The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


Can my friend re-enter an earlier submission? It was the first submission ever made to this group by this friend. In order to submit it to a recent science fiction contest, it was altered to include a couple of passages about a song, so it would seem to fit in with this week’s prompt.


I say your undocumented friend should go for it. If they get in trouble, you can always unfriend them :slight_smile:


Below is the link to my friend’s story:'lon-seven

By the way, I found out if any of your stories are below 1,000 reads, there’s a new type of help.

A person created “#2018undiscovered1k” as a tag you can put in your stories. Even if all of your stories are above 1,000 reads searching this way can help support hidden gems.

Thanks for the companionship everyone, and have a Happy New Year!


I presume in a day or so we should use #2019undiscovered1k !!


It’s what I’m hoping for, but it may not be so simple. I found out about the #2018undiscovered1k on a thread, and I think they had to see about getting it first. I may be remembering that incorrectly. I sure hope they create it.


I would so love to see that in practice.


Well, that tag would cover all but one of my collections, even after 18 months.


Let us know if you see they’ve created the 2019 - in the meantime I’ll add 2018, because … why not.

I wonder if there’s an undiscovered under 5k reads - THAT would suit all my books!


creeps in on New Years eve with my “music” story, Christmas Morning
written as part two of Stash.

Regarding presents, I was good this year but somehow, Santa forgot me. There is still next year, I’m hopeful.


I did a search on “2018undiscovered1K’” in the threads and it looks as if it went up on November 29th.

There are currently 362 stories listed. I submitted mine six days ago and not one of them is there.

Here’s the first mention I could find at post #22 on #share-your-story: A place to find new writers

I suppose none of you can relate to that delayed response to a tag though…


Orumeena’s ‘music’ is here:


My story Invasion from the Appleverse just ranked under the tag.


There are either 364 or 375 stories listed under that tag, apparently.


I saw mine there too. Oh me of little faith :innocent:



Every time I check the number changes - I just saw 370, scrolled down and it was 380 when I scrolled up again. Catch you later - I am still in need of rest after last night so calling it a night!


Did you miss me?


Daddy’s back!! jumps up and down with excitement Don’t ever go away again! Did you bring us presents? :slight_smile:


Hi, did you all have a great time?
i’ve not caught up with all the stories yet, but have finally written one - Power of Music- I had to walk in flakes of snow to find the way to rewrite it.


It’s like you’ve been gone for a year. The place totally fell apart and we decided no more vacations for you!