The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


You can find Mister Westley’s story, “The Box”, HERE.


I am seeing six. I don’t think you can take the blame, CeeDee. Your story is still showing.


I like “Emote Control” but I would make it a sci-fi with a bit of romance; not too mushy.


Now those are clever! Thanks


Seeing six as well now.

That search algorithm runs on some bizarre set of rules.


I cut down the size of my earlier post about book titles. I left one up as an example :slight_smile:


General Wattsitsface just divided the six by two because he has two ears, and took away the number he first thought of, which was zero, and now there are THREE!!
I think I’ve got it - he has major shareholding in the Internet in general and gets a Spotters fee every time one of us looks for ourselves and friends. He’s almost rich and famous, but not quite.
Bizarre enough for you Neddy?


It’ll make a good appetiser.


I wondered why I was searching in vain- I think I’ve caught up on all the packages now.
Mine’s 2 for the price of one as I couldn’t choose between ideas - still only 500 words though.


Only just scribbled mine this Thursday morning. This has been a refreshingly busy week at the office.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
It is the third part of my story, Two Heavy and called Blue Box.


Jenni’s 2-for-1 story is here

and the scribbler, Orumeena, is here
[suggest you read the first 2 chapters first - oowhaa…


The 500 word weekend write-in prompt for Nov 9 2018 is now available:

[The 500 Word Weekend Write-In]

500 words, with a new prompt every Friday. Everybody is welcome!

A bit self-serving this week. I was thinking of writing something for the contest:

so picked a prompt that could maybe be used for that also. If your story fits, you might want to submit it there too. They are probably more picky about ‘500 words or less’.


Just in case anyone is interested, the second part of my Reaper story (not done as part of the WE Prompt) is published - Just underneath 17. Reaper (1979) as 17.1 Fear the Reapers (1979) in the collection. Each non sequential FT story is numbered in order of publication with .1 etc or A, B, C etc for continuations. Note - I’d missed numbering one story so 16 now becomes 17.

It’s 1979 in the Marvel (comics not movie) universe and Father Time and a certain famous black vampire hunter who wears cool shades, step into a California biker bar turned den of vampires, in some Dusk Til Dawn style action! I am going to be writing a new FT story for this week’s prompt and may even do more than one story overall as a severe migraine lasting all day yesterday meant 0 words for my NaNoWriMo tally - fortunately I was already a significant way into the 50 thou!


I’ve used the prompt to continue my serial fiction Father Time/old west story LONE GUN. It’s been about a year so the latest installment is a bit of a narrative recap. You can read it as a standalone or go back to the first part LONE GUN 9.1 and read the entire epic tale. The present part is LONE GUN 9.5g


Not part of the prompt but after getting the inspiration to restart LONE GUN after abandonment of a year, I have also now written and posted the next bit - LONE GUN 9.5h - and am almost an end to the old west story and ready to return to the relatively present day of 2007 and LONE GUN 9.6, the conclusion of Father Time’s adventure in the town of Ratbend, Iowa!


Here’s one by karinelda. It was there in the search, and then it wasn’t:


You’re seeing search results?


karinelda was there, then not there, and currently is there again.


I never trust the search - I look for lists here or if it flashes in my notifications like John’s did.


I want to write the 500 words short story but I am totally at a loss. As much as I am very concerned by the environement and our planet, I am a pathetic writer when it comes to very short stories. I will try to challenge myself and write it in 500 words or less, but I feel that it will be very hard :sob: