The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


I arrived early.


Oh, don’t be so needy!

There is a new story from that Master of Murder, Mister Mediocre. You can find it in “The Barn”. Notice his approach to this story. He starts with - - well, maybe I should let you read it for yourself.


Welcome, rc.
We are an informal group here and everyone is welcome.
If you decide to craft a “approach” story, just drop a line here that it is done, and one of us will step in and post the link.

As mB said, even though it is crafted as a weekend challenge, we get responses throughout the week.

If you would like to some of our past efforts, just scroll back up the page where you will find a listing of the responses to last week’s prompt.



Welcome to our recent newcomers - a few of whom I directed here myself, so nice to see them!

I’ve had a busy 3 days so only just getting to look at the prompt. I’ll mull and be back with my link! … er friend’s link!


Oh, Whew. That saves me a search. I was just about to go out and look for your story. You are usually one of the earliest.


Usually but a bunch of social and shopping happenings have somehow clumped together, so I’ve been out and about more. Glad to be out of the cold and home for a day or so of rest … and writing!


I’m actually almost done. Just need to work on editing.

It’s okay to post this prompt in a book of short stories, right? I rather not create a new book.


Perfectly alright. A lot of us regulars do that.


Cool! Thank you.


@rhythmchyc - I use my Bite Size Stories collection for general flash fic prompts, with the occasional returning character. I also sometimes use the prompt to do another Father Time story in my Time: Immemorial collection.

And this week … a friend of mine asked me to link this here!


That’s exactly what I had in mind! Thank you.


Ahh t’riffic. Honour amongst thieves and all that!

But I’m probably closer than most and I’m here to tell you Paul’s wrong.
Hell for writers has been here on Earth and we surely know old Wattshisface is to blame for many of our heated moments.

Personally, it’s Rainbow Bridge first and a big long play with all my lovelies, then up I’ll float to be with all the other writers in Heaven [I’ve reserved the front row on Cloud 9, OK Neddy?]


I have “approached” this week’s challenge in a fairly literal way - With approaching doom, approaching from behind and approaching end.



@cdcraftee - There’s that Honour amongst Thieves phrase again! You used that in a comment on my last WE story too … I am now certain I have missed some conversation/context to make sense of it all!!!


Poor dear Marigold [who may well be 91?:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:…don’t think so!] she hasn’t yet found a way to tell us her story is HERE and it’s called ‘Right Behind You’ - ooooowwwwwww!?!


SIGH!?! So-o-o-o…??? Wot’s your point, kid?
Don’t rush your answer, I’m off to bed AGAIN after too many insomniac hours!


Have a good one Christine - maybe you can tell me what it’s all about when you wake up!


OK for this approach, search for “Murder. Alien. Death. Rebirth.” Short story: “Rebirth: The Stranger” 500 words exactly.


Found you chycie [betcha it’s only because I’m awake again and now young Tom is sleeping]
It was tricky, but someone had to ‘man up’ - HERE
Ohh, and PS: Welcome!!

Hint: You CAN say your twin/best friend/look-alike/uhrr somebody - wrote [and then copy and paste the url to your story]
Never forget - ‘all’s fair in love and war’ AND getting your story out to the masses!


Ohhhhh I see. Thanks for the tip lol.