The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


We’ve had several participants who wrote a short novel, one 500 word chapter at a time. And others who make a trilogy over three weeks. That’s really the beauty of it. The first story could end up being a stepping stone to something bigger, or it might stand alone. Glad you’re going to give it a go. You might even enjoy it :slight_smile:


Well my 500 words this week came in at double at least, but then again I’ve never been good at word count and was using the prompt to advance an existing story. I shall return to my usual not more than 700-800 max next week!


I enjoy writing and this is why I find it hard. My shortest novel so far has 40k words and is only half completed … so writing something in 500 words would be a miracle. The only option I think of to take up the challenge will be to choose an atypical genre and write something totally unusual, it might temper my passion and limit my prattles at the same time. :flushed:


40k? That’s four times longer than the longest thing I’ve ever written.

But then I’m an inveterate short story scribbler. I rarely have time to do longer form stories, and I naturally start shutting down a story at about 8k words.


The majority of my books exceed 200k words, the longest has 340k words but it’s not edited yet, I bet I will add 10% text while editing it, I always do that lol I always write long stories. When I came on Wattpad and challenged myself to write in English I thought that I would write shorter stories due to the language barrier (to write what I can not what I want) … I am royally wrong, the shortest on Wattpad has 47k words and will probably have three times as much once I complete it :joy:

So writing 500 words will be a real challenge for me, it’s interesting because it has that restriction, that makes it even more important to me, from one side I will defend a cause that I have at heart and from another I will write the shortest story that I have ever written. :blush:


I’ll look forward to reading it - if it turns up in the search, that is!


Hi This weekend’s challenge for ruin - Treasure Beach - doubled up for the Planet or Plastic challenge. It’s frustrating when word says you have 500 words and wattpad counts 480. Ho hum. It’s not a perfect world.


Have done. Thanks. :slight_smile:


I suggest you read some of the previously posted stories posted for the 500 Word Weekendwritein to get a feel for how folks take on such a short story. You would be surprised how much info you can relate in just 500 words!
This thread gives some of the prompts you can search:

The 500 Word Weekend Write-In


If I succeed in writing it, that is! :joy: (Kidding, thanks :blush:)


Thank you for your advice. That’s what I did. I read about 20 and I am still having the same problem, I don’t seem to know how to shut up … literally and figuratively. But the challenge is still ongoing and I have few days to learn the good manners :yum:


Currently seeing Jason, Christine and Karinelda in the search. Any others that are published but don’t show, please mention it here and we’ll add your link.

update: And now John, also.

and now Jenni is showing also:


My hints on how to write a story in 500 words or less:

  • Keep your story simple
  • Keep your characters simple.
  • Make every word count.
  • If a word is not essential, get rid of it!
  • Don’t worry. Nobody is gong to com0laib if you use more than 500 words.

Give it a go,


Oh please luliawriter - forget the good manners. This is a mob of larrikins who rush out onto experimental limbs on a constant basis.
The trick is to have fun first and get technical later.
One serious hint is to take the smallest thought/sentence/para and expand it up to 500 words. It really works so much better than trying to hard-prune a beloved masterpiece.
And another is to simply practice. You really do find it easier as you go along.
And the last [for now, that is] - jump on in, the water’s fine and the natives are SO friendly!

PS: Although some of the natives speak strange languages - check young Neddy above - ‘gong to com0laib’. Watch him blame some techie machine or other!


I will.

Bloody iPad keyboards.



Oh, I just figured it was some ancient Irish brogue, like “This Guinness is flat, I’m gong to com0laib to the bartender.”


And the word for today is …


[Can’t vouch for him having learned this in engineeringland or gamingese?]
Forget it Ned. It’s Monday Downunder and you will follow suit shortly.
Rest up a bit, there’s a dear… you’re overheating - and you know what happens when THAT happens!

PS: Following Paul’s example, I submit a 16 word translation of THE ‘word for today’ -

‘The geek caused a commotion in the laboratory by going on and on in an indecipherable tongue’.


Don’t remind me! Work in the morning :frowning: Back to re-re-rewriting the same report.


It may be a while before I do another, working on a new web serial.