The 500 Word Weekend Write-In Discussion Thread


Recovering from swoon
"There are [gasp] - 12 stories there right now!


Yeah, me too. It’s bizarre.


“Oh no there aren’t!”



“That’s all Folks,” she said.“I rest my case. RU smogged over at your place, or sumth’n?”


yeah, but #team is so last week. We are talking about #arrive




and I am seeing five (as in 5) stories listed for the arrive prompt.

I suspect we are being randomly directed to different servers, each with their own update schedule.


Sorry I missed last weeks Write In but here’s my effort for the ‘arrives’ prompt.

The First Boy And The Last


Don’t forget you need the #arrive tag or it won’t show in the search


All done. :grinning:


Ohh sorry - again. Guess who’s flitting in and out the back door, trying to teach the tripper rescue dog some manners - and stop her bullying of our gentle Kelly Kelpie… in between flitting around the internet and writing/editing/planning. It’s all very well wearing this multi-function tag, but there must be a limit. So speaketh my blood pressure! [but winning after the week that WAS!]
I did all correctly at my place, and then flubbed it on the list search.
I see 3 only!


It’s bouncing around like crazy. Right now I see 4, but I have seen 2,3,4,2,5,2,4 over the past few hours. I think you need to give Wattsisface a good talking to.


I’ve done the same thing a number of times :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I had it with the # and it erased it. I just re-added it. It was the same day I added the cover and it changed ALL my covers of my books to the same thing. I think Wattpad was throwing a fit that day.


Or take an axe and give it a reprogramming it’ll never forget.


I started writing here on this thread in October and then began again in December. I think you will like doing the weekly prompts :upside_down_face:


I was looking all over for short story things and found this. I am not a long novel kinda person. :smiley:


What is your Wattpad "Origin Story?"

I’m curious how people came to be on Wattpad.

I tend to write in the 400-1,100 words per chapter range - and that’s how I got on Wattpad. About two years ago, I saw a presentation by a publisher, and I said that I had a novel of 46 chapters of about 450-words each. He suggested Wattpad. I joined last March as a reader, then began posting in early August.


I just came to read books years ago. I kept thinking about writing something. I would open up the create link and close it over. I am severely self critical and socially awkward. I was worried people were going to read my stories and hate them.


My broader reason for why I started writing is similar, but one little bit of serendipity changed my outlook.

About four years ago I was among the shelves in a public library. I was looking for a different book, but I saw one titled “Just Write,” and I thought it had such a simple name. (The subtitle was “Creating Unforgettable Fiction and a Rewarding Writing Life,” although.) I checked it out, and then later checked out another book by the same author, James Scott Bell. One part stuck with me.

The author wrote that there was a lawyer in his 40s who got into a serious car accident. As he was recovering, he thought “What am I doing with my life?” He had wanted to be a writer when he was younger. I don’t think the lawyer quit his day job, but the gist of that story stuck with me.

When I was finishing up my education, I wrote a 55,000-word novel to prove to myself that I could do it.
About two years ago, I finished my second novel as a gift for my spouse. By sheer luck, about the same time, I saw a free presentation by a publisher. I think it was someone from his group that suggested Wattpad.

I can be self-critical as well. As a reader, you have likely noticed how supportive people are on Wattpad. I’ve been writing here since August. I think my abilities have improved, and I’ve gotten thicker skin too.

So my two bits: I hope you will stick with it. I think you will find it rewarding.