Tell Me About Your Romance Novel {No Links}



You can never escape those re-watchable series :joy:


Nope. K-drama romance are my favorite romances! They’re cute and funny and have development. They inspire my romantic elements in my stories.


It’s always good to have a source of inspiration!




Hiii I love romances. Hmmmm I.plan to make novels that includes the showcase of the reality of love…from the very start painful it ends. Let’s face it, loving the wrong person can hurt us. So why not write everything down?


Haha same especially when writing the flirtatious scenes hahaha…its really hard. Additiomal question—how did u make ur text.colored pink? Pink is my fave color hehe thanks much


I want to balance writing vs studying…but why does it feel like I feel lazy writing stuffs in my head school works??? I never feel this before…coz I was too passionate to write before but I have a hard time writing everything??? is this normal??


Yeah! And it also annoys me because I want them to get to the point, but it would be weird if they just started making out within a day :joy:

I thought making my text pink would suit this thread :ok_hand: It’s a bit of coding.

<font color=“lightpink”> insert text here </font>

That’s the coding. And here is a link to all the available colours and their names:


True true Hahahah thats why I.ask my friends randomly sometimes like “hey how to.flirt” hahahaha so that I can my story… but instead of answering me, they.hit me in the head hahaha

And thanks much I love html but I forgot the lesson I learned in there hahahaah


Ohhh great why did the first paragraph only had the color pink hahahahhahah


Wahaha same


Why did I predict that you’d use ‘hotpink’? :joy::ok_hand:


?? Hahaha obvious that I love hotpink? Hahahaha


Hello everyone
I just started my first romance story.
It’s a about a woman who lost her parents at the age of 15 and was taken in by her uncle but he thinks she has "issues " because for some reason unknown to him she doesn’t like men and she is known to be rude to them.
At the death of her parents there properties (business and the rest was taken over by her uncle) because the Custom demands it. He is about to retire and he will give her the properties of she gets married.

I like writing this story because it touches certain issues in the Nigeria society though lightly, like the fact that a woman cant chase her man(which my Female MC goes around doing in her search for a husband) . And the fact that she expresses her self a little too much and as a woman she is expected to be calm and submissive.
I also like writing about my male MC because he is a “man” and an “half cast” (a person of mixed nationality) he is supposed to be bold, out going, confident etc but he is the total opposite quite, shy and a little scare of the female MC.


wow haha I can see.opposites over here hehehehe… So.opposites attract bwahaha.nice I think this will become a good story… I just had read few novels wherein the girl is the bold and flirtatious one versus the boy… And how will you make those flirtatious scenes for her to get that shy boy?? own instincts and imaginations??


Am going to study my cousin for that, he is extremely shy but always lands a girl friend and from what I know he never asks them out, they are the ones who do the chasing, I will study their methods. But I may end up browsing.


From what you’ve said, that is a really interesting story! I love the concepts!


Ahhhhhhh I.seee . Yeah thats a good thing…since sometimes we write out.of.our experiences haha…and thru the .net hehehe


Heeello! :xfakingasmilex:

I’m writing a story called Roots! For once in my life, it’s actually a slow burn and I think I might be slowly dying because of it :stuck_out_tongue: The story centers around a girl called Tikera who gets a job babysitting weed plants because she’s desperate for the money. There, she falls for her drug-dealing boss! He’s probably my fav character to write because drools he’s pretty awesome.

I love writing this story because it’s out of the box to what I usually do – there’s danger, death and romance which gets the heart racing. I dislike the fact I started naming each chapter after a flower/plant because 48 parts later, I’m struggling to find creative ways to include flowers into the chapters without it being repetitive.


Thanks you. :smile: