life.
personally I will NEVER get tired of a strong female lead, but if you ever want to kick ideas around about cool quirks and personality traits to help her stand out then just HMU, always here to brainstorm!

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Thanks, i’ll pm you when i get home (my school wifi blocks wattpad T_T)

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Well I have a few some are cannon others are a friends OC and the last one is mine that I haven’t written with yet but am drafting now.

Zierra Thorn is pretty fun to write drama with. She’s a vampire that falls in love with a shapeshifter. I have a story about them coming up soon.

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I love writing the loudmouths :joy: The characters that aren’t the smartest in the room, but are the ones with the most opinions! It’s funny, because I don’t have much patience for that type of person in RL, but I like writing them. Mostly because they create so much conflict for the other characters lol

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You have so many characters and so many works, holy moly I admire you for writing that much.

but omg, I really dig him already because you can like NEVER find a lead over thirty on wattpad, I swear. He sounds like a strict, cool dad that would also accuse their child of murdering princess diana for the hell of it or is that simply john mulaney’s parents?

HAHAHAHAH it’s a great relief but also a little bit horrifying for sure, cuz you just sit there and watch them tear up the book you built. sometimes it’s like oh god… what are you doing. and then sometimes you’re like aight but why didn’t I think of that?

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this is lowkey my Achilles heel like… I absolutely adore the big bad wolves that would cry if they actually knocked the house down. They take some warming up but once you get 'em in the groove of the book and watch them come to life it’s just a special moment.

HIGHKEY feel that one. I feel like it’s so much easier to justify how a character acts if you’re putting in key events in the past that would trigger that kind of attitude, and it makes the character seem so much more real. we love a gal against the odds :’ )

and dude, i’m with ya. Slow burns used to be my enemy and then I put my big girl pants on and I was like, u know what, I actually really enjoy it. Your characters sound like the cutest two, i cry :pleading_face: lmk how it turns out for them! unless it’s not happy, in which case, nobody’s home

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YES ! hit ‘em with the crossover :’ ) I very much dig the name, it’s gothic and cute as heck all at once. How did your character become a vampire?

okay, hardcore feel this!!

If somebody is going off I literally sit there like please… please stop.

But if a CHARACTER is doing it, I’m like
oh you little asshole i love you so much

It’s also hilarious to watch the other characters interact with them, especially if they decide to knock them into place a bit. These characters keep the dialogue witty and interesting and I live for that.

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I love the way you put this. This is exactly it. The big bad wolf who keeps pushing and pushing the boundaries, and then feels horrible if he actually knocks the house over.
One of my stories has that big bad wolf, and he keeps teasing and pushing the woman with the bad background. And although she teases and pushes back sometimes, she never tells him just how many boundaries he crossing, until everything suddenly comes out.
Now he’s dealing with the fallout from that. He feels horrible guilt, and she won’t talk to him, but instead of acknowledging his guilt he’s doing some pretty horrible self sabotage.

And don’t worry, the couple from the other story eventually has a happy (and adorable) ending :slight_smile:

It’s strange how so many of us love characters we wouldn’t particularly like in real life. I wonder why that is?

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Born one into the second most powerful family of vampires

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For me, it’s my characters Jarris and Faye from my book Twisted Nature. Jarris and Faye’s relationship is like a mother son relationship even tho they’re the same age. Jarris had originally helped the antagonist, Tobi, kidnap Faye but she slowly grew attached to him despite not wanting to and now she’s doing all she can to keep him safe and get him back home to his family

Maybe because they’re the characters who create the most conflict in stories, and that’s exciting so
long as it’s a STORY lol But in RL, conflict is horrible :joy:
(At least, it is for me. I’m an introvert so I can’t handle drama lol)

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That photo was perfect :joy:

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She was born with dark powers that attract her to the evil side, so to say. Although, I suspect she’s got that talent for getting into trouble entirely of her own. :smile: It’s just who she is, but she tries to tame herself because it’s no longer just her she’s getting into nasty situations. Let’s say the world kind of depends on it. :wink:

Essentially, she is a villain who was raised to be a good person, but these contrasting aspects of her personality cause a real conflict inside of her that she yet has to learn to deal with. But she wants to be good for the people she cares about, and she refuses to be bad just because nature tells her so.

I’m glad you find her interesting! The meme about the fox is actually quite accurate. :joy:


I try :tipping_hand_woman:

and then they’re standing there like ??? how could I??? what did I DO?

and ur like buddy u have been smashing down the doors since chapter 1 what were u expecting… get with it my man…

im yelling bc like NO but also like YES I love to read that. It’s such a human reaction to have, to skip the actual problem and procrastinate by beating yourself up for it.

and good :’ ) we love a happy ending, but that ‘eventually’ really draws me in because you can’t have a ‘happy’ without a taste of the ‘sad’.

keep up the great work, you ~

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