Tell Me About Your Romance Novel {No Links}



Though am also thinking of getting the guy to look for a suitable husband for her and romance can build from there.


I know your story. I read it. Am a huge fan


Ohh, thanks :smiley:


hmmm makes sense…but its too tiring for a boy for him to be a matchmaker for a girl when he can just get the girl for himself bwahahah


I always wondered how you got the flower names because I don’t think I have ever heard them before.


Goooooogle is my best friend.
That, and I go plant shopping with my Mum a lot, so I look at all the pretty flowers :smiley:


wow this looks cool i love intense scenes of anything outside the lovelife coz it gives the thrills hehehe


When you put it like that.:thinking:
I was planning more like she tells him to marry her, he refuses so she tells him get her the husband then and so it begins.


Thank you :smiley: Same here!


I don’t really know flowers apart from roses, sunflower and lilies but you introduced me to a wide variety of them


She is good. The books is good


ahhhhhh hmmmmmm why will the boy not like her tho???hmmm maybe if the boy failed to give her a matchmake, then he will be decided to fall for her instead bwahahahahahahah


Woohoo! All those hours on Google looking for flowers are well worth it. I didn’t know that many flowers either, now I’m hunting down specific plants I’ll end up killing later on :’)


He likes her but he just doesnt believe she really loves him.
She is impulsive, he believes it’s one of her impulsive decisions


Lol :joy:


as an amateur writer …idk if my romance story that i plan will fit your tastes especially as a popular author hehehehehe…coz maybe the story i plan migjt be too cliche which is maybe one of the reasons why i am lazy to write nowadays…rather than being so passionate to write everything down before …any advice u can gimme or at least to help people like me???thanks much in advance hihi


I’m great at killing plants. Although, this heat isn’t helping, so maybe it isn’t me doing all the killing :thinking:


I’m confused about what you need help with XD
I’d be happy to help, though!


then we are alike, that’s why i stay from them.i thought I was the only one suffering from the heat


ohhhhhhhhh…hmmm can the girl prove to him that it isn’t out of her impulsiveness???