The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


I have just recently finished “The Hush” by John Hart. Love this guy. This is his sixth novel and I highly recommend him.

Also picked up a book of short stories from the Saturday Evening Post from the mid sixties at a used book store. Am enjoying reading stories by William Saroyan, John D MacDonald, Ray Bradbury and Stewart Toland.

Anybody else want to share?


This weekend I read the ‘Ack Ack Macacque’ omnibus by Gareth L Powell. I also read ‘Half a King’ by Joe Abercrombie for my book group. I’m hoping to pick up a copy of ‘The Labyrinth Index’ this weekend. I lover Charles Stross’s Laundry Files.

And I need to pick up a new notebook. I finished the last one this week, so it’s time for a new Moleskine dotted hardback.


Too much chocolate is bad for you. Besides, if it’s the gall bladder, isn’t it the fat that’s doing you in? You could still go for cocoa, if that’s the case.


Believe me, you don’t want to know the saga of my years-ago departed gall bladder and 4 ops since. Just say it makes life easier that I have no addiction to chocolate or fats, but my liver has a mind of it’s own.
Do hope my creativity never gets lodged there!
Sometimes I get this uncomfortable feeling… so who knows?
Ultra-sound can’t see it, but honestly, who knows what guise imagination takes on a given moment?


Wait. Are you saying something is growing where your gall bladder used to be?


“Half a King” sounds interesting. And I am going to have to take a look at the Laundry Files.

Love those moleskine notebooks. I buy the pocket sized for my photo kit. They are also handy when I hear a phrase or story idea; but I sometime forget I wrote it down and find it a month later.


Shh… yes it is. But it’s all on the back-burner since my wristly woes.
One pain in the … at a time is plenty.
Now just forget it and get on with your TWoogling, there’s a good little Wattsitfacer!
How shall I write sweet-nothings about you elsewhere if you keep distracting me here?:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::upside_down_face:


Is Halfaking anywhere close to Mafeking?
Will anyone come out of the Labyrinth on the way to finding out - EVER?

This is no how you should wake up -

Ha! There’s a newbie for you. Been dying to have a reason to invite this kid to the party.


Out of the various fantasy books, it is probably the best fantasy book that has been suggested. I’m not a great fan of fantasy. I like mine pulp and picaresque - two things which have gone out of fashion.

I never go anywhere without my notebooks. Or my journal.


Fashion changes so fast that by the time I realize it has changed, it is coming back.
Not so sure that picaresque hero has gone out of fashion but perhaps is just on the
waning side of the cycle.


Well, I am giving you the next next eight hours of peace. It is 11 pm here and I need to get an hour of reading in before sleeping. So you’ve got all day to write whatever you want.

Sorry I don’t have any cute little munchkins to paste into this.


The 500 word weekend write-in prompt for Oct 26 2018 is now available:

[The 500 Word Weekend Write-In]

500 words, with a new prompt every Friday. Everybody is welcome!


Possibly. But I refuse to wade through so many ‘Book 1 of X in the Unpronouceable Saga’ to find out!


I din’t know what I’m replying to, but I am so bad at chatting on here. Finding life hard with every weekend away - and having to be social for three days a week each week - but am determined to write a 500 every week. Thank you for the 500 prompt or my writing would have petered out to nothing. Thanks for those who read my only just posted food story- Perfectly Cooked -.
Jealous of those participating in Nano this month- how I long to write another first draft- but I have too many waiting for editing.
My writing news- I’ve found an editor for my woman’s fiction- she will rip it to pieces for me in December. :slight_smile:
Good weekend to all. xx


I recently enjoyed “Jinx” by Sage Blackwood. I’m waiting now for the sequel. The cover says “for ages 8 to 12” so I guess you can tell what my mental age is. :slight_smile: When I get tired of heavy, serious, dark tomes in the main library I often wander through young adult or children’s books. Before that I listened to “Midnight Sun” by Jo Nesbø. Almost didn’t continue after the first chapter, not liking the main character, but he turned out quite different than the first impression. And… Norway!!!


Hi Jenni. We are glad to have you with us and don’t worry about posting your stories later in the week.
Can I suggest that after you post your newest, come back here and just drop a line that your “prompt” story is posted. That will let people who don’t follow you know to look for it.

I am going to try to post an ongoing list each weekend so that will also give you some exposure.I see you have already had nine reads for “Perfectly Cooked”. Not too bad for a mid-week release.


From your last line should I assume “Midnight Sun” is set in Norway?


I finished my story “No Fault Dark Horse,” once again about American elections so sorry about that :slight_smile:

This is for the prompt “package,” and the story can be found on my Profile Page. Have a good weekend!


Latest Weekender for PACKAGE can be found under my TIME: IMMEMORIAL collection - Story 16. Reaper (1979).

As I’m setting myself a not quite NANOMOWI challenge - not officially entering and not working on one new idea BUT am instead trying to do 50 thousand words across multiple stories and old ideas, you’ll see a lot more from me than usual.

Reaper is under Weekend Write-in but yesterday I added a follow up to Story 12. House of Pain (1992) which starred Father Time’s daughter Staci. In the follow-up 12.1. The Cage (1992) Staci has entered the underground extreme fighting tournament known as The House of Pain and it’s become obvious her matches are being manipulated - someone wants Staci Scott to die in the ring!

So because it’s November and the 50k, I will be writing more - more Time, more Swanhilde, more Dirty Sexy Kinky Book and more Bite Size Stories. Maybe even one or two more on this prompt.


Wow, that is a lot of writing. I wish I could do that. I worry about starting what I can’t finish. I also get stuck and just procrastinate like it’s a talent.