The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


I have managed to scribble and string one more chapter to Two Heavy which is my story that is guided by the prompts. It’s called Ujra which is ‘again’ in Hungarian.
Now that I’ve managed this weekend to write something, I totally expect to bottle under the pressure next weekend, hehe.


Gradually and gradually. Will move the bulk of my stuff this week, I hope.


Hi all, I published for “Repeat.” It can be found here.


Monday, more than 72 hours in, and nobody is showing up on the search, at all.


My dog ate my story. Well, not that, but still a pretty good excuse…

The bad news is I haven’t had Word for a few days, so no story written. The good news is I don’t have to learn Spanish.

Fine, I’ll explain myself! My Windows 10 was corrupted from a Windows update a few months ago. It was still usable but was getting worse, so I finally decided to do a Windows reinstall, that supposedly keeps all your files, and most of your programs. It listed the programs that would go away. It lied. It kept all the files, but deleted about 50% of my apps, including my Microsoft Office 7! Hence no Word. So, OK, I thought, I’ll just download it again. It’s a real copy I paid for, so I have the key. Except Microsoft stopped selling that version last year, and took down the backup version because they no longer support it! I looked all over the place on the internet and NOBODY had it anywhere. So, I started torrent searches to see if there were any anywhere, and finally found one. I installed it, added back my purchase key, and WOOHOO, I had my Office suite back. I loaded Word no problem, but wait, what’s that? All my menu items were in Spanish. Everything was in Spanish! The only copy of office still available for download anywhere in the world, and it was in Spanish! So, then I discovered that it could be converted to another language, like, say, English. So, I went hunting for the Microsoft utility to do that, and discovered they discontinued that as well! I finally found it in a torrent, spent all day trying to get it working, and finally managed to convert Office to English. Up yours Microsoft.


Libre Office is your friend … .


I’m not bothered about Excel or any of it really, not even Word (although I like it and am used to it), but the problem is, I am so tied in to Outlook. I have everything in there (calendar, tasks, notes, contacts) and have it all auto-linked to my phone. Switching would be equally awful.


I abandoned Microsoft many years ago, so I’ve had no problems.


Que es lo que dices?

Me sorprende que esto te haya pasado!

Pero al menos el problema esta resuelto.

Ven, dejanos beber y celebrar la conclusion de tu adventura mi amigo!


Aliegenses hostes me abduxerent. Quid annus est?


OSX for me. I tried Linux, but when you had to hold a party to persuade people to install it for you. That kind of put me off.


Something about being abducted and what year is it?


Here’s an all-time favourite writer extraordinaire. Thanks for the special share, Jimt -

Double-knot your Nikes Mr. Death

**redone link - was not working - C.


Ita vero!


I sent in another bug report today about the delay in tag search. Last week took 8 days to show most of them. That seems a little excessive. It has to be something they’ve broken. The mystery is why it suddenly worked for a week two weeks ago after Tom’ bug report.


Maybe they did a ‘mechanical Turk’ job.


Oh dear! You’ve had it bad! Glad it’s been resurrected tho’. :smile:


So sorry about the Microsoft issue. I believe you can try other mail calendars like yahoo, hotmail etc. Instead of outlook though I understand switching would/can be a bit of a bother.
I have been Microsoft Office free since 2009 thankfully. It has its uses but it’s no boss of me. I’m the Boss.


I just got this reply from WP. All of you posting stories should read this…

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Wattpad Support and for taking the time to report this issue.

The issue you are describing has been escalated to our Developers, and we have collected information from other people who are experiencing the same problem to help with our investigation. Please bear with us as we work to resolve this issue on our end.

In the meantime, what I’d suggest is to encourage any writers that are facing this issue to send a ticket to our Support, just like you did. That way, I am able to make an adjustment to their accounts which attaches their stories manually to our search index. Sometimes newly published stories can take longer than usual before the results are available.

Again, we thank you for your patience and continued support,

Wattpad Support Team


Just in time for tomorrow’s prompt, I found last week’s story by our esteemed Prompticulator, The mediocreBrit.
Paul slid in “Head of Acquisitions” while I wasn’t looking. But a few of you found it and that was enough for me to track it down.

And then Jenni followed it up with “Facing Trolls”.

Both are stories you are going to want to read while you are waiting for the next prompt.