The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread



Hanging on and here now -

The Smallest Thief


Ohhh, I love it! Y’all are livin on the edge.

But I can see how civilization is going to fail…
All it takes is one good man (me) to do nothing
And anarchy prevails.

I suppose that when that big eagle swoops in,
gathers up all these offending posts in his/her talons,
and flies off to that big WP cloud in the sky,
you will somehow blame it on old Tango Whiskey.

“If only we had been twoogled, our stories would still be findable…”

Alas and alack, until I can figure out how to copy and post links within the constraints of an ancient S7Edge, (or until I return home, whichever comes first) my contributions will be limited to what I can type with my thumbs.

Oh, and another thing; Jason, when you are trying to slip something by the WP Ambassadors, it is probably not a good idea to point out to them what you are doing. Consider a little subtlety, like “Here are a couple of links to some great stories that someone else wrote with a style that is just like mine.”

Just sayin…

So, for now, so long from snow covered Possum Trot Hollow, somewhere in the Catskills (or is it the Berkshires? I am not sure. These small mountain ranges all run together).


Um yeah - great stories that someone else wrote. That’s uh entirely the case!

Do we have any official Wattpad types here? I would imagine if any viewed this thread, they might have started by fixing those tag links that have been mentioned … oh, about 358 times! So I assume this forgotten little outpost is … um, forgotten.


One of Jason’s has shown up! Mine hasn’t, but there again, I haven’t written anything yet.


Hi everyone! I am a complete newbie to this type of platform so please forgive me for I have not a scoobie what I am doing (I will persevere). I admit my presence may be a bit erratic due to other commitments but I will try my best to take part in this.


Welcome, Elflady! You’ve come to the right place, none of us know what we are doing.

Not sure if you know where to start, but here’s my post from 3 days ago (in this same thread):

The 500 word weekend write-in prompt for Nov 16 2018 is now available:

[The 500 Word Weekend Write-In]

500 words, with a new prompt every Friday. Everybody is welcome!

Every Friday we post a new prompt at the bottom of that thread, and the top post in that thread explains it all.

The only problem is that WattPad (‘WP’) tag search has been terribly slothful lately, with our stories not showing up sometimes for days (it used to be minutes, before they ‘upgraded’). So if you do post a story, let us know in this thread and someone will find it and post a link to it (we are not supposed to link to our own stories, under penalty of death, or a wrap on the knuckles, but if you do link to it, you didn’t hear it here :slight_smile: )


Don’t look now, but I think the sloths are going to complain about that one.


My apologies to sloths everywhere.


LOL! Penalty of Death - I’m poorless.

Thank you for your post. So I take it as the prompt is every Friday we have just that week to come up with something before a new prompt nullifies it?

'scuse me for being as thick as a brick here :):blush:


It used to be that it was best to try to get the story done over the weekend, because that gave it the best chance of readers looking for it, but with the slow tag issue, they sometimes don’t show up for days anyway. Feel free to post any time, even any old prompts that take your fancy, but remember to let us know here, or it will be like a typewriter falling in the forest with nobody to hear it.


Fabulous! Thanks again. I will hopefully get something written soon


Welcome NightElfLady - nice to see you here.


Thank you. I’m very excited to be here. I’m glad you pointed me in this direction. I now have to manage some time and come up with scribblings for the challenges :):smiley:


The beauty of the weekend challenge and the people you’ll find here is we’re not sticklers - drop in and out whenever you want. I must admit though that I sort of take pride in having never missed one since the WriteOn days when I started in August 2015. I’ve been late plenty of times - I think at one point I was 6 weeks behind so I did a continued serial story using prompts until I got up to date. I’m also probably the worst offender when it comes to turning in 700-800 word 500 word stories!! But luckily the kind folk here don’t seem to mind and read them anyway!!


Ok, so I have written something for the prompt “steal”. I publish it as normal yes? I have added the tags but I’m unclear as to what I do now. Do I give you its title here? Sorry, warned you I was thick!


I’m finally coming out of a three-day chain of migraines. Usually rizatriptan wipes it out, but I had to take it each day, and yesterday it didn’t do much good. Had a rotten night just toughing it out since I’m risking medication overuse headache now. Migraines really suck…


I’m finally catching up on the last two prompts, ruin and steal, in a two part story. You can find them at the top of my anthology of retold folk tales from around the world. And they resemble these stories by another writer who looks suspiciously like my twin:


Just read your profile, and… border collie! Oh yes.
I miss my old border collie buddy. He was so smart but also so neurotic. A staunch defender against rubber bands snapping and metal tape measures twanging. A glint of mischief in his eyes.
Anyway, welcome to the weekend write in!


Thank you for your welcome. I saw your other post about recovering from migraines. I am prone to those too, although thankfully not quite as regular but no less debilitating. I usually end up in a darkened room as I am sensitive to light and have to put up with huge waves of nausea when I get them. So you have my sympathies.

Your collie had similar habits to mine too. My cats, however, are the defenders of our realm - growling menacingly at anyone who comes to the door, then fleeing in panic if they actually come in while the collie gives visitors a generous wash down and every - single - toy he owns.

A pleasure indeed to be among you all here and thank you again for your warm welcome :smile:


Hi Elflady, now you wait hours, or days, while the WP search engine rises from its slumber and lists it in the search for #weekendwritein #steal

The problem is, it used to appear within a few minutes, but now it takes forever, literally a week sometimes. I had a quick look but couldn’t find it. If you give us the title I can take another look, or just do what Joyce did, above, and link to your “friend’s” story, which is just like yours (WP rules say we can’t link to our own stories, but we can link to other people). Once Thomas is back, he has been doing a fantastic job of seeking them out and listing them here.