The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


I rather like Juicy Gremlins.

and that visual image of Christine googling J-G made it worth it all.


Good morning Jason.

Tyra has published “Travel Plans”.
karinelda added a story to her “The Silver Lining” volume called “An Expected Journey”.
and that is all that I see as of 11:50 Atlanta time.


Oh, by the way, don’t call me for the next six hours, please.


Josiah’s Travel has made its way into Stash as the third part.
It is quite interesting where these prompts lead. A journey begun with no obvious/certain destination, a tiny bit like Abraham.


Mr. TWoogle! Mr. TWoogle! Please, sir.


My friend almost missed the boat (puns, haha)

Here is the link to my friend’s story:

My friend didn’t have time to check if grammar was goodly, and the present was perfect, so be forgiving.


*** Monday Report ***
OK, I am a little late. It was a beautiful day so I put the top down and we went for a ride.

First up for your reading pleasure is Paul Westley’s “Collateral”.
Then we get an “Adrenalin Rush” from Jenni Clarke.
dECAF presented us with “Travelling Army of One”.
And O’Rume Ena published “Josiah’s Travel”.

I am just going to slip this in here where the wattpad ambassadors will overlook it.
Old Tango Whisky (that is phonetic for TW) has added to an older story line
with a new chapter called “The Travel”.
It is a continuation of a story started in the old writeon days.

That is all my crystal ball has revealed.
If it has missed someone, please let me know and I will get it re-calibrated.


Careful there brittie, TWoogle has been known to feed his foes and false flatterers to his big boa boy!
I know.
I found it on Google [or in a nightmare, or similar].


Big boa boy? Is that a euphemism?


I wouldn’t touch that with a six foot Boa.


you googled twoogle?


Christine might not have, but I just did. And, OMG, it’s a real word! I could be sued for copyright infringement.


We’re not going to tell. Are we?


Is that a python in your pocket, or are you just learning to program?


Hello Fair People Of the Chat


No-o-o… well not until that brit brute bellowed.
Now I’ll go speak to him and set him straight…


Nope, little pretty britty. There is NO TWoogle I can find.
Our name IS as original as the white crusader himself [uhrr. sometimes many shades of black, actually, all emanating from that b… heart, no doubt]
There are many wannabees out there, but none match the name EXACTLY.
On the question of infringes and fringes and the like, I figure Tommykins just gets more bangs for his buck [or for all of us… or something??]

PS: Ooowhaa Neddy, is THAT where you do all your programming?
What a shock for a wannabe pickpocket!


Hallo yoman - while you wasup there, didja do anything exciting?
And welcome, by the way.
Gonna have a go at the prompts sometime? Soon??


It looks like GoogleDownUnder © 2019 is suppressing the right of the people for the truth, the whole truth, or perhaps they think you can’t handle the truth!


I’m fairly new here but Hi there! :wave:


Now why did I just hear Jack Nicholson uttering those last Few Good Words there (ok that was a lame take on the film title, but hey!) :roll_eyes::smirk: