The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


I have an answer [of course] and it’s done - but it’s long. Do you want it here?
Or elsewhere?


Here, Now, Whenever, Sometime, At your convenience!


Hahaha, funny Greenie!
OK - I confess to using a ‘throwaway line’ - just didn’t realise it was a boomerang and would come back to bite me.

You see, Wiki says -
Honour among thieves is the concept that criminals do not compromise the activities of other criminals (see also Omertà). It can also mean that even corrupt or criminal individuals can possess some form of honour code, justice code, and / or moral code.

  • and I ran away with the idea your FT was nicking off with chunks of other people’s lives [well, somedays it feels like that’s what someone is doing with mine, anyway!]
  • and now?
    Are we writers not constant thieves - of peace of mind/sleep/life events/snippets of conversation/anything/everything - even old Wattshisface list of shorties/etc. etc.??
  • and will we not have the best of times upstairs on Cloud 9 one day, sharing our tall stories?
    Have we solved the problem, Houston?


A little late (two weeks), but now showing 16 stories on the ‘value’ prompt! And one has already shown up on the ‘debate’ prompt (barely a week late). All we have to do is not look for two weeks and everything will seem normal. I really should have been a politician.


*** Here is the list of “APPROACH” stories I have found so far ***

If your story isn’t here, I apologize…shoot me a note.

John Nedwill “The Wrong Approach”
tyrapendragon: “A New Approach”
NightElFlady:“18. Rooted”
The Lovely Christine: “Love - A Sugar Coated Pill”
mediocreBrit: “The Barn”
JasonGreenfield: “Sent Down”
Marigold91: “Right Behind You”
and a big welcome to rhythmchyc: “The Stranger”

My story isn’t up yet.
There are several of our regulars not here yet.
I’ll check again in the morning.

Good reading!



@cdcraftee Ah, well if you put it like that … :slight_smile:

Yes, all understood with context - and it makes a lot of sense.


disappeared for a short while, completed my house moving, and now trying to write something. Hopefully, it turns out less rubbish than I expect. Been feeling unusually tired for some days now, and have been sneaking naps at the office yawns


Well, it’s warmer down there Mediocrebrit. I may be from Scotland, but I still like to be warm lol


Welcome aboard. You will thoroughly enjoy in this group I am sure.


Thank you! It’s certainly been fun thus far.


Aww thank you for the welcome!


Moving is a big drain. It takes up a lot more energy than just the physical move part.

Hopefully you can start to recharge now.


I was out of town for several days, missed the weekend entirely, but just wrote a belated “approaching” story: “Glad Yule” in my collection “Spun Again 2”


@ThomasWalborn here’s joyce’s sweet addition:

“Glad Yule”


Thanks Chyc.

We also have an entry from Jenni: “Precious Cargo”.

I haven’t seen anything from the “Ohs” yet.
@orumeena and @oosomatsu if you are going to post an ‘approach’ story, have a friend announce it here.
@debbann I didn’t find one from you either.
No pressure, but I am about to get on a boat with very expensive internet so I will not be checking this very frequently until after the new year. So y’all are going to need to watch out for each other for the next two weeks.

I wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy, and Healthy New Year.



Happy Holidays, Mr. Twoogle. Hope you have a fun cruise. Pro tip: If you see the captain, don’t say “nice boat”.


I’ll try to remember that. Thanks.


Well, enjoy your cruise. I’m glad I’m not crossing the Irish Sea this week.


I’ve posted mine - struggled for a title. Precious Cargo. Thank you for your time.


Oh Sorry I see you’ve found it already. Thanks.