tell me what you think about my Wattpad WIP

hello! this is my third topic which will be more inclusive to me and my stories and works. first off, hi, i’m Risen! i’m a teenager with big dreams and not a lot of time to write them.

second thing; this is a draft — raw and tangible and subject to change. i literally came up with this last night. i do not know the whole plot but i do know that it holds potential. that’s why i’m asking you guys what you’d expect from such a story, if you’d even read it ^^

okay, here we go.


born under a Raven Sky — the sure sign of a god reincarnated — Delilith has always lived a life of that which was prophesied, and not of her own.

but when colonists threaten her people on the small island of Dephorah, the stakes rise ever higher for her to claim her birthright and become the high power she was meant to be.

the problem is; what if she wasn’t?

  • The Mortality of a God will discuss the success of prophecies, and whether or not they are actually worth living out. in every book i’ve read, a person prophesied to do something great or awe-inspiring had been born with the power to do so. but what if you’re just a person born under the wrong sky?

  • not previously discussed because it’s a subplot, Delilith and her family community will be living alone on a small island in a fantastical universe. i’m thinking Inuit style amongst jungle and sky and beaches, surviving in a rural community and close to nature and the spirits that guard it.

  • so what makes her doubt that she’s this god? first off, part of the prophecy that is a WIP dictates she will combine her powers with another dude and eventually become his wife in order to repel the colonists. only problem? she is falling in love with her female best friend. yes. let’s add some lesbian romance to this, eh?

  • dun dun dun and that’s all i have. what would you guys expect from this story? i’d like it to be a take of colonists of the olden days from the perspective of a community watching them take over. it’s the last chance they have; Delilith’s powers (that are none existent ahem).

feedback / ideas / suggestions would be great for review! thanks very much for checking this out! also, please do not take this idea and use it for your own story — i believe that’s highly immoral, not to mention plain stupid. use your own brain ^^


Unfortunately this isn’t a complete summary, so I can’t evaluate it or the plotline, closer to just a blurb. You can check around other summaries for examples, but the purpose is to write out the complete work and what you’re intending to do, including the ending.

Tag me if you update it.

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