The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


No. We are not worthy. Only John is worthy. Joyce is a little worthy.


Obviously my general-purpose voodoo doll curse is doing something.


My spouse is a level-headed, logical person, but freaks out when it comes to mention of voodoo. Honestly.


My friend continued his story about Jean. He thinks it can also be understood as a stand-alone chapter. It’s the third chapter in the story “Earthworks,” for those of you keeping score.

Much of it is about teamwork, and it’s called "Yoked,” but maybe it doesn’t fit this week’s prompt :slight_smile:

Here’s the link:

Plus, he thought of a short username that hadn’t already been staked out by any prospector: “decafs”


Well, Scribbler had to really gather her grey-cell team for this one and it has left her somewhat…ill. Read on and you will understand her angst, perhaps.'team'


I find just leaving the doll around does things at work.

But, then again, I am not your average engineer … .


Group Answer - because… uhrr… hmmm…
just because, that’s all.

I didn’t not read your tale at all, well hardly, well peeked a bit.
If you speak nicely to @jasy, he might lend you a super-hero to lift that mountain someone made out of a mole-hill, otherwise you can threaten to sool the tusse-folk onto him.

Unworthy wordsmithery perchance?

So you’re saying it’s not bribery and corruption…
it’s the voodoo that you do, so well??

There’s more but… can’t. Tired. Hurting. More sleep could be a clue.
See you later.


Atomic voodoo! Things That Man Was Not Meant To Know! Things That Woman Was Not Meant To Know Either! This Could Mean The End Of Civilisation As We Know It!

Well, something like that.


OMG, what is going on! Now Tom’s story (‘team’-in-i ) is showing up in the search. Somebody has clearly messed with the search mess algorithm.


My Wattpad experience has been strange in the last 24 hours. Does everyone want their book in hardcover?


Not everybody is showing up. I think the search-mess algorithm has been messed-up to mess with our heads.


“Strange? How strange?” the audience asked.


Wow, that candy-is-us delivery must have paid off.


Hardcover? your wattpad books are showing up in hardcover?


Dammit, I got them a year’s subscription to WattPad stories.


Ooh, that would have worked for me.
Does that get rid of those annoying ads?


Careful what you wish for - WP has been plagued by messages from ‘Admin’ telling us we’ve won a premium no ad upgrade. Of course if you click the links you’ll only get taken to porn sites and possibly be hacked! Fortunately WP is on the ball here and seem to delete these as fast as they pop up. Maybe these distractions are keeping WP from making sure the search tagging works constantly!


While we’re on the subject of plagues, viruses and the like, does anyone else have @NightElflady’s problem of not being able to comment on other folks’ flashers?
She just keeps getting unpleasant messages about comment failure. Beats me. She’s SO polite, unlike the mainly rabble element in this neck of the woods.
And I’m surprised I’ve had 14 ‘lookers’ and only 2 comments so far on mine. Looks like my chewing gum lost its flavour on the bedpost overnight [likewise my flasher… now THAT is something I CAN understand!]


We’re not a rabble! We’re a mob, we are. Well, if we had more people we would be a mob. But we definitely have mob aspirations.

I had problems with comments about a fortnight ago, but things have been alright this week.


Aww, sorry. ‘Loveable larrikins’ instead??
You DO know that ‘mob’ most truly belongs to kangaroos? Which is fine when you’re told to jump, I guess.
The thing about kangaroos is that they have this tiny head, gradually-increasing-in-size body, powerful back legs [how high should I jump??] and an extremely long and strong tale [uhrr… tail].
[Just saved you a Google-binge-migraine-overload. Kindly send all appropriately appreciative gestures to Wattshisface]