The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


You guys got me going on a LIKE streak for your comments. :slight_smile:


The 500 word weekend write-in prompt for Nov 16 2018 is now available:

[The 500 Word Weekend Write-In]

500 words, with a new prompt every Friday. Everybody is welcome!


I feel for you in those migraines. (I call it the Monster in my Head that takes any excuse to party.) Hope you can catch up for the missed day!


So, anybody got anything up yet?


Thanks Joyce - Yesterday was a bad one but it suddenly cleared up around 10pm and I banged out a 2500ish Father Time story which I dedicated to Stan Lee.

Today, agency called about some work and I had to spend a lot of time on CV updates and re-registration details. Not much time for writing but I have done the latest prompt.

In the aftermath of a shocking crime, British police spring into action, as only the British bobbys could! You’ll find POLICE ACTION under my BITE SIZE STORIES collection.


And a second one, also in BITE SIZE STORIES.

The Minister and Clive return in THE POLITICAL MAN IV - but what kind of Brexit does the Minister want and what has he stolen?


My story for this weekend is up!!

Stolen - 11/16/18

It’s meant to be read kinda like a poem, which is why I formatted the way it is.


We’ll give it a bit before resorting to Twwogle, then.


We’ll,I will try to start it off. I have very limited resources here, working with a tiny keyboard but I am going to try to list John’s story, Diebstahl.


Well, the story is there but I obviously typed something wrong. Can someone else post the correct link to John’s story? It is totally worth it. He has managed a ‘steal’ on several different levels.

I think I better leave the ‘twoogling’ to someone else until I can get access to a computer.


Brought to you by PWoogle, the better search engine.


Hi all - just published for “stolen.” It can be found here.


Are we sort of in agreement by mutual consent that we can put our links here? Or is that too dangerous/rule infringing and best to let someone else list links for us? looks warily around for Wattpad police


We’ve done it before. And if their search system ain’t gonna work … .


It’s interesting. I’ve done it twice and I wasn’t frog-marched to that walled courtyard [YET], and the Discussion Thread wasn’t brought into more disrepute than it already wears [and boy-oh-boy, do we enjoy?]
Threadbare as it may well be, most weeks it’s all that we have [faint, tragic violin music is heard from a galaxy far, far away].
Oowhaa… just had a thought. Young Jason WAS still talking about Wattsitsface… not Heathrow Airport Search and Destroy crew? They flesh out all manner of things. Hmmm… now there’s a thought!?!


Is Twwogle a Celtic translation of TWoogle and it actually means -

‘Take a World Wide Ogle’??

You know how I NEED to know these things!



In Jimmy Durante’s bestiest voice -
“Ev’ry-bo-dy’s try-na get in on da act…”

and another more refined one [tweaked a little] -
“Some mediocre-folk have a slight impediment in their speech. Every now and then they stop to breathe.”

[Picture of little Hacker Girl down on the floor thumping her fist. Sadly, not yet invented]


You mean Pwoogle? Yes Pwoogle. Anyway, you’re hanging onto the world for dear life upside down, so you should be more worried about that.


Right then. This one -

And this one -