The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


Hmm … THAT explains everything!

Sorry Christine, you were saying? :grinning:

I’m going to tag you in - see if you can see the notification.


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Gotcha - answering on Slack. Thank you!

AndinsofaraswotIwozsaying - you really don’t want to know.
Didn’t your Granny teach you to be careful what you ask for? Shh… don’t answer that!


Nah its all good - I’m gradually getting to everything. My immediate priority is I have to enter Alex Nderitu for the Caine Prize for his story in the Thriller anthology. Falls on me as ‘publisher’ and I need to do a letter and send copies.


The 500 word weekend write-in prompt for Jan 18 2019 is now available:

[The 500 Word Weekend Write-In]

500 words, with a new prompt every Friday. Everybody is welcome!


Wow, that was unexpected.


OMG, what is wrong with me! It was supposed to be totally random. You are in my head! Get out of my head!


I didn’t know all this. I actually shared her story from the Travel prompt on twitter back then as I thought it was too good to not share.


Thank you Christine, you are seriously making me blush :blush: I have been fortunate for sure and not more so in having been steered in the direction of this group. Thank you all for being so welcoming and encouraging.


Oh wow! Thank you so much!


Well, I don’t know what Scribbler has been on, but it hasn’t been any sight-seeing tour that’s for sure. Trying her hand at something a little different, loosely based on folk I believe she knew.


Someone said there was a new story about fishing - ohh… it was Old McLarsen, and then he said the reality isn’t new at all - happened years ago - but admitted he still likes to think about it. It goes like this -

Gone Fishin’


Well, this week I’m Virtually There with my contribution.


John’s story is already there! It’s just like the old days, except for the not working part.

Update: Now 3 stories show up in the search. Could it be almost wo…wo…wo…working?


In Norwegian, the word “tur” means going for a walkabout. Look, here’s someone on tour over the fjells of Telemark:


Spookily, I’m working on a fishing related idea for the tourist prompt. Hopefully I’ll get it done by Sunday afternoon.


I am being a tourist this weekend; visiting friends in S. Carolina. So I will keep tabs on the forum and post a list as needed but it may wait until the end of the day.
So far, the links are pretty clear and I am going to go read a few of them now.


By the way, Jenni Clarke has posted a story from last week’s prompt.
I am having trouble pasting the link with my iPad but it is showing up on the keyword search. Search on #weekendwritein #right to find “After Evie”.


Tyra has added a new chapter to her saga, Tourist Trap


Thanks to one of those great coincidences which have served me so well in previous Weekenders, it just so happens that a comic book published a decade ago featuring 1940’s heroes established that ‘tourist’ is slang for a costumed non powered hero. ‘Tourists’ in a war zone are generally looked down upon by their super powered compatriots and though FT (At this stage non powered) has proven his worth to the likes of Captain America … that doesn’t cut any ice with the Sub Mariner!

How did the incursion start? And who is … The Black Fury!?

My friend suggests all Marvel and FT fans look for the answers here -