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You can be inspired by anything if you look at it the right way.


I have a question: How do you stay dedicated to a posting schedule? I just find it difficult because life gets in the way and then I end up not being able to publish on the day that I was meant to.


ohhhhhh really??? I see …welp, the world is as it is…having its unpleasant reality of such culture…like, we cant see the world as we do and vice versa…ohh wait i forgot to typw my story coz of the spamss hahaha im comin right up


Everyone has the power to change the world :smiley:


She will change but in a positive way, she has her past which molded into who she is now and with time in want her to learn that she can trust, she doesn’t need to always hide her emotions, she doesn’t need to shout for her to be heard and the rest. But Thai is my first romance story am still struggling with how to achieve all this.


That’s the exact reason why I always finish the entirety of the novel before beginning to publish it.


I don’t think posting schedules are that important. Post when you can :slight_smile:


You can achieve writing this through her actions. You don’t need to tell the audience that she doesn’t shout to be heard, day by day in the lives of your character you can show how she doesn’t always give her opinion, though she might say it in her head. And you can describe where this behavior came from little by little so you’re not like pouring it onto your readers.


Yeahhhhh I really should start doing that, but I guess since I alreadys started my novel I might as well finish it and then do that for my next one


That’s also true, but apparently (I have no clue correct me if I’m wrong) but they give you more reads?


Also how long did it take you to finish your entire novel?


No, posting consistantly does.


Yeahhh I see the difference


True. Though the only story idea I get from my environment are paranormal stories


Nothing wrong with that : )


I write in advance. That way even if I don’t write in a particular week, I will have something to post


@AsraiAurora here my font color isnt that bright hahaha…but its your choice of color sooooo …later i will look in the list again for different colors that ar light hahaha …but in reality i love dark colors, except for blue, coz i love sky blue hihi

Blurb: In the blink of an eye, things have changed. In the blink of an eye, a new chapter of the story unravels. In the blink of an eye, many new things are left to be seen rather than to be told.

A girl named Aria was once blinded by love that never seemed real to her in the blink of an eye. She was once happy with him. Seeing all of him as her own happiness, her own happy pill, her own teddy bear, her own strength, she decides to commit to him since she believes in her own fantasies that makes her have this perspective of having a “first and last guy” to behold, to cherish, and to love for the rest of her life.

However the boy may seem the “ideal and perfect” type of guy. Though, in reality, he has some sides that are left to be discovered as he commits himself to her. In the blink of an eye, he suddenly changed to someone he is not as he enters, grows and adapts in another world the girl had never known. He was the first one to fall for her, but who will be the last one to end up loving no one but himself/herself?

How many blinks will it take for us to see the changes? How long will we blink for us to clean our eyes to be functional? How can blinking our eyes save us when it always reveals things clearly that are hard for us to take in?

Let’s embark on her journey as her path becomes clear behold her eyes.


Here is my storyline:

This story will be focusing more on the reality of life. Problems to be shown are;

  • Family problem (financially and emotionally)
  • bullying, introvert, social, society
  • Mental health (anxiety to depression)
  • Undecidedness and fear of taking action (future purposes)

Minor problems:

  • Illegal relationship (which will be the main problem of the two lovers, since the parents of the girl is against the boy)
  • Lack of time
  • End of the world
    -selfishness and the boy becoming a badass after transferring to another world

all will break loose, fights will be there, the book will be all full of darkness, suicidal attempts, the characters will become what i think they’ll be, all exaggeration will be existing here, the world here will be the “reality” people never expects to the fullest level.

Trilogy…hmm idk.

Mostly reality, a little bit.mix up of fantasies… as i transform the world little by little to the peaceful and happy one which every person deserve. God made this world for us to see it as a happy place…not a place for battlegrounds. In the blink of our eyes, we will see little by little the changes from hard to easy…we need our eyes to witness all those by ourselves for us to never think of those as just dreams. Here, the fantasy part plays.

This.may be the biggest book project i can ever do…and i know im excited to write all those parts, especially the fantasy ones…but i know i will get there…i just need patience and time management to do everything in one setting. Only God knows this will be a great idea…but i hope im on the right track as i love myself when i decide to grow by learning to look back in the past before leaving it, then looking forward for the future. I hope im not wrong by this time, and i just wanted the world to appear full of rainbows and flower, for the Lord to no longer feel tired about the same old dumb cycle of the humanity race. Let everything be dome accrding to His will. I hope i womt be wrong in wishing for fantasies in this dark reality. Okay im rambling stuffs but this is the content of it hahaha…sooo uhm, how is this??? My mind was too complex that my rambling thoughts became my outline of a book that i can’t seem to start huhuhu


Hmm. Good idea. Thanks


:joy: am struggling with romance, how do you think I will do with paranormal stories


yiiieeeee yessssss and i hope we can be one of them…since the world is too big for us to change haha