The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


Thanks, NightElflady! In these folktales from Telemark, it’s hard to tell which side to root for. I could take the same tale and spin it two different ways, from the point of view of humans or that of the tusse-folk. It’s the way the story is told that casts the players as hero or villain!


@ThomasWalborn Are we close to a list yet? My disorganized brain needs the clarity - Well, all my organizational skills have gone into writing and OMP stuff, of which there is a lot on and to think about recently - all good and potentially great.


8 stories in the search now. Could it be…


Confirm 8 - one of whom is somebody who I’ve not read. That’s rather remiss of me.


Just read all - and I discovered I was lacking the #weekendwritein tag on Time: Immemorial. Fixed. Hopefully it starts showing up now!


OK, let’s do a count here:
Joyce Holt - “Ash Branch”
cdcraftee - “On the Busses”
Jason Greenfield - “22-4-weird heroes”
John Nedwill - “Together Everyone Achieves More”
decaf - “Yoked”
Lady Elf - “Effort”
Tango Whiskey’s “There is no Team in ‘I’.”
Tyrapendragon - “Teamwork”
pierlerouge - “Jeremiah’s Team”
Oosomatsu - “A Little to the Right of Henry VIII”
mediocrebrit - “The Secret”

and a bonus round marathon by Jason Greenfield - "The Fourth Dimension-1940 that topped out at over 2000 words but got a least a dozen reads so far.

So thar ya have it. Well, at least up to Tuesday night, Atlanta time.
As I find 'em, I’ll add 'em heah. Have a good night, y’all.


And they all show up in the search, except for

Downunder who didn’t grace us with the #weekendwritein tag, so ya gets what ya pays for

and Decafs who put #teams instead of #team

I think it might be… FIXED!!!


@ThomasWalborn Good stuff - I have read 8 stories (a good showing for me this week!) and will read more later.


Read them all, I think. Mine’s now up - T.E.A.M.


Instead of having multiple short stories fill up my inventory, can I condense them into one thing. Each weekend be a new chapter type of thing? And just tag it with weekendwritein
Or is that unfair?


Some of us have been doing that for years now!


Oh yay! Thank you!
Then I will definitely take part in this!!
Ahhaha <3


I have changed my mistake from “teams” to “team” - decafs

All is right with the world now.

Unless you’re living in the central part of the U.S., where it’s minus 29 C (sounds a bit worse in Celsius).


Jenni’s TEAM story can be found HERE.


If you’re talking about me, young Brit - YES I DID - right from the start.
And I’m still not on the list anyway.

Think the bribe withered and died -
Burnt then frozen,
“Wattsyourface, please help me”
[but of course he/she didn’t]
So the bribe curled up and cried [itself back to sleep].

Poetic? NOT… but then my name isn’t Oosywotsit!

Fixed… huh?? Ha! [Just cos you’ve made the VIP list! Hmm…]


Yes, young inverted lady, I’m talking about you. Take a look at your tags. #weekendwritein doesn’t show up on the page I’m looking at.


Pardon me, but is the sixth one not TEAM??

Ohh xyz#%blurp.etc. - I reckon Wattsitsface nicked off with my weekend, but no way is he/she/it gonna get my writing. Think its payback. So be it.
But you better watch it WP, I’ve been playing games a LOT longer than you, and I’m better at it.
As for you littlebrit, I’ve been there and fixed it - for how long, no-one knows - but Watssit’s on notice now and he/she/it best not forget the ‘hell hath no fury…’ story.
So we’ll see.

PPS: What a beautiful cover - she’s SO talented!!! And a GREAT WRITER, 2!?!
Thanks for the commercial break youngbrit. You are forgiven.


yes, but what about this one *************** #weekendwritein **********************


Welcome to Weekendwritein land, land of culture, land of love.


Just walking by… I’m ‘enjoying’ a lazy week of no writing as my good friend, Inspiration, took a trip to see his family and has been enjoying their company a lot more than I expected he would.

I’m at the office now and I need to sneak a break, been a busy morning, so I’ll do some quick catch up on reading.