Tell Me About Your Romance Novel {No Links}



That’s actually SOOOOO true I never thought about it that way wow thanks for that


Hiya! I’m new to the Wattpad Community but I’ve been on Wattpad for a while – only just recently starting one of the romance stories that I’ve had inspiration for for…1? 2 years? It’s been a long time coming, but I finally did an outline and it’s in progress!

It’s called Arken-Ciel, and it’s about a newly graduated warrior from an alternate dimension (think something like the Fae) who has been training to become a Guard of a discriminated human. It’s an LGBTQ+ novel that’s going to have tons of diversity in it because I’m all for that. It’s got two main characters which are Arken (The big warrior boi) and Ciel (The human boi).

I think my favorite part of writing romance - and writing in general - is how diverse and powerful you can make it. You can make it a message while still entertaining. You can have representation, and that’s hopefully what all of my stories will contain. Representation of lesser-known or misunderstood things.
But, for strictly romance I’d have to say that I just enjoy the lovey-dovey and mushy stuff. Also angst. Angst is good.

I enjoy slow burn angst, or having a base appearance-level attraction that grows into actual love.
I love that shiz. ;D

I think my least favorite part about it is writing sex scenes, though. I have 0 experience, but the idea makes me uncomfortable. I don’t want mi babies being shown like that, ya know?

I appreciate this thread lots btw. It’s great :slight_smile:


I write romance, however, they are mainly targeted for male readers. Female readers may still enjoy its cheesiness, but the main point of view is of the male protagonist, haha!

The romance isn’t the really big chunk of the plot. However, it’s kinda a turning point of my male protagonist’s dedication to fulfilling his “destiny.”

My favorite part of writing it is the point of view. We hardly ever hear the side of the guy when it comes to romance. I also think that he’s a rather interesting and ironic character(he looks like a bad boy, but hardly ever acts like one. He’d rather snuggle with kittens). His female lead is just as ironic, but instead, she’s stubborn and demanding. She hates losing!

My least favorite part is trying to piece everything together in which the readers could make sense of it. This novel is high-fantasy, and the world is rather large, that I am afraid readers may get confused reading through it. I am still trying to figure out how to write things without making it look so messy.


I LOVEEEE SLOW BURN ANGST UGGHH it’s probably the best part of any good romance and I also love the lovey-dovey mushy stuff if I think the characters are good for each other


My story Zeitgeist also includes the point of view of the male MC. It’s my first time having tried writing in the male POV but honestly it’s so refreshing and i am loving it


Oml I love that!!

Also I vibe 100% with the “Looks like bad boy, is actually soft boi” aesthetic because that is me in a nutshell. And I just LOVE that trope in general.


Hi I use to write romance when I was younger but Im all over the place with what I write and am just recently thinking about going back into writing romance ((and not just stories with a romance subplot))but I also read it do you mind if I join the conversation still even if romance isnt the main genre I write?



And yeah of course! The characters being good for each other is always - to me - in the line of lovey-dovey. However I am working on another story that features a gay couple where one of the guys are really notgood for the other (but he’s the antagonist and I wanted him to be real sh***y.

Tropes, mi dudes, tropes.


Yeah of course no problem


yesssssssss that sounds like a really good read, albeit frustrating hahaha


i know you read some of my current one, but imma start working on a short story soon.

it’s called born sick and it’s bxb. basically about a guy who is rlly popular and has a good life, but hasn’t told anyone he’s gay cause his dad is super homophobic and christian even tho he does not-so christian things and meets a boy who is really proudly gay in his school
ik the narritve is super popular but whatevaa. i usually write things that aren’t directed to a bestselling audience anyways


I have yet to post much or anything on Wattpad because it makes me nervous to post but I dont mind talking about my stories.
My most recent romance idea is called Honey. Honey follows a boy who is too nervous to tell the person hes in love with that he’s head over heels.So it basically follows the main characters crush and how it develops.
Its called Honey because the love interest calls everyone honey ((sometimes sarcastically)) and has honey brown eyes so basically the character is associated with Honey a lot. its in the early stages of planning but I have a feeling its just gonna be a cute little story ((because Im currently also experimenting with horror and I need a story to lean back on that isnt scary or depressing xD)).


Honey sounds pretty good. I know, it’s always nerve-wracking to post but as soon as you do it, you’ll actually be quite happy


I’ve written a series of novels called Silently Falling in Love. I never intended to write even one novel but I published one chapter on WP wondering if anyone would read it and immediately I got a reader and comments. From there somehow I finished the novel. But, once the novel was completed i didn’t want to stop writing about the characters and many of my readers also didn’t want to stop reading about them so I decided to continue their story but not as a series. The second book has one thing in the hero’s life that changes and that has a ripple effect on the entire romance. For the third book I have one thing in the heroines life change and that too changes everything.

If you’ve ever seen the moving Sliding Doors with Gweneth Paltrow, I borrowed that concept and applied it to my books.

I’m in the process of editing the three books so they flow better together. What I really enjoyed doing was writing certain scenes in three different ways since the circumstances around them had changed. They were familiar to the reader but different since each story had a different nuance to it.


In one of my novels, Gossip, Weddings and Manipulation, I wrote it completely from the male perspective. It was a lot of fun!


Hi! I’m Sofia and I am so excited about this forum! (I am new to this community chat and have fallen in love with everyone’s support!) I am a new writer of two romance stories.

My first story is “The Long Way Round”: Jess Winters runs away from her heartbreak by partaking in a “Cancun Booze Cruise” with best friends, Daisy and Devon. But after a one night stand gone wrong with a sexy stranger, Connor Knightly, she’s forced to go “the long way round” and drive with him to Cancun in just a few days. Can they stand each other long enough to make it there? Will the obstacles and secrets they face become too much to overcome? And most importantly, will friendship and love come their way?

My second one is “Down Memory Lane”: After the end of Hazels engagement and the fear of the unknown, she moves back to her hometown for a new start and to heal her wounds. She’s reunited with her four friends, Jayden Flores, Robin McKinley, Joey Osbourne, and Charlie Tomkinson, after eight years of silence. The question is, will they be able to teach her to love again, or will her past just be the death of her?

I love romance stories and thought I’d try writing some of my own!



also a newbie out here, curretnly got two on the go.

the first is called ‘an arranged affair’ about a young westernised indian girl who ends up in an arranged marriage to save her families hotel.

the second is called ’ Ebony, ivory and Gold.’ more of a fantasy thing with a romantic twist …

I love the fresh wirters out here and how the comminity is so friendly and supportve of new writers!.


Your stories sound amazing.


Thank you.

Its a lot of hard work! As a reader you think its easy but as you start writing you realize just how hard it is.

Ive found myself rewriting entire chapters then writing future chapters only to realize as my characters develop that those chapters dont fit the plot anymore!

Congratulations to anyone whoes finished a book out there! I have new respect for my fellow authors!


My work is set in India where a couple run away to survive. In that journey they get to meet some impactful people. I don’t really know how to give a brief description of my works or even explaing things without giving too much away.