The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


If some kind soul were to look at my TIME:IMMEMORIAL collection at Story 21: Godkiller (2015) they might be interested to see the results of a long ago internal debate that Father Time held on the morality of killing a killer. But can even the legendary supersoldier take down a god? And what will the Avengers do?


Why search for iJason’s story when you can just click this link: “21. Godkiller.”

In fact, I think I’ll jump over there and read it now.


I haven’t read them all yet, planning to read more over the festivities (and that goes for all you good people’s works) but what I have read, I have thoroughly enjoyed. I am looking forward to burying myself in all your creations.


A good friend of Tom’s posted a prompt story at her place just now -
The Clicks of the Clocks
and she can’t take the stoopid grin off her face!


Oh, you just think you are so clever…


Actually, I don’t. Not tinily!
But I’ll bow to your superior opinion… thanks a heap!


Pierlerouge has posted his response to the ‘Debate’ prompt Here. . I hope the link works. I am posting it with an ancient iPad. When you get to his profile page, select “The Bell Tolls.”


I will, Tom… a little later, but for now I can’t stop chuckling - ‘ancient iPad’??
You’re kidding me, right?
At our age an iPad got old?
Haven’t you seen this ‘real’ antiquity?

Medieval Helpdesk


I have posted my ‘Debate’ story but, being a law-abiding wattpadder, I cannot tell you where it is, or even what it is. So you will have to guess.



I heard it was HERE, Tom.

And that a poet called Jimt’s latest can be found HERE

If questioned, I shall say nussin’


Thanks C. I was just dropping by to post oosie’s project. Happy to see you beat me to it.


Mine’s done. I only wish I knew where I put it.


Found it! Right HERE

Heehee, beat Tom again… but he does it so elegantly!


Oh, but it is so much fun to hear you giggle.

I could give you lessons if you’d like. ?


i just made coffee so it is officially morning here in Georgia.
It probably will not surprise you to read that the are ZERO search results
from a search on this weekend prompt.

To promote domestic tranquility, and in no particular order, here are the known offerings that meet the twoogle search for “DEBATE”:

“Too Much of a Good Thing” by John Nedwill
“17. Countdown” by NightElfLady
“Outgunned” by Joyce Holt
“Debate” by TyraPendragon
“21. Godkiller” by Jason Greenfield
“The Clicks of the Clocks” by CDCraftee
“The Bell Tolls” by Pierlerouge
“Leadership” by YoursTruly
The “Cutting Them Off Debate” by Oosomatsu
“A Question of Ethics” by mediocrebrit
“Settled” by rsramanujam

I’ll add to the list as I track down more debate stories.

I want to mention that pierlerouge has published an addendum to his chilling ‘Tolling Bells’ story that you might find interesting. You can find it HERE.


Thanks for this @ThomasWalborn - I finally have a bit of spare time so hoping to read a few. List helps.


… in tickling my funny bone?



I am laughing at this, but I am also thinking as the future generations depend more and more on electronic methods of communication and businesses adopt a paper-free environment, this handy little guide may indeed become gold if the big switch was ever to be flicked ‘off’.


No. (sigh). I meant lessons in elegant story presentation within the limited confines of this little white box.

I wouldn’t have even thought to say that except you adverbed me so nicely.

Oh, by the way… Good morning. I hope you have a great Tuesday.


Ooow Tommy… I would adverb you nicely any day, good friend, and see young Elfie mentioned ‘gold’. Was she thinking ‘golden oldies’? Should we disenchant her and reveal our silver lining, do you suppose?

I am certainly planning a good 'un of a day this day. Kate has started it damn fine splendid for me. I’m showered, hair washed, ready for… well, whatever goodies come my way!