The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


Personally I think all these Russian references are a little … Be Tsar! But obviously we’re all Putin up with them, though I’m lenin towards calling it a day on the puns!


Hey, somebody posted a Celtic mythology short story! Look here:


Oh goody-gumdrops… and TWoogle has hit the billboards, too - The Retirement Plan

This is turning out far more interesting than the Wattsitsface list [if/when it materialises, much like a Blue Moon??] Hey?


Oh, wow. I can’t wait to read it!


Thanks CD. That was fast.




This is the TWoogle report for the VALUE stories I have found as of 4 PM on Saturday.

If you have posted your story, let me know and we can share the link.

John brings VALUE to the masses with his story Revolutionary Values.

Jason brings us a glimpse of the future with his value-added APP: The Currency of Attraction.

Our own Craftee Lady asks us to understand the true value of an object. Is it monetary or in the memories it invokes? Decide for yourself with “Hidden Treasure” by Christine.

I see someone else has shared a story by Joyce: “Tiny Wings.” I have already read it and can recommend it to you.

And I think Tyra has posted something. Yes, here it is.She has thrown in a new twist that adds to the tension.

I would be remiss if I didn’t note that CD has shared a link to an intriguing story by Tom.

DebbAnn is right. I found this story just a few minutes ago and it is really “Worth It”.

Marigold91 has brought us an age old story with a new perspective as she examines the value of a relationship in “Delilah”.


Ohh, [blushing, do you believe? Nope? Oh well, it was worth a try] - uhrr… yes…
t’riffic Tom - did you move your revered list down for the increased enjoyment of Downunderites, or in sympathy for addled and overcrowded brains [like those we know well, but shall remain unmentioned - said while tapping side of nose to the beat of deadly ominous music]?!?




MIssed a few, but managed to write and post it this week! (just about). That was a really fun one to write, although took a very odd biblical theme. It’s in my book of short stories - hope that ok? I hate creating new “book” just to post a short thing.


And she didn’t tell you, but I will - Delilah


A friend of mine just posted a story:-)


And It’s lovely. And Deb Ann beat me to the draw by a whisker.


Yes, it’s perfectly alright. Enough of us do that as well.


Well, rsramanujam put up something for the ‘Repeat’ prompt: Pointless


Just put up my story, Valuing Privacy as the 5th part of Two Heavy.


Orumeena’s story, “Valuing Privacy”, can be found here.


Slightly different response to the prompt this week. December is the title.
And I wanted to say how much I value this group, big thanks to all, especially Paul for the prompts and Thomas for the links.
I am trying not to write any more first drafts until I have rewritten and edited some of the ones I have, so this group ensures I keep on writing and experimenting and learning.
Thank you.


Ohh dear, sweet Jenni didn’t mention here is where you’ll find December!
[of course other mentions are also on your calendar, etc. etc., but we won’t mention that, OK?]


Well, I’d better go have a read then before it becomes January!