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hii, that happens to me too. I’ve began writting a new history like a month ago, and I haven’t passed from the sinopsis. It’s like when it’s not holidays, I don’t have time for nothing but study.


Hello! I just started writing a few months ago. I have been playing on the crazy idea of an older woman, moving on from a tragedy and a young man who is a famous singer randomly meeting. Ideas kept coming in on my head that two more books sprouted from that. My main character, Atticus has two best friends Jake and Chase. They grew up together and formed a band when they were kids until Atticus gets a break and becomes famous. Jake’s story is set during senior year in high school while Chase’s story is years later when they found themselves forming their band again. They appear on each other’s books but I am not sure if I call it a series, maybe it is!

I just started the third book and honestly I think I am crazy for doing it since my first one is still on going. Anyone here doing two books at the same time?


In my novel the main character learnt after having gone through much heartache that in real life and love is nothing as how portrayed in books, movies and LaLa Land and failing to realize that can cause more harm than good.


I write HEA contemporary at the moment, but delving into some other types, such as postapocalyptic and such. I have three books on Wattpad, two complete and one in progress.

My first book is a found love again couple, who get to know one another after many years apart, and through an unconventional situation, plus some manipulation and coincidence, discover just what they mean to once another. For Alice, with Love was my first completed book on here. If you can believe it, the house on Vampire Diaries (not the sexy vampires) was the inspiration. It literally spawned from one scene of the hero coming home into the house and the description of the house.

My second book is a contemporary HEA about a woman who finds out a huge secret about her parents, and is thrust into a situation by a mass shooting. Cue the officer who is assigned to protect her family, and as they maneuver through a crazy situation being someone she relies on quickly, they fall in quick, crazy love. Protecting Jess was a lot of fun to write, and my first completed novel with sex scenes in it. Again, this book was inspired by writing a scene of a rider galloping across the prairie, and what that would look like, how the horse would feel, how the person would react. I am a horse person, so it felt natural, and the scenario that puts the two characters together kind of flowed after that. I had a bit of a struggle writing the quick to fall in love bits, but once I got it done it felt natural so I didn’t question the story as it had emerged.

My current WIP is a one night stand story between a sommelier and a MLB ball player. Set in Vegas, with lots of hijinks and a quick, in your face sexytimes connection. I’m really enjoying writing this, casting off inhibitions so the two characters can have fun. Two Cream, No Sugar gets serious when they realize it could be more, but life gets in the way. This one was inspired by watching a stranger in an airport years ago be given a coffee by another stranger, and them ending up talking the whole time. I imagined their story as I people watched and it went from there. I’ve stored the scene for years, pulling it out about six months ago and having inspiration strike.

I think my hardest part of writing any story is after the first kiss, I get a bit stuck. Once I get past that, I can flow again. Also, I have a bad habit of just keeping going on the story, not bringing it to its natural conclusion. Editing is hard when I have put too much in. I have to ask the question over and over “does this move plot?” :stuck_out_tongue:

My favourite part is writing the sex scenes. Yeah, yeah, I know, but I love the feeling I get when I connect two people who are into one another. Writing the emotions and the sensations to convey intimacy is really fun, the creativity it takes not to be “Tab A, Slot b” is challenging and fun!


you do not want to see my WIP folder :P. I have sixteen folders with various books in various stages of completion. Plus, every time I get a new idea, it goes into the “random ideas” story folder. If I flesh it out more, it gets it’s own folder.

I have years worth of work in there. hah!


I started writing a new one which is bad cos I have so many to complete but I always wanted to do one about culture clashes and interracial relationships. So I started a new one, but I hate the plot so I might re plan everything.


Hey!!! I love that romance junkie :joy: . I can definietly say I’m one of them. I don’t mind the cliche but I don’t like love triangles. I was told I just haven’t found the right book, and I guess that person is right. My novel is about a guy and girl who have a one night stand. But somehow feel some type of attraction to each other, but both seem to deny it. Two them one night stands are suppose to be fun no strings attached no one gets hurt and everyone goes home happy and satisfied but for them it wasn’t enough. My favorite part of writing is everything. I like it. Gives me a sense of freedom. Idk how to explain. My least favorite part of writing is giving detail and not using the same words. I’m working really hard on that


Hey guys! So my current book centers around the two MC’s - Hannah and Ethan - who pretty much can’t stand each other, but are thrown together to run the business their fathers built from the ground up. While navigating their own precarious personal lives, they are faced with someone determined to remove Hannah from the picture permanently.

I’d say my favorite part about writing it has been the satisfaction of actually writing it, lol. Writing is hard, guys. I’m 60K words in and I’ve worked for those 60K words, lol.

My least favorite part? Getting blocked. It doesn’t happen often, thankfully, but it’s rough when it does. I find that it helps me to search out some writing prompts having nothing to do with my actual novel. Working on those tends to help the words start to flow again. :slight_smile:


Mine is a mafia romance series. It’s three books that all tell one storyline. The first book is about the eldest son in a crime family, he’s being groomed to take over and he’s engaged to the daughter of one of his father’s most powerful allies. But he quickly becomes infatuated with the woman who lives next door to him who has her own issues she’s dealing with. It starts a downward spiral. You know the whole butterflies and hurricanes analogy? The neighbor is the butterfly.

My favorite part about writing it is that I can write little blurbs of my own life or my own experiences and project them onto characters. It’s kind of like therapy. Also, it’s cool to share ideas that have been in my head with an entire community of people and get their responses to it.

My least favorite part is more specific to mature themes. There are some people out there who don’t understand the thought processes behind the decisions some of my characters make, mainly because they have no familiarity with those kinds of situations. I’ve seen a few judgmental comments come through and if those just so happen to be on situations I’ve had personal experience with, it can be hurtful. But you just gotta brush it off.


It’s the best kind of therapy


hey hey!!! im ava, and im currently writing Girls Online, which is a love story between two girls on instagram. i like writing it bc it’s fun and fluffy and just an escape from my own loveless life lmao, but it’s annoying bc the format takes place on instagram so it’s not when im used to, but im getting the hang of it tho!!


Hiya. I’m trying my hand at a romance story with the working title “Bittersweet”. The story is between two characters called Hunter and Zoe who are both from London and in their twenties. Hunter was an ex male model and now a shut in due to a past incident and Zoe, who works in translating documents as she can read and write several languages fluently. She’s also a big Disney fan as well. The two last met at a house party which changed both their lives and then years later meet at a local hospital unit for adult mental health. I’m trying to knit a story about two people who have their own insecurities and demons, building really high walls but also come to care for each other selflessly more than lust fully. Haven’t written a lot yet and still working things out plot wise but I hope to enjoy writing the character interactions and some heart warming scenes that make readers feel good and come back. In short I want to build an emotional roller coaster that has a very human heart while exploring different issues people have. The thing I find the hardest about writing is not marking it too stereotypical as certain things I can only learn through research but I hope to do the best I can.


Hi. I’m Amy. My book is about a woman that marries an abusive, controlling man. She doesn’t know until after she moves into his family house, the husband has staged his brother’s death and imprisoned him in the basement. The wife and imprisoned brother form a friendship and feelings grow between them as they attempt to escape the husband/brother.

I think my favorite part of writing is losing myself in a story. I can spend hours in my created world with my characters as I document their journey and live their emotions.

I think my least favorite part of writing is simply not having much time to do it. Between family and work, time is limited.


Hi! I’m currently writing my first official romance book. I’ve done stories with romance in it but it was never the main point of the story, so I’m kind of terrified :grimacing:


Hey everyone!! I’ve been super busy lately, but wanted to stop in and say hello to all the new people that have hopped in here after my last post many days ago, lol. I’m going to take a look at everyone’s stories! And definitely check out Amy’s story (amys99999) - it’s amazing! :slight_smile:


Hi! Aww, thanks! So happy to hear you are enjoying. I saw you posted work has been busy for you lately. Hopefully you have a good, relaxing weekend coming up. Can’t wait to read your next chapter! I think I have a crush on your Ethan!


I have two books on wattpad at the moment, but they are both romance. What I can say about them is that I write realistic stories. There might be some clichés here and there, but life is full of it. I like to show the relationships slowly getting stronger and deeper. Taking it slow, you see? I consider my books as a ‘nice and sweet’ read.

What I like about writing is simply to get these ideas out of my mind. To let them come to life, to write down my thoughts. What I like the least would be writers’ block and editing. Especially the last one :stuck_out_tongue:


Good post topic! Lots of interesting ideas.

I’ve just completed my first novel for Wattpad. I’ve written a few novels that have elements of romance, but the one I decided to put on Wattpad was pure romance. I think that’s because I found it the easiest to write. You can write a lot from experience. My other novels I need to do a lot of research!

I’ve noticed a lot of romance novels on here are teen fiction, but do you think there is a market on here for older romance novels? My characters are in their 30s and have been through a lot in their lives prior to meeting each other. Which I love writing about because it feels as though there is loads more to work with.

What I like least… editing. I go over and over the chapters making tiny tweaks for absolutely ages.


Hi. I’m Amy. I just found your book and read the intro. It sounds interesting. I prefer adult romance and do not read much teen fiction. I’d say there is definitely a market here for it.