Tell me one raw and unfiltered thought that you have right this second

I love exploring my thoughts no matter how dark it gets, but now I like to know yours. Tell me what was going on or what just popped into your head as soon as you read this post. Please keep it light and friendly on the comment section to adhere to the rules of The Pub.

All dark and twisty thoughts can be sent via private message. Don’t worry, I don’t judge! :slight_smile:

Couldn’t say why.

I drew a blank.

There are certain people, right here on Wattpad, imitiating multiple personalities. And they think they’re too smart and nobody knows. I’m nobody, fellas.

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On the area 51 raid theres probably gonna be a few people who show up not knowing it’s a joke

And I don’t know how to feel about that


A dolphin wearing a top hat scours the world for love.


Here I am again on my own,
going down the only road I’ve ever known!
Like a drifter, I was born to walk alone . . .


Ugh, love that song.

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Literally thinking wtf because my dad is telling my mom, “You gotta fwart” in an exaggerated NY action because her stomach hurts.


. o O ( “Do they fa-a-aht in Ba-a-ahsten?” )

(Sheesh. The above reminds me of when I took a huge road trip with a rental with Mass. plates. I got called out on it in Durango, Colorado by a gas station employee ("Hey, you’re a bit far from home, aren’t you!) and I put on the worst masshole accent I could’ve possibly pulled out of my bum at the time to play it up.


Hehehehe that’s awesome lol

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My other raw unfiltered thought was my cat as sushi simply because my mom is feeding our pig cubes. Dad says, “I believe we call that cold cured ham! And we’ve got Chinese food on the table” gesturing to our cat basking in the sun.



Take care of your teeth, because getting work done at the dentist is awful. (My mouth is still numb from getting a filling today.) :persevere:

My croissants have disappeared, not very happy about that :joy:

Raw and unfiltered: cant say because it involves something to do with a microwave and another thing…

Graphic js

Elijah’s heavy breathing and tear-stained as he longingly power bottoms an emotionless Haydn. He wants Haydn to love him, but vampires are unable to form romantic attachments to humans. He’s letting Elijah do him as repayment for letting him drink his blood.

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I consistently consider myself a failure as a human and writer and want to stop existing at 32 if I don’t get my shit together :upside_down_face:

Uh I’m debating whether I should respond to this thread or not. Lol.

Also if you meant in the exact moment I was reading the first post, I was reading the first post and nit-picking it lol. But that’s really petty

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