The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


Well, I don’t need to list Jenni’s story because CD was sitting home with nothing else to do.

BUT I will recommend it. I enjoyed it immensly.



I just found a lonely story by @pierlarouge that was put up last week and missed by all youse.
Follow this link for Life’s Repetive - Aint it.

As the title suggests, it is in response to the prompt “repeat”.
I think I probably would have put a question mark in the title but other than that,
I enjoyed it. It deserves more that just my one read.

(Shakes his head as he walks down the hall. "Can’t even go away for a couple of days and the place starts to fall apart; stories get missed, people are… " (turns corner. inaudible muttering can still be heard… )


Well, I just got back from a long weekend with friends to find my little scribbling buddy sent me another of her creations. Unfortunately, I think she is losing the plot for this time she had immense difficulty keeping her offering within the boundary of 500 words. However, hopefully you might be able to stay awake as you read her effort. Oh, and I will get round to reading all you lovely people’s messages on here when I have a minute.


[sniff,snort,snivel] We tried… but we are as nothing without you!


Your work is beautiful, Elfie. Words of praise abound - like - lyrical, evocative, shoulder-crunching delicious.
Truly folks. Her ‘little scribbling buddy’ is THAT good.
I can’t just now, but ASAP I’m rushing back to this collection to read more - I think this is the third one she’s worked in the current prompt.
Hope your buddy keeps finding inspiration here, Elfie. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::upside_down_face:


Wow, I am truly overwhelmed, thank you very much indeed. Feel quite tearful now actually.


I have to say, @NightElflady that your story lived up to CeeDee’s advance billing. I loved it.

If y’all haven’t read “16. Seasons” yet, why not?


Well, yes, I’m a bit late with my story (The Perfect Gift), but seeing as there are ZERO stories in the search, I think I’m going to get away with it. Just as long as I don’t slip up…


Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed it :blush:


The 500 word weekend write-in prompt for Dec 07 2018 is now available:

[The 500 Word Weekend Write-In]

500 words, with a new prompt every Friday. Everybody is welcome!


I think Paul’s story has probably been there all week. He already has 13 reads.
You can find “The Perfect Gift” by following the link.

I am going to go read it now. Then I’ll see what prompt he has in mind for us this week.


Good evening all. I hope you are all having a wonderful evening, afternoon or morning wherever you are on the globe. I was quietly minding my own business when the phantom scribbler dropped another offering in my mailbox. It is debatable whether or not she has cracked it this week though…


Hey, anyone in the mood for a frigid, snow-blasted, early taste of Norwegian Jule? Look what someone posted:


Good evening. It is 11:00 PM on Friday night here in Atlanta and I see that we have a few entries to the great DEBATE for this weekend.

I don’t know if he was first, But John Nedwill’s story, “Too Much of a Good Thing”, is HERE.

NightElfLady shared 17. Countdown with us.

Joyce Holt found this story echoing around the Norwegian forests: “Outgunned”.

And Tyrapendragon increases the tension with the latest chapter to her story “Debate”.

Anyone else have ‘Debate’ stories written that I should list here?


Not about the prompt but have any of you read Joyce’s series? It’s wonderful, I loved the imagery and ideas throughout the 5 books.


Yes, They are great.

I put one on my Kindle and read it over the Thanksgiving trip.


I just read two great stories by our Craftee Lady, @cdcraftee, that had nothing to do with the prompt but everything to do with warm and fuzzy enjoyable reads. I think she may have written these for contests here on WP. She will have to comment on that.

If you are not following Christine, here are links to her newest stories.

The first, “Smells Like Christmas”, is short-short. You can read it in a minute and then come back for the next one.

“The Short and Tall of it All” feels like it will be a collection. In fact, CD has flagged it as ‘ongoing’. Right now it is just a wonderful short story about a grandfather/granddaughter relationship.


I posted late for prompt “value” - here
A sneaky little piece that shows two characters differing personal values as well as how they share a similar value - consumerism. Hope you enjoy


Aww… need a little blushing face next to the love heart ‘comment’.
So pleased you loved them Tom, and yes they are both WP contest entries.
Maybe someone else is interested?
Closing date for the nanofic/microfic [my ‘Smells…’] is 31 December and details are here -
and the kiddy one [my ‘Short and Tall’] is in one week - 16 December - here’s details - -

And you’re right Tom… the terrible groaning noises issuing from Downunder direction are the cogs of my grey matter s-l-o-w-l-y revving up. You won’t be surprised to hear I have an interesting stash of memories of Christmases past [well, let’s be honest, there’ve been a few!] Oh yes… and just one or two grandparent/grandchild tales as well.
[note to self: put it on the 2019 list - if there’s any space left!]
['nother note to self: get back to work on Paul’s this week’s prompt… NOW!]


In theory, could a novel be stitched from a collection of these prompts?

When I had harmonized the two different versions of Uploaded Fairy, the first half ended up being based around a lot of these prompts.

I’ll have to see how sustainable that is.:confused: