Tell me about your first crush.


Lets talk about crushes shall we? Mine was when I was in the 6th grade. He was in the 9th grade and the school president. XD XD


My first crush was in third grade :rofl: He liked me back and gave me a little paper that said I am an angel xD We didn’t hang out either lmao.


Awww you should have. Guys calling you angel is really rare now a days :heart_eyes:


But we were like… 8 :joy:


My biggest crush led to a love obsession that was completely one-sided and I drove myself mad. Haven’t had crushes since, and I found someone who loves me back and I’m in a long-distance relationship now. So the lesson of the day is, don’t have crushes and find people who love you back


I was nineteen when I had my first crush.

I could never figure out if he was interested back, and I fantasised about him for years, until he moved town.

So lame.


What does a crush feel like? :thinking:


That’s what i wondered for a long time.

Can’t say it was pleasant when it eventually happened.

Essentially, it’s about feeling attracted to someone, and sort of unable to get them out of your thoughts, despite there sometimes being no real world relationship to support the feelings.

It’s dumb as.


But what kind of attraction is it? Is it wishing to spend more time with them? Wanting to involve them in your life in some fashion? Lust and all those sexual desires? Emotional attachment?

Ignore these questions if you like.

I’m trying to pick at your brain for information.


Totes fine to pick my brain.

I’m thinking that it’s all of the above.

I looked forward to any opportunity where we ended up near each other and I definitely lusted after them.

The whole thing, is an emotional attachment, I suppose.


What is a crush? I don’t know crush :joy:

Oh wait, when I was about 7 or 8 I had my heart on this boy :smirk:

(He’s mine and I don’t care. Fight me!)



Ah, okay. So, thinking about them all the time is part of crushing, then?

Hm… and it randomly starts? Or is it a gradual thing? Or are both normal occurences?


Many people that have crushes on people they dont even know. So I’d say both are normal?

But for me it is gradual. I have to know them, admire their personality and who they are, which grows into more of an infatuation. Honestly, I dont even think about other poeple unless Ive talked to them before.


So, is a crush upon the first few seconds of seeing someone normal, too?

Is it possible to have a crush on someone, find out they’re an asshole, and be angry at yourself for still crushing on them? I’m guessing that crushes aren’t things that can really be controlled.

But they fade with time, right?



If it’s insta-attraction within a few seconds, I wonder if that is better simply labeled as attraction or lust.

I sorta see a crush as lasting a bit longer.

And of course it can dissapte instantly when you meet the person and discover they are actually an arse. And being annoyed at yourself for it sounds perfectly normal to me.

But then thats why i never allowed myself to think about people i dont know. If I thought someone looked attractive or interesting i actually tell myself not to be stupid because i dont actually know them.

And its for the same reason that I’d get angry at people being interested in me. If i found out someoe i wasnt friends with was crushing on me, and/or wanted to get me simply because they ‘saw’ me and thought i looked hot, I’d get so annoyed and refuse to have anything to do with them, because it had nothing to do with the real me. Attraction based on looks alone ticks me off so bad. Lol. Opps. As you can see from my unplanned rant there.


Thank you so much! This is very useful information.


My first crush was this chubby kid in primary school when I transferred in.
We were ‘dating’ in school but really that meant not saying anything to each other for the entire year.
We both went to different high school but I kinda always wondered how he was going, I just always liked him!

One day he messaged my sister on FB for my number, since I don’t have FB. He messaged me. I messaged back.

Long story short, I have been dating him for 4 years now lol


Well I had a thing for Latin European girls way back into fifth grade. The first one was a Spanish girl, though usually I prefer French girls these days. But Spanish are still awesome.


My latest crush was our family friend. Super good looking really nice. My heart rate went up whenever I saw him. But since he was a family friend I couldn’t say anything :sleepy::sleepy:


:sob: get out of here.

That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever read. Like literally every Wattpad story come to life.