Terramancer on an island?


One of my characters in Magnus Knights is a terramancer (can control earth and stone) who lives all by herself on a island made entirely of solid rock in the middle of the ocean. I’m trying to come up with conceivable ways for her to have survived out there. I’ve come up with several ways already, but I’m open to more suggestions. By the way, the condition of her power is that she has to give up some part of her body in exchange for it. She keeps jars of her finger and toenails, and old snips of her hair for that purpose. The bigger or more important the body part, either the bigger her surge of power will be, or the longer her control over stone will last. So, for instance, cutting off her hand would give her a tremendous boost in power, with the obvious downside of her no longer having that hand anymore.


  1. She gets fresh water by terramancing the salt out of seawater.

  2. She gets vegetables by using terramancy to grind part of her island down into soil, which she plants seeds in. If you think it’s a big enough deal to address, she waters them the same way she gives herself fresh water. She doesn’t know where the seeds originally came from, they’ve been here as long as she can remember.

  3. Meat comes from fish, seagulls, and any other living thing that swims up close to her island.

  4. If she ever needs to get to land, she created a bridge out of gravel. It doesn’t stretch all the way across the ocean, but she moved the pebbles around to make a continuous pathway.

  5. She also has a raft made out of pumice, a type of rock that floats, but she rarely uses it because of how fragile it is (she’s a big girl lol)


When she gets bored, she should cut off her head to get enough power to become one with the island as some sort of immortal rock god. Oo! Maybe there’s an iron ore vein on the island, and she can become a God of Heavy Metal! :sunglasses:


That is a thing, but shhh! It’s a secret! That’s actually the origins of the main antagonists in the series, except they used pyromancy to turn into beings made of pure fire. The only thing is that eventually the power would expire, just like any other use of terramancy, and all the stone she was controlling would become plain old rock again, killing her. The only way the fire beings have stayed around so long is because they found they could extend their lives by consuming other people, using their souls to buffer their own I guess you could say.


I like them already!


You should make her live on a guano island and use the guano for fertilizer for her garden plots


An island made of … bat poop?


bird shit from sea gulls and stuff


They’re pretty valuable for fertilizer.


But an entire island made out of it? If you’re being sarcastic, it’s going over my head here.


Not entirely made but with lots of it


To grow vegetables you need bees. How are you getting bees on an island?


Many plants self germinate. No bees required.


Huh. Interesting