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Hey, don’t knock down ‘steamy’, the good ones are not commonplace, & not easy to write, because, you know, they need plot beyond how they kissed and made love for the first time. :slight_smile: but, yes, the conflict of a perfect love and a perfect marriage is a great theme for a romance. Good luck!


I’ve never written a contemporary romance, but I am currently writing a historical LGBT vampire romance. It’s of the darker sort with very questionable characters and lots of sadness to come.

I love the slowburn and the enemies to lovers trope only if it doesn’t seem far-fetched. I mean, my MC is feeling a good amount of Catholic guilt and then Catholic rebellion after cheating on his fiancee with a male vampire in her father’s house. So…not your average happy love.


Hi all!

So I currently have two stories I’m writing at the same time, one being a fantasy-romance and the other one a dystopia-romance.

The fantasy is about a warrior girl who’s good at her job and is suddenly ordered to work for the womanizer prince who may not be as useless as he is rumored to be. The story takes place in an original fantasy world where 3 tribes are cohabitating in a segregating environment due to their country’s history and the physical diversity of the members of the 3 clans.

The dystopia takes place in the future when a class of elite called the Newgods or “enhanced” humans dominate. The heroine is a member of the rare 100% organic human left on Earth. One day she meets a Newgod: forced to become his “pet” she will see the ugliness of his world and try to get out of it alive.

What I like about writing is when I am raking my brain to come up with an interesting plot/original world situation.
What I dislike is when I feel the world description/character description/story action is stalling the romance.
Since I choose 2 genres where I have to explain a lot of things, I sometimes feel the romance pace is slowed down which is frustrating cause I want to write romance :smiley:


Mine is called The Love Between States, and it’s about a young couple that tries to stay together after devastating, dramatic things happen in their lives. A proof that long-distance can be closed. Its pretty sappy and corny but yeah. I have 1 more chapter and it’ll be finished.


Dear Sacramento is a love story written in a diary form but written in a way that the guy is inclusive to her discussion, like the girl includes her love interest by asking him questions and talk as if he can reply to her. So it’s basically a diary + letter format. It’s a new thing I’m doing to which I’m still asking why I’m doing it in that way than in narrative format but it’s an experiment and I enjoy letting my head shut down and write what’s on my mind than to constantly worry about consistencies just as long the last entry of her diary is about the boy’s death.

I’m expecting to write about 15 entries although 10 is the minimum I’m not making this long.


Heeeeey, cool thread! It’s hard for me to call myself a romance writer because the novel I’m posting here on Wattpad is my first one, but I’m very excited about it and thrilled to meet you guys! I’m a full-time traditionally published writer using a pen-name here on WP specifically to test out the waters of romance and having SO much fun doing it! My novel - Your Friday Night - is written in dual POV (alternating chapters) and follows two aspiring artists who are also docents at a prestigious art institute as they attempt to navigate the struggles of breaking into the art world and their increasing attraction to one another. Can’t wait to look up everyone’s projects!


Hi everyone! My story is called Unlawful Attraction (by Alioop). It’s about a law professor who is pursued and falls in love with a law student ten years younger than her. She’s someone who has always had a clear life plan and has succeeded in her work life. She’s not your typical heroine - she’s smart, a bit sarcastic, hopefully quite funny. He is extremely sexy and confident, especially for someone so much younger than her. He is also a bit of a free spirit and this makes her nervous but also intrigued. There will be a bit of a twist down the road and I hope to add a good dose of drama and heart tugging plot lines, but I also want you to laugh and feel like these characters could be your friend.


Sorry for the late reply (I work 12hrs on the weekends overnight). But…Yay! Twins! That is a very unique style of writing it. very, very cool.


Thanks, glad you think so! Most of my stuff is written in that format actually. It works better for what I am doing.



I usually write teen fiction, but I needed a break to get the creative juices flowing again, so I switched to romance. I started my story two years ago and it needed a MAJOR rewrite, so I’ve started again. It’s called “Tell Me It’s Wrong” and it’s about a girl who has a whirlwind romance with her new musician neighbor. His band gets signed and he leaves, leaving her heart broken. Flash forward two years and she’s auditioning to be the new guitarist in their band after conflicts with the original. I love testing out relationships and I’m curious to see how it’s different with romantic relationships.


Hey guys!

Mine’s a teen fiction/ romance, but the plot is a major part, helping to develop my protagonists. It’s called ‘Face-to-Face’ and it’s about a girl who returns to school after four months, and no one knows why. She meets someone, but it’s slow-burn, and they start off as friends. Unbeknownst to the reader, she’s partially lost her memory, and in reality, they had met already before. She only confesses her feelings to herself after 34 short chapters. It’s focuses heavily on overcoming boundaries, which include people, events and stuff from her past, to make things work between them.


My main story is an LGBT romance called Crystal Queer. The MC’s love interest is a transfer student, and they meet, become friends, and fall in love. I love the fact that I can make queer jokes sometimes, since I haven’t been able to do that with many other stories. Even the title is a pun.


Hey guys! Are there any Romance, Chicklit, or LGBTQ+ writers that would be interested in judging a genre of their choice for an awards book?



My story is humor and romance. Lots of humor. It’s about a girl name Prisana who is out at the bar with her friends and cockblocks Bates for her own friend. There through a series of incidents she becomes his wingwoman. She is a tomboy and does not want marriage. He is a lonely and wealthy man who is looking for a serious relationship like marriage. Through the story, they will eventually grow as characters who see each other for more than looks and worth and about the personalities, leading to accepting each other and love.



I’m not really a romance writer. I’m a journalist, author, poet, spoken word artist, and just an all-purpose writer.

I’m currently working on my first romance book, which is why I’m here lol. It’s about two characters who renew a lost friendship and fall in love after overcoming the past and present. It’s a story of healing from sexual assault, as I’m passionate about social issues and writing about them.

My favorite part about writing is being able to tell a story. It doesn’t matter which medium the story is told through—poetry, prose, articles. I am a shy and introverted person, and writing is a way for me to share a part of myself with other people. It is a way for people to get acquainted with my inner voice.

My least favorite part about writing is the time, the aches and the pain it takes to actually finish something, namely a book. It’s agonizing when you have a story you know is good and you have the whole plot outlined but there’s no instant way to transfer everything you have in your head to a ready form for readers to consume. That’s how I feel about my work-in-progress romance book, “Chocolate High.”



I’m Allie.
I have recently been trying to write a romance book, but I’m having issue on where to take it. It’s called Somebody To You. I’ve been a little obsessed lol. It’s about a girl in a abusive home, and doesn’t know how to escape.


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I can 10000% relate to you about all of those things. I loveee telling the story, I really do and it’s a way for me to channel things I would never say or do in real life but wish I could or living through someone’s life the way I never can. And yes i agree with you, I also find the hardest to do about writing is the time I TOTALLY AGREE. Most of my books have failed except for two I currently have up because I never completed them because I was too anxious to start writing and never took the time to outline and actually plan. It’s so sad that we can’t transfer what’s in our heads into a page, life would be so much easier


It’s funny though, because those unfinished stories sitting in your ‘Garbage Can’ folder on your laptop (yes, I’m revealing myself) were all stepping stones to get you to that ONE book whose story you actually finish. They’re just fodder to make us better writers.