Tell Me Your Cutest Moment With Someone You Liked


I need inspiration for cute moments between people when they like each other! Give me some inspiration!

Could be about:
+a first kiss
+hand hold
+first sight
+an i love you
+an i like you
+a will you date me
+a coming out
+a proposal
+a asking on a date
+a meeting the family
+literally anything


Well… I have a moment that was cute but it’s for a one-sided love.


aww, it still counts!


We never really dated - but here goes nothing.

I had liked a boy (really not sure why, now that I look back to it,) and I usually visited a friend’s house in the same neighborhood (huge neighborhood) so we saw each other nearly every day. It was Halloween, and I wanted to confess to him how I felt (cringing right now,) and so, in fabulous fashion with my costume on, I went into this huge backyard (very woody with a tire swing and all,) and we kinda met back there. We were decent friends and usually hung out back there. I asked him to sit down, and we both kinda sat down as I looked into his eyes and admitted I liked him. What surprised me was when he said he liked me too, and he asked me if we could go on a date (that is a WHOLE other story) and so, we were officially a couple. The entire night, while trick-or-treating, we held hands running up and down driveways and holding hands while walking house to house just talking. At the end of the night, when it was time for us to go home, I went into our friend’s driveway and kissed him on the cheek and we said goodnight.

It has been about seven years since then, and we have not had contact in five years. I moved away three years later, and it turns out that he came out as gay. I wish we could have kept contact, but I am happy for him, and I hope he fines someone nice. :heart:


So brave to just have sat him down like that and tell him :sob:


I have cute moments with my boyfriend all the time :heart_eyes:

We met ages ago but never got together because we were never closer than a thousand miles away from one another, until he had the chance to move near me… and he did.

Now we’ve been together for 1 1/2 years and I moved in with him a year ago.


I wish I could have told my actual, real crush that. This kid I like right now, I will never see him again unless by chance (we live close together,) really nice boy. Tall, very smart, very athletic, quiet but popular, and very kind to everyone. Darn, he was the type of kid I like too.


The fact you guys ended up together after being so far apart is adorable!


Crushes are something else, I’ll tell ya that :sob: I’ve got one of my own right now


I suppose it counts as being asked out or something kind of like that.

I was asking the guy i liked who actually already turned me down to help me come up with ideas for one of my best friend’s date. We decided on suggesting a bookstore date too my friend and then started talking about places we like and I mentioned that I didn’t like water parks or beaches all that much. He likes them. Then I mentioned how I wasn’t a big fan of crowded places and so he asks me what places I do like to go to. I gave him a list but one of my top favorite places to be was at a museum. It turns out that he also really likes museums. I told him how I rarely get to go to them because my parents are very strict and I have a very very very poor sense of direction. I would definitely get lost if I was in a museum alone. He then tells me that I wouldn’t get lost with him. At this point I know this guy pretty well and I know he would most likely not take me to a museum considering all the other offers I sent out to him to join my friends for dinner or a trip downtown. So I tell him that it’s not like he’d take me to a museum. He then proceeds to give me a response I wasn’t completely expecting. He says maybe. I brushed it off thinking it was all just talk and replied saying that I’d be happy if he did and I would kind of expect it if he didn’t. I’ll just wait for the next school trip. He then proceeds to ask me when my birthday is and when I told him he tells me he’ll be taking me to the big museum downtown that day. Thing is my birthday falls on family day which is just a couple days after valentines day so most people are reluctant to part with their family that day to spend it with me. I know he’s kind of a family guy because his parents are really important to him so I told him and asked him if he was okay with that since his parents are split meaning he’s have to spend separate days with both parents. He was sure and I guess I thought he was joking or would forget so I ask him a month later if he was serious about it and he was. He’s also picking me up that day I believe.

While I am sure that we’re just hanging out cause he literally told me I’m just a friend to him today. It sounds awfully deceiving no?


I feel ya girl. Pretty sure this is more than a crush, major sigh.

Here the crush test (as I have seen,) if your crush get’s a haircut and don’t like them anymore - then it was just a crush. If you still like the person after the haircut, that means you got the case of the feels.


damn then i’ve got it real bad XD


wait that sounds so exciting! i hope all goes well!


I hope so too except I go completely blank around him. I have another one want to hear it?


of course! i’ll tell my crush story afterwards too lmao


My boyfriend and I were long distance for four months before we even had our first date. We went to the movies, and he had his hand on my knee. I spent about 75% of the film just wanting to hold his hand, but not sure how to go about it, and how the mechanics of it worked, or if it was weird, or if it was fine before but weird now because I waited so long…

Finally, in the last 25 minutes of the film, I just mustered up the courage and held his hand, not wanting to look at him at all because it was so embarrassing because despite the 1 hour of planning how to strike, I still somehow got it wrong :sweat:

He told me after that he spent the movie doing the exact same thing :smile:


awww this adorable! and go you for making the first move!


I wrote about him for a business project regarding someone who inspires up but I required a picture of the two of us in order to submit it to my teacher. I literally mulled over the idea two weeks before writing it the week it was due. I asked him that week if there was any chance he could come stop by my school after work so that I could get a picture for my project and he was busy the day I asked him but I would be busy the next few days after. It really left me one day to get my picture and I really didn’t want to rewrite my whole paper on someone else last minute. He agreed to come after work that day and I stay two hours after school let out to wait for him. He drove 30 minutes from work (keep in mind he gets up at 5am for work and doesn’t get out until 3:30pm and it’s a form of physical labour he works) to my school to stay for 5 minutes and watch me clam up around him just to get one picture. He then has to drive at least 40 minutes if not more to get home. He essentially took a 40 minute detour for me just so I wouldn’t have to redo my project.


Here’s how I met my (ex) boyfriend:

Guy friend: This is (him), and he will be working with you as your project manager.

Me: Wow, you’re hot.

Him: What?

Me: What?

And that, my friends, is how the budding romance happened, and I wish I was joking.

The rest of the story was a bit rocky on how we ended up confessing with each other— well, I confessed to him while being drunk. But, he said he was obsessed with me too. We were a little conflicted with each other though, because both of us had traumas of being in relationships.

The problem on his side was that he was often being harassed by girls. Considering that he was pretty popular with the ladies(well, he was a model after all), his ex girlfriend was crazy and manipulative, it almost drove him to suicide.

My problem was that I was turned down by a guy I liked, but he was showing signs of interest… only to realize that he was only after my body. It was hard for me to trust anyone, just like him.

We were really contemplating to be in a relationship, but it did happen after a few more discussions.


So my best friend and I are basically a bad romcom. We’ve been friends since we were 11, but when we were 13, he moved to New Zealand (I’m in America). And we are like two sides to the same coin. It’s crazy. And I fell viscously in love with him, but I knew it was completely ridiculous. We live on opposite sides of the world. He can’t possibly love me back, right?

Flash forward to summer of 2018, we’re 19. He’s come back to the states to visit. I’m driving us back from a weekend at the lakes with another friend. I’ve decided that this was the night. I was going to tell him how I feel, get it over with, we could laugh a little and I would move on. By the time we reach his driveway, it’s midnight, and he starts fidgeting in the passenger seat. I’m mentally screaming “WTF, I’m the one who is about to confess their feelings!”

We roll into his drive way, and he turns to me.
“I have to tell you something,” he says, “but I’m not sure-“

This is my chance, I have to tell him, “Maybe I should go first, I love you.”

He laughs, because that’s what he was going to say. We plotted the same moment to confess our feelings! I get out of the car to give him a hug goodnight.

The sky is perfectly clear above us, the stars painting a perfect night as he picked me up in his arms bridal style. He spun me around in his arms, and my heart flew.