Texting on Wattpad

I have been on settled for a while, and I really think that there should be a new setup for typing on a mobile device because I can not see the words in typing as I type. If anyone has ideas let me know I guess


Have the same issue, it’s quite annoying.

I can type on mobile device and see what I’m typing.

Did u type vertically or horizontally

Either way works. I am on Android though.

I will say that if I’m trying to ‘quick reply’ to a comment on my story that pops up in my Notifications, if it’s more than one line, I can’t see what else I’m typing OR click post/comment.

I’d say either fix that or take away the option to quick reply and just make people go to the book to reply to comments.

That’s just my personal opinion.

As far as regular comments and messages go, I can see what I’m typing just fine, and I always use the app.