Tell Me About Your Romance Novel {No Links}



Oh so do you have a beta reader? I would also like to have someone like that but I find it really hard to do that ever since they changed Community


No. Just a popular writer on here that I go to when I’m questioning myself. I’ll probably get a beta later on once I’ve done all I can for the book.


Hey! My romance novel is about 3 friends who Never Imagined that they’d be in their current positions. I quoted Carl Sagan, and the quote was “imagination will often carry us to worlds we thought never were. But without it, we’d go nowhere.” I asked “how will their imaginations help or hurt them this time? And what worlds will their imaginations carry them to?”


Oh wow thats sounds magical, is there a love triangle?


Thank you! Yeah sort of, in the beginning


I feel very insecure about my first story that focuses on the romance. It is not a novel, more of a novella in length, but what I did, was inverted things. So, basically, i wrote something about how if women were not the oppressed gender historically, how they would love men & why. I need to finish a couple of chapters still, then edit & see if it is too in the face.

My fear is that even if most of the story takes place in the bedroom, folks just won’t find it tiltilating enough to read, because my male lead is not a mighty rich guy. My male leads tend to be on the cursed-poetic side overall, who do need strength landed by the women during the low times, and Nirav has the strongest ‘damsel in distress’ vibe from everyone I had written.


I think you have a very unique plot here and if I were you I wouldn’t be insecure about that. So yeah, I agree that finishing and editing and seeing how people respond to it :slight_smile:


Thank you, I decided to give a shot to posting it, but I do not hold my breath for much interest. I do like the concept too, it really made for a very different character dynamics. I just doubt that it will fly. :slight_smile:


I had the idea to make two strangers meet, decide to go on a road trip, and then go on said road trip for 2 months. They travel to all 48 contiguous states in the US, then at the end of the road trip, he flies them out to Alaska and proposes (not sure if 2 months is enough time to fall in love but oh well). They have a destination wedding in Hawaii, so in the end, the characters traveled to all 50 states within the span of a year. I’m a little nervous about writing this because it doesn’t seem realistic and I’m scared people will call me out on it :joy: :sweat_smile:


Really, that’s great


Sounds interesting, make me want to read it


It’s a nice idea but maybe them being strangers will kind of make it a littttttttttle unrealistic in two months


My plot is basically - The main character is a bad girl type character, she’s a coffee barista by day and a streetfighter by night, her life is going pretty decent - she’s on track to getting the revenge she always wanted against some people who had ruined her life and killed a friend of hers, and then her ex-boyfriend comes back, with a new girl on his arm. They both come to terms with the fact that they have unfinished business with each other, she still has a grudge against him and he wants to fix all the problems he caused. Then her brother gets kidnapped for reasons and she and the ex save her brother, but at the end they agree to be just friends because although he’s helped out a ton, she still can’t bring herself to forgive him for leaving all those years ago.

Then some other things happen, he hangs around her as a friend with the ulterior motive of wanting her back and gradually they start dating again.

I wanted it to show that its hard for two people who still love each other in a way to get back together after bad circumstances - but they work good together, and every other person comments on that and can see it. At the end of the day, the main character realises that yes she should stop holding grudges against people who are pretty much innocent, and that yes she does need to start allowing other people to help her rather than doing everything herself, which is what she had been doing.

I wanted to make it more feminist and woman empowering so I may write two endings - one where they end up together and one where they just stay friends.


I don’t think it is unrealistic. I think it’s fun, but travelogues can be hard to write. I was really excited capturing adventures in some of my favorite locations on Earth in one of my stories, but it was really hard to built in enough actions into each to keep it interesting, switching places all the time.


Trying to decide right now if I want to add one more scene before the final battle where my Duke will open up his card a little more about his motivations in a secret meeting, or leave it mysterious. The scene will imply that they will be conspiring against his fiancée. If I do not add the scene, Ismar will move ahead alone, he will be more clueless/innocent


I was thinking about there being a natural disaster somewhere in California (earthquake?) small arguments that result in makeup cuddling, a scary part while camping where my characters hear a noise & freak out, arguing over music tastes but eventually agreeing on a playlist, and a bunch of cute, romantic moments! Do you think this is enough to keep readers interested? Or should I try to think of more?

Thanks for your feedback!


I like this idea & the fact you are going to write two endings, could be interesting. I’ll read it for sure :slight_smile:


I know this is a late reply but, we have the exact same taste in romance. One of my stories is all of those at once.

To reply to the original poster, I have two fantasy-romance stories posted. One of them is a romance between a really shy, timid woman and a demon hunter who is infamous for having died and escaped from Hell. It’s written in a diary format instead of a traditional novel.


I can’t really guess how you write, I can only describe the problem I encountered, so hopefully it will be helpful.

I sat out thinking that I can do ten chapters in ten locations that I loved. My overall storyline was investigating a couple of conspiracies etc. So, I thought that my adventures will fall in naturally into place, like MC gliding down into the valley from the MaccuPiccu or them being caved into skulls in the catacombs in Paris. It sounded really cool in two or three sentences.

But once I started expanding those sentences into full 2-3K word chapters, it got patchy. Some places, like Timbuktu I had hard time even describing from pictures.

So, what I am trying to say, the more locations you want to visit, in your case, 48, the harder each subsequent one becomes to invent a unique, interesting situation for that progresses their relationship.

I would suggest a theme to their journey instead, some interesting motive based on something unique to United States, but not as on the surface as Civil War or something. Something that talks to your own nation, and is interesting to a foreigner as well.


I have actually never written a romance novel, but believe it or not I would like to. I lean toward darker-edged, hard-boiled genres, like crime or horror, but I often include a love story subplot that always tries to put itself front and center.

What I would love to write, and have actually for years tried to write but has always fizzled, is a story about an emotional affair, specifically a married man who falls in love with another woman. And it would be about their emotional affair. Like their deepening relationship and feelings for each other, despite never taking it to a physical level. It would explore their angst through it all as they’re both not the type to cheat. It’s something that’s always intrigued me instead of the usual “steamy affair” story.