The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


Ah, but I am a patient woman (well, in some matters) - lol. The title is “Turpin”. I liked Joyce’s approach, made me smile. Perhaps, though, being a newbie and all, I should refrain form inviting the Wrath of WP - at least for a while :smile:


found it:

(but haven’t read it yet)




I need Friday to come early this week to give me something new to write for my Nanowrimo words - as I’m on 43297 words already, I’m afraid I’ll have hit the 50k by the end of the week!! A lot of it has been the character profiles part of my Mythlands story - good I’ve been able to complete over 100 profiles for Book One and ready to start the profiles for Book Two, but a little bored of it!


Aww tick off, hairy legs. Yours is the only one I can see listed.
C’mon, tell the truth. You’ve bribed Wattshisface - but what with?
Inside info on those ostentatious number of profiles, or what?
Aha, think I just got it - fairy bread with hundreds and thousands of profiles on top??

Here’s something to ease your boredom - a pic of me waiting for my bribe of more of my priceless words to be accepted -


…or at least we tell him that we do.

Don’t let Jason distract you. You should drop everything from your weekend schedule until you get your story posted. Then you can go on with your real life again.


When will the ongoing madness in my life end? Just when I thought I’d get a breather, work became busier. Not written and have barely read for a while. I’m also trying to tackle moving–house moving. Such fun, not.


Have the ideas all in my head, who knows if they’ll ever come out.


I keep a small notebook (pocket size) and when a solid idea gels, I write it there.

Avoid cryptic phrases like “the milk sours”.

Be optimistic; things will improve. In the meantime just deal with the current crap best way you can.

Good luck.


Oi, less of the hairy - my legs are lovely!

I honestly don’t know why I’m being listed - luck maybe? Now, I’m off for a spot of lunch and then I have an idea for another Father Time story set around 1961. Might be more character vignette than action.


Hi all a friend of mine wrote about her day and posted it on my page - Dragon Thief -


Read it, loved it. Welcome.


Looking forward to it :smile:


Thank you so much, Jenni. First time I have ever written anything so … short! Think it took me longer to condense it than it does for me to write my usual sprawling stories lol


That’s what usually happens with me too. I write a story of around 600 words, then take days to slaughter my darlings to get it down to exactly 500 words. I blame it on OCD :slight_smile:


Ahh, think my condition is logorrhea - terrible affliction at times :laughing:


Splendid! And I adore dragons <3


Old Codger’s Disease?


Oh dear me…poorless!


It gets easier with practice. Then the problem is writing long-form.