The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread

OK Neddy… wot’s the going price at the WP bookie’s place? And address?
(Being the only story to have ‘made it’ to THE LIST to date)
Or have you had an insider ‘nudge-nudge, wink-wink, say no more’ type tip?

I’m not sure I do but my sister might. Lucky for me she is only a block away. Looks like there are some pretty simple apps like Anchor we might give it a try if there is a quorum of folks interested.

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Let’s hear it, folks… a small ROAR of approbation will do!


If I had a secret to this, I would share it - trust me!

It’s good reviews on the App Store, and it’s free. I wonder what the catch is … .

I have time off on Monday to muck with it, but if you can test it before then let us know.

Maybe tomorrow. End of summer barbecue with friends down in Coventry today.

Right - I had a look at Anchor, or at least the iOS version. It is genuinely free, and it is easy to use. And, as advertised, it will publish to a lot of platforms for you. You can also link to any social media accounts you might have - for those of you who pay attention to that sort of thing. So,far, so good. There are a few drawbacks, though.

First the technical drawbacks. Editing on the platform is a dog of the female persuasion. You can do some editing, but it is in the line of stitching clips together. Try excising something from the middle of a clip and - ugh. But, if you don’t want to do anything fancy (or anything you need Bandcamp for) then you’re good. And if you do have Bandcamp, then you can always stitch your stuff together in that before uploading. Reminds me - I must have a play with mine. I used to be OK-ish at the Apple video software. How bad can this be?

Next, the commercial drawbacks. There are two reasons why Anchor is free. First, Anchor is reported to brand everything liberally with their corporate image. So, you’d better be sure that you agree with them as a corporation. Second, podcasts are published under Anchor’s accounts - not yours. So, anyone looking for your 'cast on (say) iTunes will have to look for it under the Anchor storefront. This means you are reliant on them for reporting on your stats and (if you want it) any revenue earned. Anchor are not doing this for free. They take a hefty chunk of any moneys that might be earned.

This also raises the question of ownership. It’s a thorny area, and Anchor give the usual assurances: “Everything you do is owned by you blah blah blah.” And they give the usual caveats: “Although we reserve the right to do stuff with your stuff for publicity purposes.”

Than again, we’ve all published stuff here, right?

I will admit my assessment is slightly sceptical, but that’s my take on it. the things you can do while cooking Sunday breakfast.


A true story for this week’s write-in:

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It’s an interesting idea, albeit one I would never be able to accomplish. Mine is more of a problem with finding a quiet place to record it. Much like YouTube, it’s simple to put together amateurish stuff, but far more difficult to add some production value to things to make them look polished. I’d personally want to come off as pretty polished, I’d hate for the listening version of my story to not be as good as the written version.

@cdcraftee mentioned SoundCloud (and made a very sweet recording of The Smallest Thief – hint, hint, post it here). I looked at it a bit today and it seems like a similar type of app to Anchor. These apps all seem to have pros and cons. I’m a sort of a jump in and just try it person. We could just try one of these as a fun way of sharing our work with one another as a one off and if we like it more thoughtfully plan, make and post a real podcast. I will search podcasts this afternoon to see if someone is making a similar type of product.

For something odd on a grand scale, check out Nascent in my collection “Hatchlings.”

When I logged into Wattpad Writers, our discussion thread was the third one listed on the right! Comin’ up in the world.

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I know a person who does AD work. She has to make her own recording studio out of chairs and duvets. Although she does also have a very expensive cardiod-pattern microphone, which probably helps.

That’s a great idea:exploding_head:! A podcast of your short stories :grin:

That is what my sister has done to record auditions (actor by passion, catering manager by day). She told me to get in the smallest closet possible or under a blanket. So I recorded this piece I posted on Wattpad’s magazine Tevun Krus on Anchor, single take (stumbled on some words) with my iPhone (smash proof cover on) in my living room (with wood floors). So I think I could have made a much better one but I ran out of ‘no one in the house quiet time.’

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Wow you can already search it on Spotify. Technological marvels.

That was awesome!

Really? Thank you. It means a lot to me even if how to do all this is common knowledge to 12-year-olds.

I’m going to a real live person writing group now not to get lost in the void.

It sounded really professional to me, like something I’d listen to on those BBC short stories. If you pursue it further, maybe you could experiment with getting a little more octave range to differentiate the characters more.