Tell Me About Your Romance Novel {No Links}



I’ve only finished one book. One. In my entire existence. Yes. Writing is hard–as any other form of creativity. It takes practice, patience, and openness.


The one I’m working on now is about an aspiring playwright looking for a muse, and in the process of writing a play, he falls in love with his muse. It’s a boyxboy novel. It’s not on wattpad yet, but I hope it will be by may.


Hi, First of all I must say I love your handle: GhostsInsideOfMyBed. At first, I thought it read: MyHead but MyBed is so much more intriguing!

I enjoy reading and writing “Romantic Suspense” novels where the girl and guy are involved in some sort of dangerous situation where the stakes are high and they need to work closely together to escape or prevail. The element of danger and shared emotional trauma enhances the build up and (speaking for myself) makes for a more satisfying story than a conventional sweet romance.

I don’t mind reading/writing graphic sex scenes, but after a while they all read the same and become cliched. I like authors who are skillful enough to craft those scenes where they provide just enough detail to leave it to the reader’s imagination, the “less is more” approach.

My new romantic suspense Wattpad novel, “Ripples in the Night,” is about childhood sweethearts who become separated and are brought back together again after ten years to solve a murder, with the murderer in pursuit.

I’m always open to meeting other authors, especially those who also write romantic suspense.


I have three I’m working on but only one of them is a completely original idea. The other two are fanfics.

The original idea is about a young woman who is running the orphanage she grew up in in the face of civil war. A knight who has kind of lost his way in life happens upon them and finds himself defending them from the effects of the civil war while also in a way being saved himself by them.


My book Breaking Eden is a dark and twisted romantic thriller type of story. It really can fall under a few genres. It’s reached over 77K reads so far and I’m really happy with all the feedback I’ve been getting. The blurb is posted below if anyone is interested in reading it.

Full blurb:

Declan Payne isn’t your average multimillionaire CEO. He’s the owner of Pleasure in Payne, one of the worlds most profitable sex toy manufacturers. But underneath his poised, well mannered facade lies a sinister beast waiting to be released. And the moment he spots Eden the need to own her, in every way imaginable, consumes him. He’ll stop at nothing to claim what he believes is rightfully his.

Eden Burrows is a featured dancer at Harvey’s and couldn’t be happier. Only her days in the spotlight are numbered when she crosses paths with the stranger in room 6. What starts off as a routine job ends in betrayal and her imprisonment. Held against her will, Eden must over come her fear and fight to escape because, for her, dying is not an option.


I only write LGBT or queer romances, but that includes a lot of things. I’m most interested in romance stories that challenge the current narratives we have going on in American society, especially in the world of romance.

Right now my biggest project is a story called Ella, about a young woman who likes playing the masculine role in all aspects of her life. She likes to joust, to spar, and–as she realized part way through the book–she likes to dominate men. A lot of the characters in the book, especially her husband through arranged marriage, Cecil, tend to flip gender stereotypes in a way that gives a queer lens to a group of straight and bisexual characters.


My book is based on personal experience. The book is called Us Before Them. This very personal piece explores what it means to fall in love for the first time, I was very intrigued by the power play that is inherent in relationships, what we perceive as romance and the realities of it. My two protagonists come from very different worlds, but both are plunged in a world far from home, so I could consider the relationship between love and circumstance.



Mine is about an immigrant to New York city in 1952, who finds a book on his first day in the city with 129 suggestions on how to find a man. Some of them are ridiculous (buy a billboard and put your phone number on it), some of them are savvy (buy him small presents once in a while), and some are downright dangerous (pretend to drown at high noon at the beach). Even so, he decides to try to follow some of them, leading to various hijinks on his path to find the man of his dreams.

It literally combines 1950s sharp dressing men, LGBT issues and just general ridiculousness and it’s like a palate cleanser for me to write. I love it so far. (Plus, all the ideas on ‘how to find a man’ are from a REAL 1958 article written for women - INSANE).


I’ve seen that article/list! It was crazy!!!

This is a great idea for a story :blush:


The original author was obsessed with buttons and I’m not sure if she was being serious or tongue in cheek about it.


Button obsession was the least of that list’s problems.

“Stand in a corner and cry softly. Chances are good that he’ll come over to find out what’s wrong.”

Like WTF? Seriously?!

And “Get a sunburn.”

Huh? Whyyyyy?

If your parents are fat “tell him you’re adopted.”

Ummmm - YIKES!


My book is called " Not perfect" and it’s about a girl that her name is April. She is basically the smartest girl in her class, she wants to be a doctor and learn medicine in the university. One day, a famous singer is coming to her school, and well , since then things start to change in her life.

My favourite part in writing this book it that it’s very different from the stories I usually write, because I never wrote a romantic story like that, so I like the fact that it’s very challenging and different for me.
The least favourite part is the fact that it took me such a long time to think about plot twists or ideas, but I finally going to finish this book, so I’m happy :slight_smile:


I am working on an arranged marriage book right now. But I am hoping it won’t be like the other. My character, Graylynn doesn’t want to get married but slowly starts to realize that her fiance isn’t nearly as bad as she expects him to be. Even though they have to get married, they slowly start to fall in love and can’t imagine life without each other. It is a mature romance, but the characters have to get to know each other before they are going to get heated.


My romantic one piece is titled “Rain”… About a coming of age love blooming in the rain… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Me so romantic :hearts:


Hey! I only have one story published here on Wattpad and it’s an age gap romance. I write other stuff too, like a YA fantasy that I actually completed - or the sci-fi that I’m working on atm, but generally there’s some romance in everything I write.

The romance I have on Wattpad is called “Your Mark on Me” and it’s about this sixteen years old girl who wants to be a concert pianist, but can’t get over her performance anxiety. She meets an older man, a charming businessman who secretly wants to become a writer. As they help each other strive for their dreams, they become friends. But she wants to be more than friends and, despite his repeated rejections, her crush only gets stronger…

This one is a slow burner. But I loved writing it and developing the characters. It’s not easy to write a an age gap story, especially when the MC is a teen, and avoid the icky factor. I get the feeling that the people reading it get emotionally invested and fall in love the characters, so I think I’ve managed to keep it sweet :slight_smile:


Love this idea!

Well, my novel is called The Romancing of Tuesday Dennings. It’s an epistolary novel composed only of letters written between the two MCs. It is romance, but it’s also about humanity, people’s faults, coping with our inner demons, and other general “big” stuff. I love writing it because of the chance to explore those deep, complex issues. My least favorite part, hmm…the way I struggle to release weekly chapters as promised, lol


I love romance that makes you wait, but doesn’t leave you hanging forever! My current story was inspired by the Millionaire Matchmaker TV show and I’m having a lot of fun writing it. I feel like that’s super important :slight_smile:



I’m Nikki and I usually write romance/mystery or just plain cliche and cheesy romances. I have The Love Collection, which is a series of short stories that deal with many different perspectives of love. However that isn’t up on Wattpad.

I also have Dear you, . That’s by far been my most difficult yet rewarding work yet. The story is different than most, it is letters that are written to the lover. You learn what’s going on through the letters solely, which has a love-hate relationship with people who read it. The characters remain genderless because I wanted a story that would fit everyone- I wanted people who read the story to put themselves in the main character shoes and let them be the ones writing the letters.
I’m really hoping this all makes sense, haha, and isn’t a bunch of rambling words!


Hi! My favorite are slow burns and ugh someone here pointed out about the sexual tension between characters. I love stories like that.

I’ve just written my first Romance Novel (still ongoing) - which was inspired by my own experience (hehe). It’s about two people interested in each other but too stubborn to give in because they thought they don’t deserve each other.

My favorite thing about writing is the love interest / sexual tension between the characters. I’d say it’s very interesting to build their chemistry throughout the chapters. I also enjoy writing about the character’s point of view on how they feel and how they see things from their eyes.

I’d say it’s a challenge when you’re uninspired or when you ran out of ideas to continue. Or when you don’t know how to connect ideas / plot together.

What about you? <3


Hey everybody!
Nice to read about other writers!
So my book is an historical romance. I always wished I had been born at a different period, but then I remember that I would probably have been a peasant and die of gangrene at twenty one.

So I really like checking my facts and all. I wouldn’t say that I am doing the job of an historian, but I like things to kinda add up. Sometimes I can end up with ten wikipedia pages open, and it can be frustrating when I don’t find what I’m looking for.

My novel happens during the Georgian Era, which is an odd time to chose, but I wanted the sequels te be during the Regency and early Victorian times.

It’s between a dashing Duke who has it all, and a feisty bohemian girl who has nothing but her stubbornness.
It sounds super cheesy, but it’s not, there are dark moments, and things get pretty messy and complicated.