Tell Me About Your Romance Novel {No Links}



Hey guys! I love to meet other romance writers like myself because I feel like we already have so much in common :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: and I’m a romance junkie so I just love hearing about romances and all that.

Basically, this is where we can all discuss our novels and you can start by telling me about your novel and then adding what’s your favorite part about writing it and what’s your least favorite part!

Please Do not post the links to your books. Ambassadors will have to remove your post for advertising.



I write most genres, and Romance happens to be one of them!

Although I do write purely Romance Novels, I also find myself always dabbling a bit of Romance into an Action Novel, or Science Fiction Novel, etc.

My favourite thing about writing Romance Novels or novels that have some Romance in them – is finally writing that scene where they hook up. I’m one of those people that drag it on, and tease/annoy the readers until eventually, a character makes a move, etc.

Most of the time, my least favourite part is trying to get the characters to get along. In some of my novels, when they first meet one or the other kind of dislikes the other person. And I annoy even myself when writing scenes of conflict between them.


Hiii Aurora! We have have in common, I love writing slow burns and then having them finally get together! I just love to build up that tension and have the will they/won’t they moments.

How many pure romance books have you written?


I haven’t fully written most. But I have multiple work in progresses.

About 11, maybe? That’s out of like 40-50 books in total.


woooooooooooooooaahhhhh how do you have the time? That’s dedication man :joy:


The problem is I don’t :joy: I spend the time on writing when I probably should be studying.


I FEEL YOU SO MUCH THIS IS LITERALLY ME. I just find it so hard to find the perfect balance between studying and writing like at times it just feels impossible


Hey! I’m Wilde. I not really a Romance “writer” but I do incorporate it into my contemporary YA and NA. I mainly write fantasy, but I do read it when I’m in the mood for it.


Hi Wilde! What your favorite kind of romance subgenre, so like enemies to friends, slow burns, best friend tropes?


For me it’s Romantic Fantasy such as Sarah J. Maas and Karen Maurie Moning, and Laini Taylor. I do dabble in the contemporary from time to time, though.


Yeah! I feel fulfilled when I write, and feel like I’m on top of studying. But often, it’s either one or the other, which is incredibly annoying.


I’m a massive fan of the enemies-to-lovers, slow-burns, virgin and experienced lover, forbidden lovers, supernatural/inter-species romance.

Lmao you really need to read my sotries then...😆

1000000% feel the same way


Yeah I think those things just add some spice to the story even if romance is just a sub genre


Yeah I think those things just add some spice to the story


Yup. I HATE insta-love to the highest order. I love slow-burns. They’re realistic, and I’m a total sucker for the sexual tension.


ME TOOOO Insta love is just ughhhhhh so stupid like how can anyone actually think that’s love?


Don’t know. But people–a LOT of people–like it.


Yeah! But I can’t help but like the stories where the characters somehow end up having a one-night-stand and everything goes on from there. I’m also a sucker for sexual tension :joy::ok_hand:


I like those too! There was a K-drama with that trope that I adore. Damn. I think I’m going to watch it again.