The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


Yes, the prompts can easily spawn an on-going saga. And since ya never know what prompt will come next, the plot can take the most unexpected turns! Did “Uploaded Fairy” go off in unexpected directions?


But Nel, if the big switch went off, future gens would not be able to view this video.


We could always try cave pantings?


RAM just popped up on the radar with his story “Settled”.


So late, couldn’t decide what to write- almost debated myself out of a story. Design Debate.


The 500 word weekend write-in prompt for Dec 14 2018 is now available:

[The 500 Word Weekend Write-In]

500 words, with a new prompt every Friday. Everybody is welcome!


Jenni’s story, “Design Debate” can be found Here.


Good point, although one would hope it was viewed by the masses before said tech-switch-off and then others could be (re)taught how to open a book. Or, as johnnedwill proposes, we could always become Mel-low with cave paintings lol


John Nedwill starts us off with a new Anthology; “A Word in Your Ear.”

His first story in this volume, and the answer to this weeks prompt is “The Wrong Approach”.


She’s ‘approached’ me with another scribbling! This time she also apologises for the expletive near the end.


Christine Larsen, aka cdcraftee, has gifted us with a new treat for the approaching weekend: “Love - a Sugar Coated Pill”
and tyrapendragon adds to the adventure with “A New Approach”.


me me me



I’m new here. I’m sorry if this has been answered ad infinitum. But as this is a weekend prompt, I assume this ends Sunday?


Hello rhythmchyc, welcome to our group. The best place to start is here:

The first post in that thread explains it all, and the last post is the current week’s prompt.

But the short version (well, this is the short story group :slight_smile: ) is you can submit your story any time you like. Most of us try to get it in over the weekend because that is when you will get the most readers, but even weeks later is fine (if you find an old prompt you fancy).

We are currently going through a ‘tag crisis’. In the old days, when you submitted your story with its two required tags, it would show in the list within minutes, or worst case hours. The Wattpad (WP) tag system has been deteriorating for the past few weeks and literally nothing has shown up for last week yet, and the week before took over eight days for most of the stories to appear. So, these days, being late doesn’t really make much difference. What we are doing instead is helping each other out, so, once you have published your story, let us know here in this thread and somebody will find it and post the link (WP frowns upon us posting our own link, but anyone can post it for you).

Of course, let us know if you have any other questions, and we’ll look forward to your story!


Thank you so so much! This was quite helpful.

If there’s a tag issue, and this is a thread about short story prompts, I wonder why can’t we post our own links. Surely the ambassadors can provide this exception until the glitch is fixed?


They have been leaving us alone lately, and some of our more creative members have taken to posting, telling us about their ‘friend’ who has just posted a story, with the link. Not their story, of course, their 'friend’s story. Those people are going to hell, I tell you! :slight_smile:



When I’m done, can I pm you my link? I don’t know anyone else here, I’m afraid.


Better just to post here, saying the name of your story, then whoever is around will try to find it. You’ll be seeing posts from Thomas Walborn soon (he’s American, so still asleep). He uses our patented TWoogle search to tirelessly seek out stories and post all the links.


Ah I gotcha. Thanks so much!


And you’re coming with us! Ha ha ha haaa!