The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


I have noticed that trying to comment with my APP on my Samsung phone can be problematic but I have not had any problems with the desktop version. So I will read new offerings on my phone if I am out and about, then try to remember to come back and comment when I get home.


I think she meant rebel element, a distinct reference to the resident of the neck of the woods called Georgia, USA.


Just found Tyra’s latest chapter; “Teamwork”.

I think everyone else has a link posted here. I will do a summary tomorrow.


Aw. I like being part of the mobile vulgus.


Still having problems commenting on posts (it is being most temperamental) so I will comment here instead.

I read this with bated breath (to the point I almost became a grey ash-tree myself). I was aghast at first when I read Gro was found dead, continuing to read in disbelief.

I’ve been drawn to these tusse-folk ever since I started reading your stories, but this one had me starting to rethink my feelings for them.

BUT! When she returned with Svein, so did my affections for the rather mischievous little elves. (I also chuckled at the second breakfast and lunch - the mourners appetites were not dampened at least). I loved it Joyce :slight_smile:


SAME PROBLEM TRYING TO COMMENT, but at least I could vote!

It is so hard at times to keep a straight face when eavesdropping on these conversations, I have had many a giggle (and a shudder) at some of the convos during various journeys.

This was highly entertaining, Christine, and the your depiction of the characters was simply wonderful. I smiled from beginning to end.


Following on with having to post my comments here:

Some very colourful characters, I must say, although I had to read it slowly for there were so many names I worried I was going to get lost amongst them all.

I must admit it has a very different feel to your other FT instalments; more of a FT’s Wikipedia than the character himself imparting the information. Still, great writing.


Oh, I sensed the tension building and no wonder, his over-use of “Team” jarred MY nerves as well. I felt myself picking up one of those baseball bats, lol. Great work John :smiley:


I can empathise with Jean, I’m a bit of a lone wolf worker myself. But oh! Poor Jean. Pain, humiliation and lord knows what penalty awaits her now.


If you’ve ever been on that kind of training course, then you know how bad it gets.


Oh, we have monthly sessions like that at my place of work - some worse than others, granted.


Hmmm, will bear that in mind - FT isn’t always the POV character in the stories in his collection. A few of the 80’s/90’s tales focuses on his daughter Staci, one on his arch enemy Doktor Entropy, and in the old west flashbacks in Lone Gun, it’s the story of those characters and almost as if he were just listening/watching it.

I was thinking of doing an installment from the POV of the Fox heroes to get into their motivation and that they see themselves as the ‘good guys’ - the team prompt was a good way to get into their history (mix of the real and what I’ve added) and give background on them. A lot of stuff is being informed by my reading of the old comics - Flip Falcon’s dimension machine eventually being adapted for discovery of alternate earths, for instance.


And now there are six! Granted, the upside-down lady is missing, but she calls them bad names so that could just be revenge.


Working my way back up from Downunder [NOT from upside down as some would have you believe - it’s actually a matter of perspective]
@medicare - bad names? I’ve been most circumspect, believe me [don’t forget, I’ve cooked for shearers… say no more!] BUT I never considered maybe the top honcho is a WattsHERface and that’s why I’m off the Xmas card list, etc. You know, a woman scorned and all that??
@Elfie - you’ll find I have a strange affinity with bizarre characters. Hmm…
PS: love your ingenuity in using this ‘just hanging on by a thread’ for comments.
Watt’llwedoo doesn’t offer too many options!
@youngWill - it will become obvious I did not learn Latin OR Google it to make up my mind you’re discussing those vulgar mobile phones - the ones that have the good Elfie hamstrung.
@TWoogle - first I should note that here is another glaring example of vulgarity in its most extreme form [ahh settle down young Tom - talking about your cell phone - and see, I can speak American!]
And second of all, I did NOT mean rebel - the only rebels of worth Downunder were part of the Rum Rebellion of 1808 [believe it or not, before my time!] - they successfully overthrew the Government [oowhaa… now that could be of interest to you?!?]
I said rabble and I meant rabble in its purest meaning - a disorganized or disorderly crowd of people, and just be grateful I didn’t use one of its synonyms -
proletariat, rabblement, ragtag and bobtail, riffraff, rout, scum, tag, rag, and bobtail (or tagrag and bobtail), trash, unwashed.
OK? [see, I DID Google that one! - for reinforcements and the like]


The first rule of Thesuarus Club is we do not talk about, discuss, mention …


…converse, describe, elaborate upon …


Ohh no! @neddy and @jasy - Don’t tell me you Thinkhesaurus?


Nah. Just fly casual.


…pontificate, perambulate, preach…

ok, well maybe not perambulate



Has anyone seen old mB?

He was around here somewhere, not too long ago…

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