The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


Happy Holidays


Just posted mine as the last part of Two Heavy. It combines the debate and approach prompts.
Title: Isn’t Baby Coming

Time to catch up on reading


You can find Orumeena’s ‘approach’ here:’t-baby-coming


Thanks for checking, Thomas, I didn’t post this week. I have an internet issue when we travel as well. Merry Christmas and Happy-happy 2019!


The 500 word weekend write-in prompt for Dec 21 2018 is now available:

[The 500 Word Weekend Write-In]

500 words, with a new prompt every Friday. Everybody is welcome!


Well, it’s here again folks, Fun Friday - I DO so look forward to the prompts. Anyhow, my little scribbling buddy ‘discovered’ this week’s prompt and forwarded another offering. She has asked me to also give you a little insight to this week’s prose (along with an ENORMOUS apology, because try as she might, she just COULD NOT keep the length of her story within the boundaries). I have rapped her knuckles accordingly.

Anyway, here is what she wanted you all to know before reading her story. A while ago, she endeavoured to work on a little horror story she had considered about a tattoo artist who serves the devil. The skin art he creates harbours demonic influences (ancient ingredients within the ink mixed with demon blood, kind of thing). However, apart from an introductory chapter, she didn’t pursue it. She did think though, with considerable tweaking, it might do nicely for this week’s prompt “discover”. Oh, and here it is:


And, as Christmas fast approaches, may I take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and festive season. I am most honoured to be part of this wonderful community. Thank you :):smiley:


It is indeed stressful no matter how organised. Take time to recharge your batteries and enjoy your new home.


For those who follow the writings of the prophets, and for anyone who feels inclusive (goodwill to all mankind), check out this Christmas-inspired tale I found:


When I see your moniker, I smile and anticipate a delightful (or delightfully creepy) story. I’m glad you joined in! Merry Christmas and Glad Yule!


Can the story be a chapter in a book of short stories?


Absolutely! Many of the contributions are just that, and it saves you having to make a new book each week. The only minor issue is that there is a limit on how many tags you can use, so because you need to add a new tag each week, eventually you’ll either need to start a new book, or delete your old tags.

Welcome to the group!


I’ve been hugely busy - typed up an old partial story for my Fragments collection and drafted 49 parts for Invasion from the Appleverse. Any old WriteOners remember Henri the Evil Apple!? Well as soon as I sort a cover, he’s coming back in a big way!! - so hoping to look at the prompt tomorrow and I might even be able to do a bit of reading over the Xmas period!


My friend who I share a name and general description with wrote this -

Also, INVASION FROM THE APPLEVERSE is now posted, if anyone wants to look - I am very pleased with the cover!


Heard a Danish Xmas elf whisper,

"She’s been scribbling again. There’s a story about us -



Hey y’all, I just published for “discover” but it was a bit of a stretch! Oh, something gets discovered alright, but I really wanted to get a Christmas story done. And apologies for going a bit over word count. So, Mr. Walborn if you would do the honors: the title is “History Lesson.”


Tom’s away where the living is easy and reception/deception difficult, I believe, but never fear, other cheery little Xmas elves are here to help him out - and your worthy self, as well -


Came back to say I don’t think there’s a lifeline to the Man of Few Words himself - but I found him -

[ohh purlease Neddy… YOU? Stuck for words?? Hohohohoho! - laughed in true Christmas fashion!]


Thank you CD!!! :grinning::gift:


Beat me to it!


Happy Holidays! Whichever way you celebrate, or if you don’t celebrate at all, I hope this is a lovely time for you and yours.

A friend of mine who goes by the name of a flower has posted one for “discover”, enjoy! -