The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


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The 'LOST’ MUSIC stories of 2018:
Here is Jenni with her Power of Music
Some of you have found Tyra’s latest chapter, called ‘Music’.
RAM has brought us a twofer this week! First we have a Moorthy and Burphy case called, appropriately The Case, and then take a look at “Kafka on the Offshore”.

*** Found another *** Oosomatsu gifted us with “Classical Calumny”

That is my “quick look” report.
Did I miss any unsung music stories?
I know a bunch of you had friends post a link for you and after tea maybe I’ll come back and summarise them. But till then, Happy Reading!




Well, now I am back.
I figure if I am enough of a pain in the arse you will let me go again.


Thank you elfie.


I meant to ask…

Have you recovered from your move?


The 500 word weekend write-in prompt for Jan 04 2019 is now available:

[The 500 Word Weekend Write-In]

500 words, with a new prompt every Friday. Everybody is welcome!


You really do need to change the caution about the time for things to turn up in the search. Something along the lines of, “Search function? You must be kidding!” would do, IMO.


Oh yes,I believe so, it’s all done and life has continued with all it’s excitement.


Well, a hale ‘n’ hearty morning to you all.

Scribbles (as I have decided to call her) has been on a little exercise and during her travels she came across a prompt which, she tells me, instantly drove her to re-work a particular chapter from one of her stories. Originally, the piece of music she found for the excerpt helped her enormously in visualising the scene she wanted to create. The prose needed A LOT of trimming and tidying up, but she has asked if you wouldn’t mind accepting her edited version for this week’s prompt.‘travel’


John is right.
Maybe start with:
“To find your story and all the stories for this week in your lifetime visit us at the weekendwritein discussion thread and let us know you have done a story for the weekend prompt.
If you would like your future grandchildren to find and read your stories, copy and paste these two keywords…”


I added an extra note to the prompt thread warning people that their story may not appear in their lifetime, and directing them to the international search and rescue team for further processing.


Uh, medi, buddy, are you distracted this week?
I am not one to be picky but I feel I should point out that this message says the prompt is for Dec. 28th…
The ‘real’ prompt says it is for January 4th.

My deductive acumen leads me to believe that the ‘real’ prompt is correct.

Just thought I should point that out.

(Still happy to have me back?)


I see it! Good job.


The font is too big.
If you are going to do disclaimers and legal type stuff you have to make the text really tiny.


You have clearly suffered a vision issue on your travels. The prompt message is extremely accurate *

* Any edits to the prompt message since your observation are purely coincidental and may or may not have happened. Note from author: You’re crazy, I’m not crazy.


I tried so hard to make my disclaimer in the wrong date reply tiny, but couldn’t find a way to do it.


Did you do the ‘travel’ prompt just for me?


Oh! I didn’t mean to, but maybe it was a subliminal thing. I just pluck a word out of nowhere, or from something I just read or heard. Or, did I…


I’ll choose to believe that you did.

I have a lot of reading to catch up on

and we have house guests for the weekend

so I am hiding in the library for as long as I can.