Tell Me About Your Romance Novel {No Links}



That’s really clever, I think I’m going to start doing that!


Yap. It works for me


ohhhhhhh i think i have read some stories in wattpad containing such strategy and happening hehehe…the writers successfully did it in the matter of writing everything in full details, telling how she fell, how she grew and how she learns to become the person she truly is meant to be. I also remembered that the realizations of the girl always happens in the ending


wow i admire you for finishing your novel within one setting…what do you use??laptop??? I dont have a laptop nor tablet to type everything huhu


Yes and when she is able to love her self not trying to convince herself that she loves herself.
Then Justine (the male character) can see her for who she is, right now she is contradicting, one minute he understands, the next he doesn’t.


It’s really good! You shouldn’t doubt yourself so much.


haha the boy should understand it fully from the very start to finish heheh…since she is being herself


ohh really??? Thank u so much hehehe. coming from a popular writer, it is touching and inspiring hehehe… i thought my ideas are not worth reading and are deserved to be thrown down the drain hehehe


He understands her and love her, he has for a very long time but due to circumstances beyond his control, he was never able to tell her (he is shy and is sometimes scared of her). But sometimes she confused him, one minute she hates men the next she says she doesn’t hate them that they just annoy her.


Every story is worth reading and every story has its audience


I’m just another writer, but thanks. No ideas are worth tossing down the drain.


ohh now i can see why the girl is kinda complicated hahaha. Hopefully u dont plan a tragic ending here in this story of yours tho? hehe


oohhh no I want only happy endings for my story be it romance or paranormal


we ar the same in that sense


I go through phases.

When I write the first draft, it usually takes a little over a month. It’s all completely pants-ed and unplanned.

The rewriting is the long and grueling part, and as I rewrite a chapter I always find myself editing it before moving to the next one.

Then, usually I rewrite it again, and again.

On average, I rewrite a novel about three times.

And once I’m completely satisfied with the plot, I go through it all one last time to edit it for spelling, grammar, etc. Although I do that a lot in the previous phases as well.


I started writing when I was eleven and I used my iPad.

Eventually I migrated to iPhone and now I mostly use my Mac Laptop.


I also use iPad before to write my chapters hihihihi…but it’s hard nowadays since my parents don’t let me use my iPad huhu …so hopefully when i grow up, i will be buying a laptop of my very own, and then type everything there within one setting


My novel is about a young woman who has big plans for her future until she finds out her mother is in the early stages of Huntington’s Disease. She decides to put her plans for college aside and be with her mother in her final good years.

As she struggles with the news and has to face her own mortality (the disease is hereditary), she opens up to her teacher. He’s been her newspaper advisor for the last few years and an incredible mentor. He was a shoulder to cry on (figuratively) in her freshman year when she was unhappy and obese. He made her feel like she was important when she felt invisible to everyone around her. He’s also a regular at the coffee shop she works at.

When their friendship is taken in the wrong way by her father and they have a public altercation ensues, a rumor blossoms, which puts his career at risk and makes the final month at high school miserable. She must deal with sexual harassment and bullying and he must deal with an investigation.

Through this, the teacher and her father form an alliance of sorts and him and the MC form a bond that slowly blossoms into love during her final week of high school.

The book is about forbidden love, the strength of friendship and the bond of family.

I had a lot of writing weaknesses before I began this book and was determined to really work at them this time. I wanted this book to be special and I knew I had to put in the effort to make that happen during the first draft. With this book, I’m working on my description and I’m writing in third person for the first time, which has helped me improve my other writing weakness of over narrating. I love writing a first draft knowing that the second draft won’t be nearly as daunting, working hard to write something resembling quality the first time around.

I’m also taking my time, which is a new concept for me. I usually start and finish a novel in a month, but this time I’m taking it slow and it’s really working to my benefit.

My favorite part about writing is the character’s. I love bringing them to life on the page and writing them in the way that a reader can have an emotional investment in their lives. I love creating those emotionally intimate moments and those rediculously embarrassing moments. I love everything about writing the character’s lives.

My least favorite part? Nothing. It was hard for me to admit that I took the book in the wrong direction, my lack of passion for the chapters I was putting out evident on the page. But I did eventually admit it and took down the chapters that weren’t working. I told my readers that I was taking a month off for rewrites and I just published again today after my hiatus.

But I really do love every aspect of writing. Even with editing, something most people find daunting, I consider it making the story into what the character’s and the reader’s deserve. I love writing and I love improving what I’ve written.


It does sound like you put a lot of effort into crafting your ideas and ofc your book, especially considering that you’re actively working towards correcting your weaknesses (which a lot of writers fail to do). My favorite part of writing as also the characters and my least favorite part also isn’t really anything, except for writer’s block hahaha


I wrote for a long time without really caring about improving. I just wrote because I loved it. But since joining this site, I feel like I want to earn any praise I get. I want to earn each comment and each vote and write something that someone will remember reading a year or two later.

I’m not a planner at all, so I really loved how well the character’s turned out.

The dad is definitely the fan favorite. He’s tough and hysterical and crazy intimidating. I kind of adore him and love when reader’s get excited whenever he’s in a scene. I unintentionally gave a side character the best personality and dialog. Whoops!

Writer’s block has surprisingly never been much of an issue for me, which I’m eternally greatful for. The only issue I really have is worrying if I’m taking it the right direction or not. When that happens, I send a copy to a writer on here and she gives me her thoughts on if it works, if it’s too out of character for the situation or if something else might work better.