The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


Now 12 are showing! Is that everybody? I’m starting to get a little hopeful that WP doesn’t hate us any more:


It is, indeed, a beautiful cover, Christine.

and wasn’t it nice of the brit to post it here for all of us to oogle?


LOL I occasionally have those kind of trips. It is always a nice surprise…


Let’s just see if it sticks. Then we can start celebrating.


We’ll look forward to seeing you around!


The 500 word weekend write-in prompt for Feb 1 2019 is now available:

[The 500 Word Weekend Write-In]

500 words, with a new prompt every Friday. Everybody is welcome!


My friend finished another chapter about Jean. It’s not such a downer this time. Jean actually smiles.

The chapter, titled “Arrival,” can be found here:


Oh no.
I wanted to be the first for once.

Can you just, like, pull yours down for editing.
Just for a few minutes.

“The Contract” has just been published.


I want to join.
This is for Feb 1


2 stories already showing. Yours might too if you added this week’s tag :slight_smile: Taking lessons from downunder? :joy:


And that is the way to do it.

You are welcome here.


Heehee minibrit and TWoogle - first place for the moment.
Is this truly what larrikinism can earn, or is it more like ‘the condemned man/woman ate a hearty breakfast’?? - and the axe-fall is imminent? ‘whooooosh’ - [that was close] -
“Get yerself a proper boomerang next time - NOT one of those chinese look-alikes with the mechanised dots!” she was heard to shout.

(Sorry but there’s no little Pink Hacker Girl with the right expression, although this one’s pretty reasonable -


My friend @decafs has a question: Is it okay to present two stories about “arrive” in the same week?

He realized that he already had a chapter (coming in at 409 words) that had never been posted here.

The chapter concerns the character She-Hulk, cousin to the Hulk. She’s green, can get angry, but she retains her intelligence at all times (well, she decided to become a lawyer, so who knows?).

If it’s copacetic, then here is the link to the second story about “arrive”:


Well, I did it before but apparently in my enthusiasm, forgot to hit “save”.

and I only see Christine’s story on my search.


Oh, weird, I see Christine and decafs.


Well, to give the darling her due; Christine’s “Here Come the Shearers” is the first to show up on the new and improved search results.


@decafs - Well seeing as I did 2 parts of the same story for the same prompt last week, I’m all for it!

Here is my friend’s entry for this week - he says he may do a second one again, to get more into the alt history and ARRIVAL of several threats from beyond in that parallel 1941!

Also as some of you seemed to miss Father Time being directly in the story, here’s ol FT … but he’s still not getting the best of his situation!


and now you’re there! It’s a xmas miracle. Or a code fix.


No rules here! Two stories is twice as good :slight_smile:


And now he isn’t. all I’m seeing is @decafs’s and @cdcraftee’s stories I’ll give it 24 hours.