Tell Me About Your Romance Novel {No Links}



I wonder how she can go about doing that?
Even her uncle thinks she is impulsive and rude, she has made a reputation for herself


…oops i guess i had said two agendas hahahahah …hmmm how do you encourage amateur writers to write when they feel lazy because they think that the ideas they will write might be too kind of a cliche and worthless?how can we be passionate into writing again, especially in the field of romance??? As conservative people, we are conscious of what other people think when we write our thoughts as part of our culture, especially in Asia haha …like people will say such remarks like “ohh you’re writing a romance story?? Ohh you’re such a flirt!!! It’s not even saddening pfft” …so how can we be pushed to write down our thoughts???


Hmmmmm does the girl love him tho??? She may change for him, or at least talk it between him behind the public??? Like a secret date HAHA joke


She does. he is one of the many reasons she did not date anyone though he assumed she was over her crush on him


Some of my succulents are looking wiltered. I’ll cry if they die.
I have no idea why I’m writing a plant themed novel, can’t even keep a succulent alive.


Might be the fact that you love them and want to keep them alive and writing about it helps you, at least there alive in your story?


Change your stance on how you view yourself and your writing. You are a writer and your ideas aren’t worthless. So, write the story you are passionate about. And sometimes you just have to say screw it - it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about you. So, write whatever story you want. You aren’t a flirt because you write a romance book.


I like the idea, but I’d prefer my bathroom to not look like a graveyard. Ah well, I can do better with the next lot of plants – more Google!!


wow im tempted to tell the boy as a reader how this girl really feels for him hehehe…then i hope tho she will confess to him one day even if it is risking her reputation…for her to take risks coz of her loving the person…we will be looking forward to that hehe…if thats the case


Hey! Your story sounds really unique, I’m surprised I never came across it before x


no wonder there are great authors out there even under the field of romance. Based on your observations as a romance writer…how many people of Wattpad readers in general love to read and follow romance stories??? Is it a trending and popular genre out of all? Or nahh??


Thank you! There’s so much content on Wattpad, I’m surprised people find anything :o


Romance is one of the biggest genres on Wattpad along with Fantasy & Teen Fic :slight_smile:


Lol :joy: :joy::joy::joy:

I grave yard ? I thought I was hopeless, maybe you can try planting when the weather is nice and not so hot, that way they may have a chance of survival


and thanks for the advice btw …do you mind sharing my idea with you guys about the romance story i had plannned in mind? I would love to hear your feedback hehehe thanksss


Shoot away! :slight_smile:


I’m kinda weird because on Wattpad I like only read Romance but when I buy like hardcover books they’re always fantasy. But I would never really read fantasy on Wattpad idk why


Graveyard might be too much (might lead to one though, haha). I haven’t killed a cactus, so I have some hope.


She is not afraid of destroying her reputation, just the fact that they won’t believe her.


Okay, now I wanna know why that is!