The 2020 trends

With the new year starting, what trends do you guys think we’re going to see in the publishing industry this year? What genres do you think are going to be the big thing to read or pushed out to everyone?

What’s everyone hoping to see? What are you planning on writing?

A very happy 2020 to you :hugs:. My big guess? Romance, romance, more romance, like before. Followed by the odd mystery. Diversity will be even bigger than before and that is a good thing.
What do I write? Cosy mysteries and Romantic mysteries, lol. Not because of the trend, because I love them.

Since my personal view might not mean much, here’s Jane Friedman


Great question. I, unfortunately, am awful at predicting trends. But my guesses:

  • I think YA will remain a major driver of trad book sales.
  • I think self pubbed (indie) sales will climb, and the top tier there will get more recognition.
  • I think indies will make more headway into stores, libraries, audio, and foreign markets.
  • I think sales of books about a hopeful future will rise. Readers are tired of dystopian, because we’re living it. So they want an escape.

It seems that ya and romance are always a trend.

I’m curious to see how the self published and indie books will do this year.


Young Adult and New Adult are huge trends right now. Not only that, but I think inclusiveness and diversity in fiction is going to be HUGE, especially in the romance genre. With the way the RWA is blowing up right now, the focus on diversity (LGTBQ, POC, Body positivity and others) are going to be a touchstone for publishers to show they are sensitive enough to handle a growing demand for representation as the industry association handles their own racism scandal.

Representation matters!

I am a straight, white female that writes contemporary romance, currently. I try my best to show sensitivity towards marginalized groups, I don’t always get it right, but with the industry focusing more on these aspects, it helps us to get it right.


Probably the same as last year. Romance, YA, Fantasy, Diverse books, SJW statements (which I don’t mind at all, as long as they’re written well and aren’t shoving agendas down our throats).

Interesting stories that go against the norm and defy expectations. And are actually decent.

Stuff publishers hate and people love.

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I don’t know exactly, but I hope YA Sci-Fi and Fantasy have a comeback! I feel like YA is really popular rn but it’s all the realistic fiction/romance/etc genres. I want more hard sci-fi and dystopias.

We’ll see though!

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What is blowing up in RWA? i was thinking of joining (assumign they take authors from distant shores) but that sounded a bit ominous. Alternatively, i join the crime writers. Things blowing up are fairly normal fare in the mystery/crime sector.

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Oh, it’s UGLY. Let me see if I can find some links…

Read that whole thing, then delve into the links in the initial story. Seriously, ugly.


I’ve been reading about that whole mess. I’ve heard judges are quitting and it’s just falling apart.

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I think romance mixed with something dark might be trending this year, and those who are lucky might even put in those stories LGTBQ+.

Oddly enough, I, personally, am not interested in such books because I don’t believe they’re possible. I think between climate change, the current extinction, and the general stupidity of the human race, we’re done for within a century. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

Interesting take. As an environmental scientist, I don’t think we’ll all be “done” within a century at all, but we’ll be in bad enough shape that we’ll be ripe for a number of dystopian scenarios. 8 billion people won’t suddenly die off, but the poor likely will, and the rich will inherit the earth. Again. Only this time, access to potable water will determine power.


As for 2020 trends, I actually expect dystopian and sci-fi to do rather well, especially with climate change finally getting recognition and the technological advances we continue to make (and the new election upon us).

Romance will do well, as always, but I expect much more diversity.

I’d like to see more YA fantasy that breaks the mold and doesn’t rely so much on forbidden romance. We’ll see.


I’m holding out hope that when the first major shocks hit it catalyzes the world into action. I do think that by that time we’ll be too far along to save the world as we know it - either the insect apocalypse, ocean acidification, global warming, or one of the other myriad doomsday scenarios will result in a radically changed landscape. Human are pretty adaptable, though. Maybe it will just be Peter Thiel down in his doomsday bunker in New Zealand endlessly re-watching tapes of Tucker Carlson and re-reading Atlas Shrugged for the millionth time, but I doubt humans are going extinct. I’m hoping that when the enormity of what’s coming fully hits we apply all of human ingenuity and find some hail mary solutions - mass carbon sequestration, fusion power, something. Nothing is happening, though, until the older generations release their death grip on power - they’d rather die than admit Facebook and Fox News lied to them.


I think dystopian books about end times because of climate change would be awesome and popular.

The Wind-Up Girl (Hugo and Nebula winning sci-fi) is about this. Great book.

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That book sounds amazing!! I’m definitely adding it to my 2020 read list.

Liking this comment seemed like liking the disturbing future we are staring at so did not like it but just commenting. It is so sad to hear it for an environmental scientist:-(