The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


I think I saw him a couple of days ago. He was working on a team story and getting nowhere fast. He was considering hiring a team of ghost writers.


Ghost writers indeed.
Well please ask them to manifest so we can see them.


While looking around for mB I did find an entry by Peter;

“Jeremiah’s Team”


OK, I have to ask…
did that just trip off your tongue as a part of everyday conversation?
or did you have to look it up?

I just googled the usage of mobile vulgus and google told me
it has probably only been used twice in the last year.

It also referenced me to ochlocracy (which comes from the french ochlocratie)
all of which makes me realize that chrissie was right when she called us rabble.


With all this word play, perhaps she meant a ‘scrabble’!


Anyhow my fevered little brain is working overtime (like Fletch) so I think I’ll do a second ‘team’ with my story - can’t wait for the next prompt! This’ll be a first for me - I’ve done multiple stories for a prompt before, but never two for the exact same story.


“Fletch” ?? The Gregory McDonald character?

At last, a reference I can understand.




Never underestimate the power of an Irish education.


I presume your groan is because you belatedly realised I was talking about Irwin M Fletcher - Second only in my mind to Clark W Griswald!

EDIT - You learn something new every day. I never even knew Fletch was a character from a novel. Only familiar with Chevy Chase’s portrayal!


I wrote out the next chapter this morning. Jean’s world was just too bleak. I needed to get out an improved situation. So at the end of this latest chapter there’s some hope, and Jean actually smiles (voluntarily).


YAY!!! Finally I am able to comment again - at least it allowed me to just now :smiley:


[chuckles in the corner] Oh, the banter here is so good!


Yes, he did a few books on Fletch.
Chevy Chase did a great job but I think I enjoyed the books more.

No, the groan was for the bad pun (rabble/“word play”/scrabble)


Hey, while we were bantering about here, Oosomatsu was busy scribing “A Little to the Right of Henry VIII”.
But I am a little to the left of confused because he tagged it “Liar”.
Maybe he has a lead on next week’s prompt?
@mediocrebrit, how about it?


I don’t know how he knew, but next week’s prompt is “tell what happens when pants on fire”. Unless he was doing the “liar” prompt from about five months ago.


You’d be surprised what our friend has in his arsenal.


Ok my friend went a bit crazy - this is 2000 words so only read if you’re interested in my …uh his parallel dimension superhero story. It’s still loosely connected to the ‘team’ prompt.

I actually am really getting into these Fox superheroes - rife with potential (Could even incorporate into the Unseen Man franchise idea eh @johnnedwill - after all I will be putting something in the UM sequel that has a very distant connection). I could even write a FLIP FALCON and the Fourth Dimension novel! With the time travel element its rife with potential!


Hey, I just read mB’s team story, “The Secret”, and it has it all; intrigue, suspense, nefarious activities, sex, uh, well, maybe implied sex; you will have to decide for yourself.


Well, maybe a little foreplay. Not even that really. Maybe twoplay.