The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


Don’t forget the candlestick. And watch out for Professor Plum.


Thanks for the tip. But I tend to watch Miss Scarlett.
There’s just something about that woman…


Speaking of scarlet women, Old McLarsen said the missus has been at it again, with a distinctly Downunder flavour.
‘Think I Can Fly’ she calls this year’s collection - HA! - away with the fairies, if you ask him.
[But since you didn’t, he wants you to know where you’ll find her first effort for the year -
‘A Winning Workhorse’ she called this one]
Old McL. peers all around to make sure no-one can hear, and then mutters “I REALLY like this one” [while she rolls her eyes and says ‘of course’ with great feeling and unmissable nuance and sarcasm and stuff]


It’s wonderful Elfie.
And look at all your awards. We are blessed to have such a talent joining us.
Please thank Scribbles for sharing such breath-taking vision… AND music.

Pardon? Others need a reminder? Here - The Black Nimbus


Yarbles to pretences. And the WattPad search engine. Here’s my take on the Weekend Write-In prompt:

A Glass of the Good Stuff


Y’know what - my friend is crazy! He already has enough story ideas to last a lifetime but insists of starting new stories, albeit as part of an existing collection - but it looks like this one could be the start of another multi part story!

My friend also believes this could be of interest to @johnnedwill and @StevenJPemberton because it starts to set up a very oblique and eventual connection to some book he wrote about superheroes and a man you couldn’t see … or something!


[innocent] I have no idea what your friend might be referring to. [/innocent]


To add to what I was hinting at above, I have had this plan in my head for many years to utilize public domain ‘universes’ from defunct comic book companies of the 1940’s and 50’s.

Slight … Unseen Man spoiler … In the sequel the UM finds himself trapped in a succession of alternate earths - as The Meridian Universe is a ‘super powered one’ the alts he finds himself in are also, but they’ll be ones that use actual superheroes created in the 30’s-50’s - some of which have been revived in recent decades by comic companies, but due to the nature of Public Domain, anyone can utilise their own versions based on the original characters. Now I can’t base my take off of say AC comics version of the original Daredevil who they call Reddevil - that same character is in Dynamite Comics Project: Superpowers, called the Death Defying Devil and elsewhere as Doubledare. Some companies even use him under his original name because as long as it’s not plastered on a cover, calling Daredevil, Daredevil doesn’t infringe Marvel’s copyright.

So in the UM sequel, Niles Novack finds himself on a world which only had a small bunch of costumed heroes, most of whom vanished in 1962.

He stumbles across the ghost of a dead cop - Sgt Spook - who can only be seen by certain children and those who possess super powers. Spook has been alone for over 50 years so he guides Niles towards a slow aging super-genius adventurer who informs him they don’t know how to dimension travel, but their lost super team The Stars used to go on world hopping adventures with the ‘world next door’ - it was that world that had the trans-dimensional tech. And it could also be there that the Stars vanished on one of their annual ‘team ups’

Working together they manage to open the ‘jumpway’ and find themselves in a world where back in 1962 a dangerously unstable kid with a genie has captured all the heroes including the Stars and put them in suspended animation, occasionally bringing them out to play games in altered reality scenarios - This is Daredevil’s world -

Anyway the plot continues from there and the Gleason characters mention other worlds of heroes like - and these are the characters who show up in the Father Time/Marvel universe story, hence the connection.

And in my novel Transverse, the MC encounters the few costumed mystery men of this world -

The end game idea is to include these sets of characters in the UNSEEN MAN multiverse and franchise.

                      Look what I "DISCOVERED"

Ok. Yeah. I know that “Discover” was an old prompt., reaching way back to 21 December. Ancient history.
But the strangest thing happened. As I was trying to catch up on my favorite reading material (you guys)
I inadvertently type “discovery” into the prompt search. (I should have typed ‘discover’)

And LOOK. Two stories came up!

First I found @pierlerouge and his story ‘Terrifying Discovery’

And then, right behind it, sauntered @oosomatsu with ‘The Growth Stunting Discovery’.

I also found a couple of sweet stories by @karinelda dating back to turkey_time that seemed to be undiscovered. Karin gave us a hint of what was to come with her party story (which most of you read) but then quietly slipped in the sweet ‘What Was Stolen’ and then followed it with ‘Living on Repeat’. I enjoyed both of them and thought you might, too. I have it on good authority that now that the holidays are over she may share more of her thoughts.

I see the gremlins, cousins, and friends of weekenders have been busy sharing their travel stories so I’m not going to create a list of them yet. Instead I will continue to troll the archives for stories I have personally missed over the holidays. If I find something else that I feel was overlooked, I’ll bring it to your attention.


in just four days we can record the date 1/9/19 !
Unless, of course, you don’t live in the US. Then you might want to say 9/1/19; which carries a certain symmetry of it’s own. Or, you might say

but I digress. Whatever part of this big blue ball you live on, enjoy the new year and WRITEON !


For the first write in of 2019… had no time to create. Hectically busy getting all my ducks in a line to release my last novel today. (website, newsletter, facebook, amazon author page… takes forever!)
So I give you a few scenes about out-of-this-world travel, out of my very last novel, Perihelion, second in a sci-fi trilogy. Don’t read it first, or the last chapter will be totally confusing.

“Excerpts from PERIHELION”


Welcome back!


You can find “Excerpts from PERIHELION” HERE.


@ThomasWalborn - I’ve been quite good with reading this week - a bit more time - but if you’re putting up a full listing, I’ll look forward to seeing everything all in one place, for my convenience of course! LOL.


No problem, Jason. Just for you.
I’ll get started on it right away.


You are a star. Not literally hopefully because at this close proximity your stellar energies would melt us! Hmmm @mediocrebrit - suggestion - Melt. In 500 plus (the plus my selfish addition) words, tell what happens when Tom Walborn melts stuff!! :slight_smile:


***The Sunday Morning J-G Report ***

We start the list with our very own Night Elf who woke us up with the powerful story “The Black Nimbus”
Soon after that, I found Christine’s story about Kanute’s Ute. Whazzat?, you say? Read about it here: “A Winning Workhorse”.
John offers up “A Glass of the Good Stuff” but Jason, you already know that. Here is a hint: If you are going to Ireland, like I am next year, check with John Nedwill to make sure you know where to go to get the best Guinness.
And then we have yourself, the prolific producer of pulp pastiche, with “The Crazy Stuff - 1943”.
Joyce offers a switch-up from the otherworldly tusse folk to literally taking us to another world with her “Excerpts From Perihelion”.
Here is one you may not know about: Oosomatsu’s “The Companionable Travellers”.

And that is about it for what I have found so far this Sunday morning.

I could leave place-holders for Jenni, Tyra, Peter and, let’s not forget our esteemed producer, that master of the twist, promptmeister extraordinaire, old whats-his-name but if I did that they might feel pressured to fill the gap. And this is a no-pressure, feel good communtiy. So I’ll just leave it as is
and will plan to revisit the tomes tonight while y’all are sleeping. Any one (not limited to those just mentioned) who has written a story should feel free to mention it here or PM me and when Jason wakes up tomorrow morning he will have a fresh up-to-the minute accounting of travel stories for his immediate perusal.



For once I am actually up to date on my reading!

John and I have discussed guinness - apparently I need to be right there in the brewery. Even walking down the street drinking a can will be an exercise in deterioration!!


But you’re fine with the bottled stuff. If you like that sort of thing.


Aarghh… Tommykins! Don’t do a Neddy on us.
WHAT is a J-G Report? I was thinking Jungle Guerillas - but that’s a bit Amazonish, not Watthisface-ish.
Jazzy Georgians? Jumping [the]Gun? Juicy Gremlins?
And Google was no help either.


Running joke about listing for my convenience so Jason Greenfield report of course! :grin: